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A New Direction for New Zealand- David Shearer

Posted by on November 19th, 2012

Here is the speech that brought the Labour Party Conference to its feet. A strong articulation of Labour values, backed up by concrete ideas to take New Zealand on a path to prosperity and fairness. Two specific new policies as well, Kiwibuild that will see 100,000 affordable houses and the Healthy Homes Guarantee that will see proper standards for rental properties. Enjoy.

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  1. SPC says:

    Would you lot please show some caucus unity.

    After February, there is no problem with loyalty to the leader until after the 2014 election. So this is not a major caucus issue.

    Any attempt by the faction with the majority in caucus to bully any other before February defeats the whole purpose of the more open leadership process and demonstrates that caucus does not want to work with the wider party under its rules, but circumvent them. If you want the party to do the work for the 2014 campaign, place some trust in their judgement.

    PS – (declaration) I vote for the Green party and think Shearer should stay in leadership, and that Cunliffe belongs on the front bench and in the 2014 government cabinet.

  2. Alex says:

    The burden of proof is on the person who postulates the theory, and I certainly think Both Labour and National parties are at fault.

    100 000 thousand houses!

    The reason why New Zealand is going down the tubes is because it fails to live up to the scientific method.

    The real price of living is not $250 000 in Dunedin but much, much less.

    The local government DCC, creates poverty by not letting people uses their own shelters such as second hand trailers on bits of land. Debt is created by borrowing from the banks.

    I’ve seen decent trailers go for as little as $13 000. And no not everyone will want to live in a trailer but…

    Good thing politicians aren’t scientists, or engineers, otherwise I think they’d be fired!

  3. Herodotus says:

    Unless the scheme is open to new migrants, who are these 1st home owners to take up the 100k allocation? Unless common sense prevails and this is opened up beyond just 1st home buyers and is also used to bolster HNZ stock.
    It will take more than $1.5b to set this up, especially as there will be land to acquire, largely within Auckland area, unless HNZ land is gifted to the program below either valuation or replacement cost.
    And given that Lab wins the next election I would be surprised to see any completed houses to this program & occupied by the time of the 2017 election.
    But at least Lab has advanced the issue of housing, even if the announcement has some apparent holes in the workings.
    Also I failed to see any costing to bring HNZ stock to comply with these laudable healthy homes guarantee that Lab has so rightly promoted.
    Finally is there any source that will allow for a greater detail of a floor plan, the fact sheet is extremely difficult to read

  4. Anne says:

    Any attempt by the faction with the majority in caucus to bully any other before February defeats the whole purpose of the more open leadership process and demonstrates that caucus does not want to work with the wider party under its rules, but circumvent them.

    Hear hear SPC.

    …think Shearer should stay in leadership, and that Cunliffe belongs on the front bench and in the 2014 government cabinet.

    Hear hear again.

    The traitor (or is it traitors?) in the Labour Caucus is neither David Shearer or David Cunliffe…

  5. Tim G says:

    +1 to the above

    And Mallard, his sidekick “Chippy”, Goff and the rest who let their “contemporary anxieties about leadership” spill over publicly into ABC nonsense should be goneburgers – you fed a media feeding frenzy around the conference because you fundamentally lack media instincts.

  6. millsy says:

    So what part will state housing play in this ‘KiwiBuild’? And how do we know that this policy wont get watered down in the next 3 years or so?

  7. Galeandra says:

    Till now I’m a Green voter like SPC, candidate vote Labour….. till now.
    Shearer still doesn’t understand the nature of leadership. Obviously Paddy Gower runs his lines for him while and Hipkins & Co yap the chorus. Without a speech writer or off the cuff he’s a broken violin, albeit a faux authoritarian one.

    Bad luck for Cunliffe that the old troughers won’t let go of their baubles or their knives. While Mallard and Co lead you all back into the desert, I expect I’ll be off to Mana. God help the ordinary folk in this neo-liberal paradise.

  8. Jack Ramaka says:

    You guys need to get your S*it together on this leadership issue otherwise John Key and his cronies in the press are going to have a Field Day.

    The problem is a majority of the public believe there are big problems in the Labour Party and they are not fit to be in Government, a majority of people believe what they hear and read in the Press.

    The Press have alot of power and National have the master spin doctor in Simon Joyce.

    Get rid of Cunliffe if he does not want to play ball, ever heard of 1 + 1 = 3 synergy and positive energy go hand in hand.

  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    Disclosure Statement I am a NZFirst supporter however I would prefer a Labour/NZF/Green Coalition rather than another round of Johnnie Sparkles National/ACT and United Future.

  10. Tim G says:

    Be careful who you vote for come election time Jack, you might just find Winston and DunnoKeyo together at last.

    Meanwhile, Brian Edwards sums up why the behaviour of Mallard, Hipkins et al is anathema to democracy within our Party:

    “Cunliffe is being asked to say how he will vote in a secret leadership ballot three months from now. His failure to do so is being taken as evidence of his disloyalty to Shearer and possible grounds for his expulsion from the Labour caucus.

    “This is not merely entirely unreasonable, it is a major breach of Labour’s own constitutional rules. A caucus member is being asked to declare in advance how he will vote in a secret ballot.”

    Still waiting for a post from an MP about how its a good thing that the membership will have more of a say in any future leadership run-off. Won’t hold my breath.

    Hat tip to Jim Nald who linked this elsewhere.

  11. AnnaLivia says:

    1. The management of the Press/TV at the conference was very poor. An “open” conference is a good thing. An absence of any house rules for the media is a silly thing. Much of the kerfuffle has its roots in the manic pestering of Shearer and Cunliffe. The new Gen Sec and the PR people should take a different stance next year.

