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By the numbers

Posted by on March 28th, 2013

12,800           The dollar difference between what average Kiwis and Auzzies earn.

280                 Fewer hands on deck at DoC won’t go unnoticed.

1:23                 PM – The Government has a further EQC breach on its hands.

59                    National MPs voting to rob Kiwis of their hard-earned public holidays.

1                       Speaker of the House looking forward to a long weekend more than ever

8 Responses to “By the numbers”

  1. phillip ure says:

    and in other number news:.. a labour mp..reportedly on the social justice side of the party..

    ..could you tell us/those wondering..just what the good news is in the news of labour scrapping the only/few shards of social justice policy from the last election.. in tax-free threshold.. gst on fruit and veg..

    ..and bringing dpb-sole-parents into the working for families regime..?

    ..just what is labour telling us by this action..?

    ..phillip ure..

  2. David Clark says:

    @phillip ure. Happy Easter! Final decisions on policies for the next election have not yet been made. We have yet to conclude our internal analysis and debates about the right mix of policies to make sure those hardest up have their needs met. As a part of the mix, the threshold policy and the GST policy spread money thinly and go to everyone. Inevitably that means those struggling the most don’t get as much as they might with more targeted policies.

  3. phillip ure says:

    @david clark:..thanks for that..

    yr last two sentences do make sense..

    ..(i am still trying to recover from the disdain i felt when it became clear the bringing of all families into working for of the discarded policies..was not to come fully into effect until was worse than bordered on an insult to both intelligence and those poorest..) we can look forward to targeted policies that will work..?

    ..which we would hope would see all families included straight away..?

    ..and it must be interesting/informing for you the majority on that tv3 show voting to tax unhealthy food/drink..and to make healthy food cheaper..

    ..and while conceding the vagaries of such online polling..

    ..the message was clear the electorate is ready for such decisive moves on the health/fat/food arc…

    ..and that doing nothing is not an option..

    ..i wd expect labour and the greens competing with policies to effect such changes..

    ..the time/mood would seem to be right/accepting..

    phillip ure..

  4. Matt says:

    @David – “the threshold policy and the GST policy spread money thinly and go to everyone”.

    What is the total on GST lately, $15 billion? Massively regressive taxation. The same with low-end income tax. Both options would increase employment due to higher sales/demand, and since the govt/and Labour is unwilling to correct such blatant monetary failures politically, who will?

    And b) too much of The Protestant Ethic.

  5. bbfloyd says:

    It seems the usual suspects are stroking their own egos by pretending to debate like informed, intelligent “grownups”…I’ve seen, and heard more perspicacity on playschool…

    Apart from deliberately misinterpreting what david said, what real issues have been raised? And THIS is what passes for debate in nz now?

    Pathetic… No wonder we have leaders that are a standing joke around the world, and that our credibility has disappeared on every issue the we used to be movers and shakers that the rest of the world took inspiration from…

  6. Matt says:

    Sure thing, like throwing insults and making things up, right?

  7. bbfloyd says:

    Transferring again mut….

  8. Matt says:

    Hardly, NZ leaders “joke around the world” with “no credibility” on issues that supposedly the world used to look to for “inspiration”.

    What rubbish.

    And the “tax-mix” is discussed above. Still couched in neo-liberal terms…