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Equal Pay getting Further Away

Posted by on February 21st, 2013

Today the Business and Professional Women of NZ are commemorating Equal Pay Day to mark the number of days extra each year that women have to work to earn the same as men.
Sadly, Equal Pay Day this year is three days later than it was last year because the gender pay gap has grown again according to the StatisticsNZ Quarterly Employment Survey.
It shows the average hourly wage for men is $29.09, while women earn $25.25 per hour – a gap of almost 12%.
This comes on the back of the Minister for Women’s Affairs telling a select committee that the correlation between gender and low occupational status is “debatable.”
She was responding to a petition signed by 10,607 people calling on the Government to properly fund aged care services.
Her answer was that women would get better pay if they did jobs that men had traditionally done and this would fix the gender pay gap.
All very well, Minister Goodhew, but who is going to take care of you when need rest homecare if all of those hard-working women go off to be plumbers?

2 Responses to “Equal Pay getting Further Away”

  1. Mike says:

    The average men’s hourly rate is nearly twice as much as what I get. Yet my jobs involve the use of heavy machinery and heavy vehicles – both of which could cause massive damage and/or death if I stuff up. Plus, I don’t get the benefits of minimising my tax bill with creative accounting and Cayman Islands bank accounts. Godzone sure ain’t what it used to be!

  2. AmeriKiwi says:

    Additional reading and video material to ponder when considering “equal pay”.