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By The Numbers

Posted by on November 30th, 2012

259,500 – Kiwi blokes took home $80,000 or more in personal income this year – but only 92,500 women did. Gender pay gap? Yes.

125,000 – Dollars invoiced to the Education Ministry this week by schools to cover extra staff hours spent sorting Novopay.

110,000 – The annual income for one of National’s “more affordable” homes.

100,000 – Kiwi families Labour will help into genuinely affordable homes.

14,497 – Dollars – The NZ Facebook tax bill for last year. Sound small? it is!

1 – Worthwhile cause, amongst others, to support this Christmas.

7 Responses to “By The Numbers”

  1. Amerikiwi77 says:

    Gender pay gap? >>>> The stat you present is misleading; while ‘gender pay gap’ may explain a certain marginal percentage of the “gap”, other factors like gender representation in specific industries/careers is more likely to explain your specific stat among other factors – not all of these other factors are necessarily caused by discrimination, but rather personal choice.

    100,000 – Kiwi families Labour will help into genuinely affordable homes. >>>>> 0 – the amount of sense this Labour policy makes and the amount of substance behind the policy.

    14,497 – Dollars – The NZ Facebook tax bill for last year. Sound small? it is! >>>>> $14,497 is likely to be more than your average labour/green voter pays to the government in a year (when you take into account what it costs to subsidise these voters with assorted benefits). If you were to actually look at the Facebook financial account reports you’d have to acknowledge that Facebook more than paid for “their fair share” (that’s the lefts default phrase isn’t it?) in taxes.

  2. Dan says:

    Is it Labour Party policy that companies will now pay tax on gross revenue and not net profit?

  3. here to help says:

    5 … or 6. or 7, I lost count:

    Number of stupid and/or insulting comments made by John Tamihere in the Herald this morning.

    I don’t know why Labour is so committed to public self-destruction, but it is all very sad. When will it stop?

  4. The Al1en says:

    1. More lost vote, for good. Never ever say never ever, unless you really mean it.
    Never ever in the same party as jt.

    The Al1en.

  5. Jack Ramaka says:

    At least Labour has the g*nads to start discussing a very real problem here in NZ and that is housing affordability.

    Unfortunately politics in NZ has become a purile game of personalities with Johnnie Sparkles and Brand Key sponsored by TV One and Faifax vs David Shearer who the Press want to run into the ground at any opportunity.

    Everyone should read Nicky Hager’s book “Hollow Men” and understand how politics really works in New Zealand.

  6. Amerikiwi77 says:


    No, this is pandering to voters; and is a promise that cannot be delivered and if attempted will further screw-up NZ.

    What would impress me is if any party had the g*nads to actually reduce the girth of the government and the unnecessary and wasteful programmes that it pursues in the interest of getting into or staying in power (this goes for all parties out there… including National).

    But if you think labour’s housing policy is so great please explain to me how it stacks up for Auckland… I’d love to hear and be shown how the scheme is fiscally delivered (from wo to go).

  7. Dave says:

    The Labour housing scheme is a fantasy. Low income people will never be able to afford them, unless they are handed to them. They couldn’t get a loan to buy it, let alone service the massive debt. Again no details, just “affordable (in Invercargill maybe)”.

    David, as spokesman for “revenue” I would have thought that you would know that tax is paid on profit, not revenue. Are you suggesting that companise should pay tax on revenue? If so how are you going to convince the business sector that this is a moment of genius on your part?