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Williamson stymies leaky building debate

Posted by on March 7th, 2013

First we hear from the Dominion Post that Building & Construction Minister Maurice Williamson ‘barely broke his stride’ to talk to reporters and dismiss the issue of his directorship of an air-conditioning company.

And now, in reply to my written parliamentary question, we find he gave just one speech in December relating to his Building & Construction portfolio.

This comes at a time when his Building Amendment Bill No 4 is before the House; a Bill with an isolated and piecemeal approach that totally fails to address the accountability issues of leaky buildings.

Labour agrees with the submitters; that if all the cogs are not aligned and working effectively, then the building control engine will fail. We cannot afford to have a repeat of the leaky building saga.

Surely these issues are worthy of more than just one speech a month? Isn’t it the Minister’s role to put the issues out there, to generate the widest possible awareness and encourage informed feedback?  Apparently not.

Perhaps his most telling answer was in reply to my question about what goals he had set himself and his officials to achieve in 2013. There was no reference to solving the leaking building problem in the reply at all.

7 Responses to “Williamson stymies leaky building debate”

  1. jennifer says:

    Wasn’t he donkey deep in the original deregulation that caused it in the first place?

  2. bbfloyd says:

    @jennifer… Morrie(the broken down lorry) was just one of the mouthpieces used to promote the deregulation on behalf of the real brains behind the deregulation… That honour goes to the large building contractors, and building material suppliers who own him….

    The fact is that morrie would be useless without his ability to suppress any form of scruples in order to further his own interests, which amount to making himself wealthy… The fact that it requires him to carry out the orders of people who are morally unfit to have so much influence has never been a consideration for the wider national party, let alone

    He really is VERY GOOD at sucking up to corporate criminals… Shame that’s really the only use he has…

  3. Arkonaut says:

    Raymond I looked at the Labour Party website and saw that you haven’t delivered a single speech on this issue ever. Is this true? If this is such a big issue why have you never delivered a speech on this? Are you trying to stymie debate by not delivering speeches about it, or do you just not get invited to talk about it?

  4. bbfloyd says:

    @Arky… For a split second, your silly word games seem to actually mean something… but then, it’s obvious that you havn’t got a clue how to actually discuss real issues…

    Sad….verrry sad…

    Earth to tory knuckle draggers.. It’s the NATIONAL party that is RESPONSIBLE for governing… but of course, tories know just how corrupt their “boys” are, and just how incompetent they are to actually govern….and support that all the way(just as long as they get a share of the booty)

    But then… That’s not what they’re there for(to govern).. as you well know…They are simply there to ensure a smooth transfer of our wealth out of the country, or, at best… into the hands of the uber wealthy in new zealand who have demonstrated their utter disloyalty to their own countrymen/women…

    Morrie the broken down lorry would have been run out of town on a rail(after being tarred and feathered) if we had a fourth estate that had any resemblance to what they pretend to be… real journalists…

    The only thing that can be counted on from morrie is that he has done so much featherbedding, the smell of bird guano follows him everywhere…

  5. Jack Ramaka says:

    The major building supply companies drove the changes for the Building Codes so they could improve their profitability their little teabagger mates in the Tory Party drove the changes through and we the ratepayers and taxpayers pickup the tab for Government incompetence. Remember BNZ, NZ Rail, Air NZ, South Canterbury Finance and now Solid Energy we really have had a bunch of muppets running the show starting with Muldoon.

  6. bbfloyd says:

    @Jack… Sad, but very true… What I wouldn’t give to have the “great traitor”..(roger douglas) expunged from our historical timeline..

    Can you imagine how hard it would have been then for the author of the “mother of all sellout budgets” little ruthie, to rip that giant hole in our social fabric?

  7. Jack Ramaka says:

    Government are quite hands on when effecting change ie chnages to the Building Codes, State Asset Sales etc however when things go AWOL like Novopay, Solid Energy, BNZ etc they don’t want to know about it, all care and no responsiblity, no wonder we are a Banana Republic minus the bananas.