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Texts from Auckland

Posted by on May 10th, 2011

Txts from Banksy 1

Txts from Banksy 2

Txts from Banksy 3

Twenty questions Part III

Posted by on May 8th, 2011

Simon Lusk1Simon Lusk2

1. Who is this guy?

2. At whose funeral were arrangements made?

3. Who was the matchmaker?

4. How much did Brash pay and who funded it?

5. Was support for Joyce part of the agreement?

ps. Might end up being more than twenty questions at the rate the tips are coming in.

Book burning and now Key uses harpoon on whaleoil

Posted by on July 16th, 2010

John Key was encouraged by Anne Tolley’s success at suppressing a research report on national standards.

Now he has apparently gone another step – pulled Cameron Slater’s media accreditation for the National Party conference this weekend.

I don’t like much of Cameron Slater’s work. The arachnephobic blowhole is sometimes a good case for the reintroduction of criminal libel.

But banning him for telling the truth about Key’s mate the party president and caucus attempts to engineer his re-election is not the good old liberal national party of Ralph Hanan and John Marshall and won’t be that way when Simon Power is the leader.

Update – now The Nation is being pressured to stop Slater appearing.

And btw what has happened to Kiwiblog’s defence of Whaleoil. Interesting values that lets the penguin blog on lunch but not stand up for his mate when the boss puts the boot in.

Update II  Slater has now confirmed see below:-

Boy have I upset some peo­ple. per­haps I have hit too close to the bone.

Today has been full of hurly-burly, lies and bullshit.

I applied to go to National’s con­fer­ence as Media. I used the same accred­i­ta­tion that has seen me reg­is­tered as media for two Daivd Tua fights and a num­ber of other func­tions. It was rejected, I then reg­is­tered as an observer mem­ber, which I am enti­tled to do.

When I was asked to go on The Nation again this week­end I called the new Gen­eral Man­ager to enquire as to the broad­band facil­i­ties that were avail­able for the media. I was then told that I wasn’t media and there­fore any facil­i­ties that were pro­vided to the media were off-limits for me. I told him that I was appear­ing on The Nation, blog­ging from the con­fer­ence and they could be help­ful or not, and pointed out that not wasn’t going to be a good look for any­one, but I didn’t care about my look so it was up to him. The ban was re-iterated to me.


Downright ungrateful

Posted by on July 12th, 2010

Well, PM Key said it :  Pete Bethune is “downright ungrateful” for the support he had from NZ when he was locked up in a Japanese jail.

That’s a question that has already been hotly debated on Red Alert.  But it set me thinking, especially after a day out in the community (that’s Key’s, McCully’s, Coleman’s, Mapp’s and Lockie’s (electorate) community) about what we should be downright ungrateful for:

  • We should be downright ungrateful for having a PM that no-one challenges (much) because he smiles and waves and everyone forgets to ask the hard questions;
  • We should be downright ungrateful for having a government that is attacking ACC, but hardly anyone notices, because after all, we’re just talking about the injured, the sexually damaged and older people;
  • We should be downright ungrateful that our older people have had their home care and/or their meals on wheels cut, even although it meant they could continue to live at home, rather than costing a fortune elsewhere;
  • We should be downright ungrateful for Anne Tolley, who is the worst Education Minister ever, and who has left the early childhood education sector completely bemused about why her government thinks it’s more important to spend money on prisons than our children;
  • We should be downright ungrateful for the PM’s exhortation that we should all learn Mandarin, even although his government has cut Adult and Community Education – and there’s now no chance to learn anything, let alone Mandarin;
  • We should be downright ungrateful for the vehicle regos going up on 1 July, the increase in ACC levies and power and petrol prices on the up and up, and that’s before we factor in the GST increase coming our way;
  • And we should be really ungrateful that most middle and  lower income people won’t get tax cuts that go anywhere compensating for all of the cost increases either here or ahead of us.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong message.  There’s a lot I am grateful for, but that’s nothing to do with John Key and his NAct government.

