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Red Alert: Deadline tomorrow to submit to the manufacturing inquiry

Posted by on November 29th, 2012

Submissions to the joint party Parliamentary Inquiry into Manufacturing close tomorrow Friday 30 November.

The inquiry has been jointly called by the Labour Party, the Green Party, New Zealand First and Mana as they seek to address the crisis in our manufacturing industry that the National Government continues to deny.

More than half of the manufacturing businesses that began in 2008 have disappeared in the past four years and the rate of new manufacturing businesses starting up has declined by a third in four years, from over 2,000 a year in 2008 to just 1,300 a year this year. Over 8,000 manufacturing businesses have closed and more than 40,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since this government took office. Jobs and businesses shutting down or heading off shore affect whole communities and local economies.

The recent announcement of 90 redundancies at KiwiRail’s Hillside workshops is an example of this that hits close to home for myself and my constituents. Workers at Hillside have lived with their uncertain futures since the intended sale was announced in May while the announcement of 25 redundancies at the O’Brien’s Benchtops Ltd no doubt took many of those affected by surprise so close to Christmas. I have started a collection for Christmas

Further afield the reverberations of further losses such as Tiwai Point aluminium smelter and Mataura’s Meatworks are being felt through my electorate and the wider South Island. And I know we are far from the only area hit by this crisis.

The Inquiry Committee is calling for submissions and will hear from people around the country early next month but you only have until tomorrow to submit in writing and request to be heard by emailing

We want to hear the personal experiences of workers and businesspeople who have lost jobs and income in recent years, as well as anyone else who has an opinion or ideas about what the Government should be doing to support these industries in the current global economic climate.

Because some workers fear there may be reprisals for having their say or simply don’t want to be personally identified, if so you can still submit.

Send your views to before the end of this week.


2 Responses to “Red Alert: Deadline tomorrow to submit to the manufacturing inquiry”

  1. Jack Ramaka says:

    Unfortunately John Key, Bill English, Gerry Brownlee and Simon Joyce are living in an ideological vaccum.

    They do not see the big picture and are making decisions, with out looking to the long term future of New Zealanders.

    Employment and self worth are critical factors to maintain a healthy society.

    Selling State Assets merely provides money for Government cashflow.

  2. OneTrack says:

    So what will Labour , Greens and Mana actually do for manufacturing when they get in. Because I think they are going to put up company taxes, reintroduce compulsory unionism and introduce additional labour and other costs (ie ets) that will put even more manufacturers out of business. Or is this just a cynical political point scoring exercise.