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Lusk, Farrar, Slater, Williams to run anti MMP campaign

Posted by on May 29th, 2011

A few weeks ago I ran a series of posts which outlined the role the shadowy Simon Lusk in National Party selections, the Brash Act leadership coup and indicated that he was chasing the lucrative anti MMP campaign.

I don’t think I’ve ever had as many National MPs thanking me – for letting them know how someone they trusted was in fact outsourced by Steven Joyce to do work in the coup to put Brash into Act. Many were not aware that he had a role in several selection campaigns some of which was sub contracted to Whaleoil.Many however suspected what polls now show, that Brash has significantly higher negatives than Hide and that women who supported Act would abandon the party. Interesting how Joyce has moved – with this, the Mediaworks scandal and the mess he has made by indemnifying Telecom for UFB losses – from hero to close to zero.

The Sunday Star Times today has part of the story:-

Those behind a campaign to shoot down MMP have killed before.

The right is getting ready to fire both barrels at MMP. A group of activists with links to National and Act are busy preparing a campaign against the electoral system. They are hardened politicos and some happen to share an interest in hunting, shooting and fishing. But it’s not clear if they’ll kill off MMP.

Phil Twyford for Te Atatu

Posted by on December 18th, 2010

Congratulations to Phil Twyford who has been selected as Labour’s candidate for Te Atatu in the 2011 election.

The selection went very smoothly, especially given recent events, and all candidates did well. Phil Twyford’s experience and ability was again demonstrated and his win is well deserved.  He will be a great MP for Te Atatu.

I also wanted to mention (in no particular order)  :

Kate Sutton :  Gave an energetic and passionate speech – she has done really well in this selection against two List MPs and will make a great MP in the future.

Rajen Prasad MP :  Really good on the q and a’s – his answer on crime and punishment was spot on – brings a lot to our caucus.

Nick Bakulich :  Excellent speech – right on the button for me.  One to watch.

Hamish McCracken : He’s a top speaker  – intelligent, well articulated arguments.

Anne Pala : Most improved speaker of the day.  Heard her speak at Waitakere selection and she’s come a million miles.

Te Atatu 2011 – here comes Labour!