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New deployment in Aghanistan wrong decision

Posted by on February 20th, 2013

The decision by the National Government to embark on a new deployment of New Zealand Defence Force personnel to Afghanistan is wrong and unprincipled.

Last year the Prime Minister, John Key, said New Zealand troops would be out of Afghanistan by the end of April 2013.

This u-turn is not the result of New Zealand’s judgement and the values our foreign policy should be based on but rather the pressure that the government came under from another country.

National has reneged on its responsibility to make its own decisions as an independent and sovereign nation.

The consequence is that New Zealanders’ lives will continue to be put at risk without the hope of a positive outcome to the conflict there and on behalf of a government in Afghanistan that does not merit the sacrifice of Kiwi lives.

The Prime Minister’s justification that they won’t be at much risk because they are “inside the wire” doesn’t have much credibility.

Time and again allied soldiers in Afghanistan have been shot in the back by soldiers in Afghan National Army uniform who have no real loyalty to their own government.

There is no good reason why Kiwi lives should be put at risk to preserve the Afghanistan Government. Wikileaks revealed that the Afghan Vice-President was found leaving the country with a bag packed with millions of US dollars. Drug traffickers, with the concurrence of the Afghan government, supply 90 per cent of illicit opium trafficked to  Europe. Corruption is pervasive, human rights are constantly abused.

The Karzai administration after a decade has failed to win the support of its own people.

In 2001, New Zealand rightly deployed its troops to Afghanistan to suppress a terrorist organisation, Al Qaeda, based in Afghanistan which had launched international terrorist attacks against innocent people culminating in 9/11.

It did so consistent with a United Nations resolution which had overwhelming international support.

Today, Al Qaeda is a force in Pakistan rather than in Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan has assumed more the nature of a civil war between two opposing sides, neither of which have values consistent with ours.

No matter how long we stay there or how many further lives we sacrifice, we will not determine the final outcome of that war.

New Zealanders understand sacrifice. In two world wars we have suffered more than our fair share of Kiwi lives lost. Like other New Zealanders, my family has lost members in both those wars and in Afghanistan as well. As a country we don’t shy away from involvement in wars on the basis only that lives may be lost.

But we should not be involved in conflicts where the loss of lives cannot be justified and where the cause is known to be futile.

Pleasing another country is not cause enough to put Kiwi lives at risk. After 12 years it is past time that New Zealand brings all its troops home from Afghanistan, rather than embarking on a new deployment.

4 Responses to “New deployment in Aghanistan wrong decision”

  1. ghostwhowalksnz says:

    I Think there will be a vist by the PM to the White House in consideration for this new deployment

  2. phillip ure says:

    mr goff…re afghanistan..

    ..and putting to one side the/yr justifications/’official-story’ to invade afghanistan in the first place…\\..

    (..given it was saudis in those planes…not afghanis…eh..?..)

    ..and given the reasons to invade aghanistan were resource-control-based in the fist place..with the official reasons as specious/fake as those used to justify invading iraq..

    ..(funny side-story..the taliban were b*stards..but they almost wipe out opium production..(on moral grounds/justifications..)..

    ..and yet since all those armies from the west have invaded/occupied afghanistan..opium production is back to reord levels..and europe/america flooded with cheap smack..)

    ..given all on earth do you justify yrslf being part of a govt so gung-ho to join this american invasion/folly..?

    ..(which is really all about control of the massive gas reserves around the caspian resource-grab..just like the iraq-folly/barbarity was..not an al queda within

    ..and the cargo-cult promises of a free-trade-deal with the evil-empire didn’t sway yr/clarks’/labours’ minds at all..?

    ..given this sorry history of our involvement in yet again being a vassal-state of britain-then-america..

    ..and (yet again) ‘killing-wogs’ for both those imperial forces..

    ..i must confess to finding it a bit rich.. now listing reasons we shouldn’t be there..

    ..that is quite the ‘disconnect’ you have going on

    ..phillip ure..

  3. bbfloyd says:

    Meanwhile, back in realityland… I note that the australian defence forces are withdrawing completely…

    Not wanting to be dismissive of our soldiers abilities, but the only reason to have what amounts to an utterly “token” presence in Afghanistan is so that little johnny sparkles can imitate an american hemorrhoid…

    You know, the one that sits “comfortably” amongst the other desperate “hangers on” that perceive their own futures as being tied to the patronism of corporate/political movers and shakers…

    The entirely predictable “invite to the bosses house”, as suggested by ghw will be just one of the personal benefits johnny can count on… especially as he is knocking himself out to follow his instruction regarding the gutting of any protection from rapacious drug manufacturers using nz as a dumping ground for (not so cheap) drugs that may, or may not be of any real use to us…(that was never a consideration for sparkles, or tim”pick me! pick me!” groser)…

    So, once the propaganda that our “esteemed” fourth estate has started to fade following the invite, which laws will the americans order johnnies gang of merry pranksters to dismantle?

    The list of laws that are there to protect us from these monsters is not quite as long as it was before johnnies bosses got their hands on the legislature, but there is still a little way to go before we hit rock bottom…

    And there is still time for us to feel the “thump” as we hit the floor..(no bounce there)..

    I absolutely agree with Mr Goff… this is a pointless, potentially tragic, waste of our resources at a time when sparkles and the gang are citing fiscal shortages as an excuse to attack beneficiaries partners… even though the actual level of benefit abuse has been shown to be minimal, and utterly pales into nonexistence when compared to corporate/white collar fraud…

    But then, those people are the ones this government was installed to protect… the rest of us can go to hades for all johnny and his merry pranksters care…they have orders to fill…

  4. phillip ure says:

    “ so that little johnny sparkles can imitate an american hemorrhoid….”

    that is funny..

    phillip ure..