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The OLD MAN and the SEAT

Posted by on September 1st, 2012

For those of you who watch and like Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, this is a hilarious and incisive piss take of Clint Eastwood’s rant at an empty chair (representing Obama) at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida this week.

He also takes apart Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech as a”whitewash of American history” where Romney pretends that the world before Obama was some kind of idealistic nirvana. We all know that politicians are prone to reinterpreting history. The Republicans (and conservative side of politics generally) make reinventing history an art form.

As Jon Stewart said: He talked about “a perfect America that used to exist until Barack Obama ruined it… and so what if that America had never actually existed.”

This is well worth watching. I couldn’t find it on Youtube, so you have to click the link to find the video clip.

Disclaimer. I am actually a Clint Eastwood fan (of his movies). Can’t help it

Republicans Win Massachusetts Senate Race

Posted by on January 20th, 2010

This is a big blow for Obama.   The Democrat candidate Martha Coakley has conceded to Republican Scott Browne.  When I was in the USA in September/October last year I went to a candidate forum  during the Democratic primary.  There was not even a thought at that time that the Democrats would not win the seat. There has not been a Republican Senator from Massachusetts since 1972.

According to people I have spoken to in the US there were some local issues at play, but this be will seen as a referendum on the Obama administration thus far, and on healthcare in particular. Browne has stated he will vote against the healthcare plan, and that means the Democrats can not exercise the “super-majority” that would push the Bill through the Senate. As the linked article above notes there is a cruel irony in that healthcare was the “cause of my life” for Senator Ted Kennedy whose death led to the election.

It will be interesting to see the flow-on effect. If the Democrats suffer a similar fate in the House races later this year, it will severely dent Obama. He is going to need every inch of his political acumen to come through this, and who knows if there will now be the changes to healthcare that are so desperately needed  by the millions of Americans without insurance.