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Te Tai Tokerau

Posted by on June 27th, 2011

My take is that Hone will have to make a choice on whether he stays at home until November to defend his seat or working hard around the country effectively helping Labour take back the other four Maori seats.

In either case there is a very real possibility of Labour winning all seven in November – especially given the way Pita Sharples rejected Hone’s overtures this morning.

And it is the end of any thinking person of the left supporting Mana because there is no guarantee of Hone winning and a very real chance of party votes for Mana being wasted. If Sue Bradford had still been a Green they would have been in the box seat.

Harawira loses it …………….yet again

Posted by on June 23rd, 2011

Herald report from this morning says it all really :-

Maori Party candidate Solomon Tipene sent an apology to a Te Tai Tokerau byelection debate last night because he was in hospital.

This prompted Mana candidate Hone Harawira to accuse his former Maori Party colleagues of “bulls*** tactics”.

In response, Labour candidate Kelvin Davis said Mr Harawira was throwing a “tantrum” that did a disservice to the hui, organised by primary teachers’ union NZEI Te Rui Roa.

Mr Harawira was late arriving at the West Auckland venue. Then he let rip to the audience that he was up against two former teachers – his former Maori Party colleague, Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell, and Mr Davis.

Mr Flavell filled in because Mr Tipene was in Whangarei Hospital on antibiotics for a stomach ailment, party co-president Ken Mair said.

To a stunned crowd, Mr Harawira said Mr Flavell and co-president Pem Bird could have called him to let him know the change of plans.

“I don’t like these sort of bulls*** tactics … It’s supposed to be a debate for the candidates … but now I am up against a teacher and a teacher.

“I’m driving [from Kaitaia] because I don’t have any money to do it any other way.

If I’d known this was the deal I would have brought my missus. Why? Because she’s a tumuaki [principal].

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Poll warning Te Tai Tokerau

Posted by on June 13th, 2011

Poll warning again. Native Affairs poll has Hone and Kelvin within 1%.

Sample only 500, done by landline. Maori electorates notoriously difficult to poll.

It is clear that the race is close and the Maori Party is collapsing (actually nationally as well as up north).

But as Kelvin pointed out it is who gets more votes not who answers their phone that counts and therefore organisation will be vital.

Fairly soon the Maori Party will informally throw in the towel because they want Hone to lose more than they hate Labour winning.

Have the Maori Party conceded in Te Tai Tokerau

Posted by on May 26th, 2011

It has become clear over the last couple of weeks that only Kelvin Davis can beat Hone Harawira. The Maori Party want him out of parliament even more than we do. That might explain their choice of a low profile candidate yesterday. As the Herald said :-

…. old party launched Solomon Tipene’s bid to win the Te Tai Tokerau byelection.

The great-grandfather was the surprise pick for the Maori Party, which also interviewed lawyer Mere Mangu and actor Waihoroi Shortland, tipped by many in the north as the frontrunner.

the Hone shotgun scenario on is creating lots of interest including some criticism.

Why the Maori Party is third in Te Tai Tokerau

Posted by on May 17th, 2011

Maui Street is a great blog. Don’t always agree but Morgan has his finger on the pulse.

Here he outlines the Maori Party’s problems.

I wonder who wants Hone to be a Minister in Labour led government today

Posted by on May 5th, 2011

There has been some criticism from soft headed lefties at Phil Goff’s ruling out having Hone Harawira as part of the next government. Today’s Herald reinforces his decision.

Hone Harawira has described Osama bin Laden as “a man who fought for the rights, the land and the freedom of his people”.

In tributes on Maori-language television, the leader of the new Mana Party said the al-Qaeda founder should be “honoured” rather than “damned” in death according to Maori culture.

I’m glad Shane was asked for comment rather than me. His response is great.

Labour MP Shane Jones said he did not have the same level of affection for bin Laden as Mr Harawira.

He also scotched Mr Harawira’s claim that it was Maori custom to always pay tribute to the dead.

“In the old days, a great enemy – if he wasn’t eaten – his bones were used to make musical instruments. So this romantic notion that in the old time, Maori spent hours of their time saluting the enemy was not the case.

“Enemies were turned to dust and people rejoiced, because of the suffering they had caused.”