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Arrogance and contempt

Posted by on March 18th, 2013

Last week in the House I asked the government a series of questions about former Secretary for Education Lesley Longstone’s $425,000 golden handshake. That’s a lot of taxpayer coin, and the public should be able to expect answers from those who approved it.

Having earlier attempted to question Hekia Parata over the matter and had that request transferred to the Minister for State Services, Jonathan Coleman, I decided to drill down a little deeper into Coleman’s initial answer.

All up it took 26 minutes and countless points of order to get him to answer the primary and half a dozen supplementary questions. His replies demonstrated a total contempt for the democratic process. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Minister reply when asked about a matter they had signed-off on with “How should I know?”

You can watch the full 26 minutes and make up your own minds.

10 Responses to “Arrogance and contempt”

  1. Dorothy says:

    great stuff – keep up the good work Chris!

  2. Simon says:

    Crikey. And what would happen if I tried to use those answers in a Court of Law? I’m finding it very difficult to understand the Speakers rulings of late. Although I hesitate to accuse him of bias they do seem to favour the party he came from.

  3. bbfloyd says:

    @simon… You don’t need to be polite when it comes to debate tory style…. They don’t care what you, or anyone else thinks about how many lies, and evasions they utter… The blanket of silence the fourth estate throws over any instance of duplicity being exposed in parliament(of the nats) is well secured…

    There would have to be a labour government in place before they get interested in highlighting ANY real, or imagined slip, or evasion, by a minister….Same old same old…

  4. bbfloyd says:

    This behavior by the speaker sends a very chilling message…. The tories aren’t going to be made to say anything that doesn’t conform to utter self interest from here on…No matter how blatantly the rules will be misused, or ignored…

    This is grist to the mill to a party that believes the only real crime a wealthy man can commit, is to get caught…

    They must have HATED dr Smith… It makes me wonder if Smith was doing his job the way he did just to get revenge for being forced into the speakers chair in the first place…

  5. Jack Ramaka says:

    The books are going to be handed over in a sorry state when we get to the end of this Tory Reign.

  6. John W says:

    Spin and slime.

    Well designed to a purpose and practiced.

    Remember Hill & Knowlton the US PR firm key as been using also sold the Iraqi invasion to the US public knowingly with absolute lies and misinformation, all proven since.

    But further PR strategies have since massaged the ignorant public with a justification of the bloody debacle.

    Key has great mates and has joined us into their NATO escapades with virtually no public discussion.

  7. bbfloyd says:

    “Well designed to a purpose and practiced”… A friend of mine gave me a useful tool to help me understand how the tory mind works….”stop thinking of them as human, and it becomes easy to grasp the philosophies behind this government”…and it works… How scary is that??

  8. Mac1 says:

    Mrs Mac1’s unsolicited comment when listening to Question Time yesterday, “Is that the Speaker? He sounds very biassed.”

    I’ve listened to the Speaker and thinking about his technique to allow a question to be asked three times if a opposition member complains about the Minister not answering the question, two points come up.

    Firstly, such a practice seems a waste of time if the same non-answer is supplied. it means that not so many parliamentary questions get asked, in the period allowed, yes? A tactic which would advantage the Government.

    Secondly, and more importantly, if the Speaker maintains that Ministers are ‘addressing the question’, as he states is his style of doing things, why then does he feel the need to have the question asked three times if that is all that he is going to require of Ministers, as opposed to the previous Speaker’s insistence upon answering the question.

    Interesting to hear just now a RNZ report upon opposition complaints. The only interviewee was Gerry Brownlee as Leader of the House giving a smooth version of QT as being more orderly now. I suspect that things will be much more disorderly as the opposition get more frustrated. The report from RNZ was unsatisfactory in its coverage of this issue with a one sided response.

  9. bbfloyd says:

    “smooth version of QT as being more orderly now.” Well of course, if they no longer have to answer questions, then it is very “orderly”… for the thieves guild that masquerades as a government at present…

    The complaining, and protestation of the opposition is irrelevant, as long as the news media continues to frame their complaints as the whinging of ineffectual children…which has worked well so far..

    It’s a throwback to the days of hometown referees, and umpires being used for test matches…Which DIDN’T produce the wrong outcomes, at all!! (nudge nudge)

  10. Linda says:

    Ridiculous waste of taxpayer’s money!!

    If my children gave these sorts of non-answers to a question I certainly wouldn’t accept the same answer three times. What does the Speaker think he’s going to achieve, other than wasting everyone’s time??