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So much for Hekia Parata’s word…

Posted by on February 20th, 2013

Today in Parliament I questioned the Minister of Education Hekia Parata on her decision to close Branston Intermediate School in Christchurch. I singled out Branston because Parata had given them a specific commitment that they wouldn’t close before the end of 2014 and she has now reneged on that commitment. Here is an excerpt from the Hansard (video):

Chris Hipkins: Did she, or her officials, give Branston Intermediate School an assurance that any students enrolled for 2013 would be able to finish their 2 years at Branston Intermediate School before any closure?

Hon HEKIA PARATA: I did not.

Chris Hipkins: Did she write to Branston Intermediate School on 28 September stating that she had made “a proposal about the closure of Branston Intermediate School to be implemented for the end of 2014.”, and did she tell a public meeting at Branston Intermediate School that the school would definitely be open in 2014, as parents have written in to say she said; if so, why is she now changing that proposal so that students who have only just started school this year will have to change school next year?

Hon HEKIA PARATA: I did provide Branston Intermediate School with a proposal, and in the meeting with the Branston community I repeatedly said it was a proposal and that they were free to make submissions on it, as indeed they can on the proposal they now have.

Chris Hipkins: At the public meeting with Branston Intermediate School did she give them an assurance that Branston Intermediate School would still be open in 2014?

Hon HEKIA PARATA: I made it clear, repeatedly, that it was a proposal, that they had the opportunity to give a submission on that proposal, and I got their submission, and they now have a further opportunity.

At that point we then had a lengthy series of points of order about whether or not Parata’s answer actually addressed the question. Ultimately, the public will be the judge of that, but I can’t imagine she would’ve gotten away with that under Lockwood Smith.

Hekia Parata can try to hide behind the words “interim decisions” and “proposal” all she likes – but the fact is she has gone back on her word. Her word is worthless.

Is it any wonder that 71% of those polled in Canterbury want Hekia Parata sacked as Minister of Education? They don’t trust her, and don’t want her anywhere near the education of their children.

6 Responses to “So much for Hekia Parata’s word…”

  1. frank_db says:

    FFS. when are you guys going to grow some boots and kick the Nats in the nuts??? Pathetic. everytime you get a gifthorse you debate the merits.

  2. bbfloyd says:

    @frank… that happens every day.. but unless you watch parliament, or read “real” news sites, then all you are going to see is the cut and paste job done by our “fourth estate” with a view to making the labour party look weak and ineffectual..

    I assure you that that is a long way from the truth…I have watched labours front bench cut the merry pranksters head clowns down repeatedly, only to see that being presented on tv3, tv1, and prime as the labour party “failing to dent the government” yet again..

    The annual meeting at the Ratana church is a perfect example.. tv3 made it look like johnny sparkles had them eating out of his hands, while David Shearer was portrayed as being largely ignored… I watched the Maori channels articles on the same event, and the “reality” was completely the opposite of the “mainstream” stations.

    The truth is that johnnies been booted there(nuts) so often that he has had them removed so as to avoid any semblence of bad feeling over the hurt the orders he is following cause…

    Don’t be mad at the labour party, be mad at the craven “uriah heep” impersonators that so willingly mislead the country about just what IS happening…

    And by the way, hekia Parata is a blatant liar, and has been proven so…You just can’t say that in parliament without the speaker shutting you down(as long as you are not a nat that is)…

    I’ve now said it, and I am happy to say it publically as often as it suits.. If hekia the toady wants to shut me up, then good luck to her…..

    HEKIA PARATA IS A BLATANT LIAR….HEKIA PARATA IS A BLATANT LIAR….. I know Chris would love to be able to say that, but his responsibilities, and obligations as an mp preclude his freedom to speak the basic truth as we would prefer to hear it…

    That’s our job brother….

  3. Brett says:

    Her word is as good as John Keys *miners

  4. Jack Ramaka says:

    I think Hekia is being coached on what to say, she probably doesn’t know whether she is Arthur or Martha at the moment, the Spin Doctors will be programming her, just see how difficult it was for her to say sorry, she must have been coached, not to say that word as it would display weakness.

  5. ghostwhowalksnz says:

    Dont worry too much about Paratas lies, for National are now reduced to hanging on to her to save face. Pure and simple.
    She will be shuffled off to a quiet portfolio at the end of the year and a new rabbit will be pulled out of the hat for election year.
    Mark my words the new Minister of Education will most likely be one of new Nationals newbie ministers, maybe even Nikki Kaye. Why else would she be rushed straight into cabinet ?

  6. bbfloyd says:

    @ghw… and as a bonus, hekia can draw attention, and fire away from the real hot spots that are popping up (more often than I’ve ever seen, even under previous raiding party govts)..

    The news media are helping to ensure the focus is on her, rather than the issues..(becoming sickening to watch the 6o’clock news now)..