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By the numbers

Posted by on March 28th, 2013

12,800           The dollar difference between what average Kiwis and Auzzies earn.

280                 Fewer hands on deck at DoC won’t go unnoticed.

1:23                 PM – The Government has a further EQC breach on its hands.

59                    National MPs voting to rob Kiwis of their hard-earned public holidays.

1                       Speaker of the House looking forward to a long weekend more than ever

By The Numbers 2013

Posted by on February 1st, 2013

The week’s news in a nutritious bite-sized snack:

62/52 – the vote that selected David Carter as Parliament’s next Speaker

57 – fewer staff in our Police Communication Centres than in 2009. No surprise that there’s a slowing response rate to the increasing number of 111 calls

15 – dollar minimum wage should top Simon Bridges’ to-do list

6 – months into the Novopay debacle and National has admitted it might need scrapping

1 – Cat story has seen fur flying around the world

By the numbers

Posted by on June 15th, 2012

110,000 – People still on the DPB after Government’s welfare reforms – if they work.  That’s still nearly 10,000 more people than when they took office.

13,000 – People have died, including the murder of children at Houla in the on-going Syrian conflict. Labour supports steps set out by Amnesty International to act on mounting evidence that the Syrian Government is responsible for the slaughter of its own people and gross violations of their human rights.

51.1 – Per cent of social assistance spending will be on superannuation by 2016.

25 – Per cent participation by women on Boards is a goal in the limelight this week. Sadly progress in the private sector is happening despite the Government not because of it.

5 – Heads have rolled as National’s mismanagement of ACC is realised.