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Nanny Phobia Costing Lives

Posted by on June 24th, 2012

National’s irrational fear of being tagged with the ‘Nanny State’ label they successfully over-hyped against Labour has just jumped the shark.

3 News reported tonight that optics man Steven Joyce pulled a last minute flip-flop on making life jackets compulsory on small boats.

Associate Transport Minister Simon Bridges, sounding like he was on morphine, gave National’s reasoning as not wanting to over-regulate.

What the hell? We have tragedies like  this happening all the time because our laws are inadequate and wearing of life jackets is unenforceable.

Frankly, this is even worse than National’s refusal to change the drink-drive limit.

It’s an utterly irresponsible decision from a Government more worried about the ‘optics’ than human lives.