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Posted by on November 23rd, 2012

100,000 – Kiwi families would be helped into their own modern, affordable home, through Labour’s new housing initiative – KiwiBuild.

2,000 – Apprenticeships and numerous skilled jobs would be created through KiwiBuild – which could be the largest public building programme in 50 years.

5 – Per cent of new homes built in New Zealand at the moment are entry-level, affordable, homes. That is a fraction of what we should be able to offer.

2 – Billion dollars a year would be generated in economic growth through extra jobs and spending on construction materials.

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13 Responses to “By The Numbers”

  1. indiana says:

    David, from the link you provided in your post, I thought this was the best comment made about that article:

    10:26 AM Wednesday, 21 Nov 2012
    Let’s see if this comment is posted. From a logic perspective how is Kiwibuild going to work? So Labour is saying 100,000 new houses will be built over a 10 year period. So averaging that out that’s 10,000 new houses a year or 192 (dividing 10,000 by 52 weeks) a week or 27 day (dividing 192 by 7 days). Realistic? Probably not. Tui billboard? More than likely.

  2. Bolshie Bernie says:

    Has anyone worked out how much land is needed for 100,000 houses? Where is this to be conjured up from?

  3. David Clark says:

    @Indiana – I can understand your scepticism. It is 50 years since policy this bold was implemented in NZ. It’s certainly way beyond the timid ‘ambitions’ of the current government who seem content to supervise NZ’s decline.

  4. Bed Rater says:

    David, so you don’t know I take it?

  5. David Clark says:

    @Bed Rater don’t know what? Land? Certainly plenty of existing sites available in Dunedin City earmarked for moderate intensification (it’s in the council’s plans already). I understand there’s still plenty of land in other parts of the country that hasn’t been built on.

  6. SPC says:


    There were 14,500 building permits for the year to 31 March 2012, there were over 24,000 in 2008 at the tail end of the asset bubble.

    10,000 per year with the current level of private sector building only takes us back to the level of 2008. Given there is some house replacement in Christchurch, doubting that such a level is possible is a bit naive.

  7. indiana says:

    David, yes you will need to forgive me for my skepticism. Will these new homes be apartments or stand alone houses with a yard? Why would first home buyers want to buy in Dunedin as you suggest where land is available, but where there is no long term prospects for employment? Or do you want these first home buyers to become landlords?

    @SPC issuing building permits does not necessarily equate to houses actually being built. I can obtain a building permit but not build on a vacant lot. I can even sell that vacant lot using the building permit as a selling point.

  8. SPC says:

    But the building permit does indicate that there is the available land to build on.

  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    You are right National are administering the further decline of this country, once the Energy Assets are sold we will have even less Cash Flow available to administer the country.

    Shame about the $14 Billion a year which are now exported off shore in the form of dividends.

    Labours new housing policy is at least a step in the right direction to improve NZ housing shortages, well built practical designs should work inside the budget framework.

  10. The Al1en says:

    “Why would first home buyers want to buy in Dunedin as you suggest where land is available, but where there is no long term prospects for employment?”


    I’m sure there are plenty of potential first time buyers in Dunedin that would buy them up, but the point being made was there’s suitable land everywhere, David just used his constituency as an example.

    Surprised you admit that after four years of tory government, the countries fourth biggest city is an unemployment dead end with no future.
    Have you told john, yet?
    Go on, he’s on facebook.

    Coming soon to an election billboard near you.
    Brighter futures. (conditions apply)

  11. Louise says:

    Yes, it would be great to see Labour back in and able to do these things, BUT…………how is that going to happen when, to be honest such infantile insecurity has been so painfully exposed for all of New Zealand to see.Surely Labour caucus want to know who the voters will vote for, not just who they like best? David Shearer calling the emergency vote as a reaction was rather embarrassing, it was a decision about how the leader is elected, not who the leader is, calm down.Not knowing any of the David’s personally, I am reliant on the media coverage.It is starting to look like tall poppy syndrome to me, not one cogent criticism, just plenty of spiteful remarks and alot of panicking, which is not very leader like!May the best man win in February, and may they be able to inspire the great undecidededs that Labour will govern for a healthier future for all, not just for a richer future for their mates, THEN we can start thinking about the above

  12. Fortran says:

    Southland has plenty of spare land for 196 houses a week to be built.

  13. sica says:

    Oh well said Louisa @ 10.32am