How about you?  Are you an ungrateful b*st*rd too?

(PS, glad Pete’s home safe).

McCully slams Key’s whaling plan

Posted by on April 24th, 2010

Remember John Key’s secret plan to stop Japan’s whaling by allowing them to catch whales.

His plan was promoted in and adopted by an IWC  committee chaired by his representative Geoff Palmer.

The outrage was heard around the world.

McCully has finally seen which way the wind is blowing and has slammed Key’s plan.

Australia’s Environment Minister on Key’s whaling plans

Posted by on April 2nd, 2010

Australia’s Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, talking about John Key’s grand initative to end the global moratorium on commercial whaling:

“I am alarmed and very concerned that NZ would support a proposal that is flawed and represents a huge compromise to pro-whaling nations….Australia cannot support the compromise package now being discussed in the IWC.”

Labour doesn’t support Key’s plans for whaling either. Click here for more.

Key’s whaling plans confirmed

Posted by on April 1st, 2010

Australian media have confirmed that John Key’s National Party Government is trying to lift the international moratorium against whaling.

Meanwhile the Australian Government have said again that they reject the notion that killing some whales will save others.

The Japanese whale slaughter industry will be delighted by the confirmation of John Key’s plans.

A whale of a diplomatic mess

Posted by on March 30th, 2010

The Prime Minister’s habit of announcing policy off the cuff has seen some New Zealand diplomats start some not-entirely-diplomatic whispers.

The scuttlebutt inside both MFAT and DOC has been that John Key has now doubly-humiliated his officials with his muddled proposal to restart commercial whaling.

To recap: In January the Prime Minister was looking forward to a visit from the US Secretary of State. He blithely announced a grand new initiative to stop Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean – the details of which he’d fully reveal only once the Secretary was on the ground and our Press Gallery were paying maximum attention.

Concerned that the PM was demonstrating no real understanding of the polarised politics of whaling, officials rushed to ask Key what his proposal was. After a bit of too-ing and fro-ing the policy, apparently, Mr Key struck on was legalising limited commercial whaling. Essentially killing the endangered whales as a sop to the Japanese whaling industry might paradoxically save the whales.

Lo and behold our representative to the International Whaling Commission, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, was dispatched to Florida to make Key’s vision a reality. I can only imagine how Sir Geoffrey must have felt; a long-time champion of whale conservation, respected Chair of the IWC, and former Labour Prime Minister to boot, he now had the unenviable task of selling a pro-whaling message on behalf of Key’s National Government!

I found out about the inside story almost immediately. Our diplomats knew they were breaking basic principles of diplomacy (and they knew their negotiating partners knew it too); the NZ side was conceding to the vested commercial interests of Japan’s whaling industry without any concrete promise of reciprocal concessions whatsoever. The many Conservation NGO organisations with branches in New Zealand phoned me from Florida as the farce was unfolding.


Will McCully help his constituent “Pirate” Pete?

Posted by on March 12th, 2010

As expected, Pete Bethune has been arrested after arriving in Japan aboard the Japanese whaling boat he has been held captive on since February 15th.

Pete Bethune is charged with piracy for climbing on board the Shonan Maru 2 after it collided with and ultimately destroyed the Ady Gil in the Southern Ocean. If convicted he could face imprisonment of up to three years.  Understandably, his wife is concerned that Pete will be made an example of by the Japanese Government.  She and Pete (who live in Murray McCully’s electorate of East Coast Bays) have every right to look to their local MP for assistance and support.

But don’t hold your breath.  McCully says NZ will provide “consular support”, but surely his constituents in East Coast Bays can expect a little more than that?

It’s getting nasty in Japan.  Pro-whaling activists yesterday protested outside the New Zealand embassy waving cans of whale meat, demanding the New Zealand Government punishes the Sea Shepherd activists, including Pete Bethune.  And our government has been busy this week appeasing the Japanese government and the whale-killers.

But McCully has a job to do in East Coast Bays as well as on the international stage.

It’s time he gave Pete’s wife a call and did his job as a local MP.