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Two minutes silence for Hillside

Posted by on December 18th, 2012

On Friday at 11am, please stop whatever you are doing for TWO  MINUTES to mark the passing of 130 years of engineering work at Hillside Workshops in Dunedin.

14 Responses to “Two minutes silence for Hillside”

  1. GeoffCartwright says:

    Another cornerstone operation closed by offshore outsourcing due to short sightdness by the Tories and thier ignorant and defunct ideology, tickle down didn’t happen, float all the boats didn’t happen.
    Are we to be one big primary supplier in a globally connected organisation, global market rules ah.
    Well I will be there red rose and all.
    Sad day for all in mourning for both the fallen in past wars and the newly fallen in this war…
    My grandfather a gentleman farmer was outraged by the change in his new Zealand, he fought for freedom and praised Helen Clark in later years as someone who cared for all not the few.
    Time we remembered the fallen in past and in the present.

  2. GeoffCartwright says:

    Uk without being rude or incurring the wrath of well CC perhap a salute to CV and freedom of speech is in order.
    Also can I make a suggestion too.
    We need a vibrant interactive labour blog so perhap delete the ban list and start again.
    Labour is surely about freedom of speak differing opinion in broad broad tent of people.
    We the people need a voice, we need connection and we need to interact in a free equal reasonable manner…
    What say allow the banned voices back and start again…

  3. Wendy says:

    Sad victim of a hopeless National government that would rather export NZ jobs than actually support our exporters and manufacturers. Who ever said that National governments were better economic managers?

  4. Te Reo Putake says:

    Re: Geoff’s call for an amnesty on the banned at Red Alert. I think, that, and an apology to those who were bullied, would be a great way to end 2012 and go forward into next year with a clean slate. Our party is broad church and has never been afraid of debate. Red Alert should reflect that tradition IMHO.

    To the workers at Hillside; all the best for the future; I regularly walk over the railway bridge in Whanganui and Ioften reflect on all the railway workers I used to see going to work at Easttown when I was heading to school. Its no conincidence that Whanganui’s problems with gangs, drugs and unemployment started at the same time a right wing Government closed down that workshop.

  5. geoffcartwright says:

    stood in the light drain at hillside as people gathered to witness the sad day of another closure in the face of gloabalisation…no equality in pay parity gloabaly just another example of coorporate greed in generating profit.

    sad sad day for thre workers of new zealander…who will be next.

    shall we keep a memorial list of the closure on labour site as a witness to the mass outsourcing of our jobs.
    time to stand up and fight back..

  6. bbfloyd says:

    @ geoff…”time to stand up and fight back”.. I think you would be surprised just how large a head of staeam that will to shove it right back up those tory theives, is… Ther is a palpable anger starting to show itself all around..

    sooner, rather than later, that anger will find expression… One can only hope it doesn’t lead to people getting hurt…

    @te reo putake….one of the reasons i get involved on this site is that the moderators insist on civilised debate, and banter/argument… If you want the comments to descend into childish tit for tat, derailing any meaningful dialogue..

    Or we could wade through myriad side issues pushed by technophobes with no actual interest in simply exploring the philosophy, or concepts behind the issue being promoted on this site…

    If one really needs to waste time with meaningless twittering, then i suggest the standard may be more of a fit…But i warn you, you may find the sheer volume of it gets irritating quite rapidly….

    Meanwhile, those here who appreciate a higher standard of manners, will continue to tub thump on the ISSUES….You are welcome to join in te reo…add you thoughts to the discussion, and become part of the solutions, rather than just carping over irrelevancies from the sidelines….

  7. Inverness says:

    Labour isnt a broad church.
    The Mad Butcher saga , CV , and the nasty man at hillside who just happens to be one of the 70% who dont support Labour, tell the lie to that.

    Labour dosent need to change , the people who claim to represent Labour need to change.
    Clesarly they dont represent the real decent hard working folk of this country.

  8. bbfloyd says:

    @innie…. Try to use examples that stand up to scrutiny would you please? Peter Leach came out on national radio, and tv, repeatedly endorsing Johnny sparkles(john key) as HIS leader…CV was indulging in his own party political game playing(with the full co-operation of the founders/authers on the standard)…

    That other bit of specious, small minded, gossipy drivel, is best left to tories to nod in unison over, because no-one with even a hint of intelligence would take you seriously at this point….

    But thanks anyway…. the opportunity to show how easy it is to expose what tory politics amount to, has been your christmas gift to me….. Merry Christmas!!! ho ho ho!!

  9. GeoffCartwright says:

    @ that’s a bold opinion there mate..
    We have enough raiding parties now without suggesting another from within.

  10. bbfloyd says:

    @geoff.. “We have enough raiding parties now without suggesting another from within”…… I wish it weren’t true, but the party political posturing, and self serving, self justifying posts coming from the inner circle on that particular site leave no room for doubt….(that isn’t to say there aren’t authers on there that aren’t worth reading, just the “inner circle”)

    In australia, they call what they have been doing “white anting”, as in eating away at the foundations from within….
    All the while, masquerading as “chardonney socialists” as they give the enemies of democracy weapons to attack those who would stand up for ordinary new zealanders…

    Even going so far as to deliberately undermine David Shearers attempts to re-democratise the labour party….and when it backfired on them, to openly indulge in character assasination…. Cameron Slater will have been chortling into his beer….

  11. GeoffCartwight says:

    Oh I hear you my friend but I don’t see ants red or white but voices loudly stating opinions kinda old fashioned at that but at least they have opinions and actions, most people are sheep herded by dog raiders.
    Time for a new direction, a new way forward as we face the trinity of climate change, peak oil energy shortages and stymied great growth.
    Time to move past third way into a few dawn…a Next Way.
    Time for the caucus and all MP to get on track, to get active, to get the message from the grass roots and to put words into action.
    Labour inclusive broad tent, equality so get the labour team together settled and focused.
    Kick off the campaign now for 2014 and beyond NOW.

  12. bbfloyd says:

    Hi Geoff….”Time for the caucus and all MP to get on track, to get active, to get the message from the grass roots and to put words into action”.

    Utterly agree with that statement… But I would point out that the process of getting the grass roots involved has been going on for a little while now..(it was one of david shearers first stated aims)..

    The conference would have been known for the re-emergance of membership influence if it hadn’t been for “factions” on the left giving cow pat gower(among others) the handle they needed to completely bury the real story of the conference with that claytons “leadership challenge” story….

    Fortunately for us, the leadership was smart enough to respond in a way that stopped that particular “whispering campaign” in it’s tracks….But not fast enough to shut the barking dogs from diverting the general population from the real issues, and outcomes from what I feel will be seen as a watershed moment for the party at large…..

  13. Red Guard says:

    bbfloyd, the Auckland Conference was about our Party’s membership being re-engaged with and taking on new responsibility in a meaningful level; to say that this significant mindset and cultural change was somehow blind sides by the ‘left’ and David Cunnliffe is a nonsence.
    The ‘leadership’ debate was always going to raise its head and it was addressed quickly and clearly, our Party is moving from strength to strength and many of us are excited to be a part of that; lets stop looking for excuses and get on with re-establishing Aotearoa for us all!
    “For the many, not the few”….

  14. jh says:

    I’m sure Herman Daly has something pertinent relating to Hillside.