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Bulk funding = cost cutting

Posted by on February 6th, 2013

Last year Hekia Parata announced that the National government was going to be putting more kids into each class. The backlash was huge, and within weeks the National government had backed down, leaving a big hole in their Budget. They still haven’t identified how they’re going to fill it.

Yesterday Radio NZ reported that the Treasury are arguing for a return to bulk-funding of schools. One of the biggest components of our existing spend on schooling is teacher salaries. By devolving responsibility for salaries to individual schools, the government would also devolve the problem of working out how to make up for reduced funding.

If the new ‘bulk’ fund provided to each school didn’t keep up with increasing costs, and didn’t take into account any negotiated increases in teacher pay (which would still be negotiated by central government), schools would be forced to reduce teacher numbers (bigger classes), swap experienced teachers for less experienced ones to reduce salary costs, or cut funding from other areas of the school budget (which is already under enormous pressure).

Is this how Hekia Parata is going to fill in the hole she has created in the education budget? Bulk funding is National’s way of abrogating responsibility for funding schools properly. The losers, at the end of the day, will be the kids.

Bulk funding – more than the thin end of the wedge

Posted by on May 26th, 2010

Remember the education debate of the 1990s – bulk funding, Remember the solemn promise of Anne Tolley before the election not to go there again. Well she has.

In the budget detail we discover that schools are allowed to drop their staffing 10% below the staffing schedule minima and cash up the difference.

And they are allowed to cash up their property money instead of doing the capital works that the money is allocated for.

I don’t think that funding to either area is so generous that it is appropriate to divert it.

It isn’t just the thin end of the wedge – it is all the change the bulk funders want except the right to reduce teachers’ pay.

Bulk funding here it comes

Posted by on October 16th, 2009

Anne Tolley will announce a progressive introduction of bulk funding for schools starting soon with the staffing component for guidance and careers counsellors being abolished and a small increase going into the bulk operations grant.