    2. There was no attempted Leadership coup on Saturday. Everyone who was at Ellerslie knows that. Moira and Robert, who officiated, could see that. The membership voted as instructed by their LECs or as swayed by the speakers. Maryan Street and Chris Hipkins’ over the top performce in the debate shocked many delegates into voting for the new rule.

    3. What is the problem with the new rule? The Causus/Council initially proposed that a Leader could avoid a membership/affiliates vote if they had 33% support. That was silly. That silliness caused the members to vote for the 60% threshold. The Caucus/Council (and Hipkins and Street) should treat the members with a bit more respect.

  12. Ivy says:

    This supposedly amazing policy is basically building houses low-middle income earners won’t be able to afford. Why not just build state housing?
    Why is labour persisting with the idea that we should see if the market can get things done if we bribe the market a bit?

    On the leadership puhlava: Shearer and Cunliffe are both good at their job. Don’t throw either under the bus, nor those that support one or the other. You will need both to succeed in the next election.

    And could previous Labour government ministers of the labour portfolio please resign from parliament for their part in Pike River? It would a) be the honourable thing to do, b) get some new blood into parliament and c) show Kate Wilkinson how to resign properly.

  13. SPC says:

    Ivy, if state houses are built there would be a lot of debt – and the rent received from low income tenants would not cover the cost of the debt.

    There are many hundreds of thousands of people who cannot afford to buy at current prices and who will never get into a state house either. The only way to help them is to lower rents and to place homes within their price range – and that means more housing supply.

    The only way that can be done is to build the houses and sell them to those who can buy them.

  14. Alby says:

    What a wasted opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Which now has us questioning the skills of the back room brigade. David when you got the Leadership you would have realised time was never going to be your friend if weaknesses were exposed. The strong arm of the party are who we all know & always will be & rightfully so. Any attempt to waiver from the core values & principles will be stopped regardless of who is the Leader is. The bitter experience of Rodgernomic’s still haunts many of us today & the gate keepers within the party will ensure no overly centralistic moves. DC is an asset Labour can least afford to lose from the frontline. As for the dead wood, do the right thing & make succession plans for the good of the party and ultimately your country.

  15. Louis M says:

    A great speech by David Shearer. Here’s my blog from the conference and my opinion on the leadership issues.

  16. The Al1en says:

    Will all the dinosaurs in the parliamentary Labour party, the ones who got trounced in 2011, and have just backed the wrong rider in a one horse race, for the second time, put on record their expectations for the party vote in 2014 under Shearer.
    Then, if you haven’t all resigned, read my lips, you should be booted to touch for repeated incompetence and prevented from making the same mistake by electing GR.

  17. The Al1en says:

    The worst thing is, at 4 pm today, there are going to be mps voting for DS when they know he won’t beat key in a poll.
    The only questions are how many? And why?

  18. Jim says:

    Leadership challenges are a legitimate process within the party. How is it reasonable to drive DC out because he isn’t yet sure how he will vote in a secret ballot in February? I was ambivalent about the leadership before – but if DC is banished to the back benches, DS will go down in my estimation because of the way he lets his capos play dirty. [In the past I have voted both Labour and Green].

  19. Jim says:

    By the way, it was a good speech. DS shouldn’t be so scared of DC. DS is coming right. The worst thing he can do is over-react and undermine democracy within the party. Just keep cool and in Feb DC will see there is no real opportunity to challenge, and then at that point you have a legitimate opportunity to tell him to get in behind.

  20. Rob Wickham says:

    Wow! let’s make it easy for the Tories why don’t we? People without adequate housing, privatisation of schools, many out of meaningful work, selling our publicly owned assets, importing labour from overseas and on goes the list and the intellectual giants in the Labour Party continue to scrap in public. The media just love you lot. Geez Wayne! What are you lot thinking of? Don’t you care anymore about people? What has happened to the founding principles of what was once a great reforming movement led by people of compassion and intellect.

  21. Heather Grimwood says:

    Jack Ramaka hit the nail on the head when suggesting that most people in New Zealand believe what is presented by the media.
    While I would substitute ‘many’ for ‘most’, this problem, initially of a right-wing press, now of course reinforced by other media has ALWAYS been to the detriment of the left.
    The potency of suggestion seems to have escalated,a good deal of reporting has no insight/depth, and it is difficult for those who do not think eye-to-eye with shareholders in the media to get exposure.
    Added to this is the puzzle of why critical thinking skills, which once had an important place in the schoolroom from junior classes up, do not abound.

  22. Marcia de Norie says:

    “Members have just voted to make the election process more democratic because they believe they’ve been left out of significant decision-making in the party for too long. If this new system, which is more democratic, “favours” Cunliffe then the whole thing is quite simple, isn’t it? Cunliffe should be the leader. He is expected to receive wider party support and that is what should really count in any democracy; not just the wishes of a few MPs.

    It’s just sad that, after reaching a decision that will make the party better, Shearer has come out with a pretty fascist tone: “We have a democracy… But if you don’t support me, you’re out!”

    Cunliffe has done what any honest politician should do. Yes, he’ll support Shearer if there’s an immediate confidence vote but how can he guarantee that will be the case in 3, 6 or 12 months? Discussion, arguing… That’s all part of democracy. That is what fuels change; it fuels progress.

    They shouldn’t all follow one leader or one ideology like zombies under a dictator. This idea of “unity” is quite distorted.

    And if you’ve watched any parliament sessions this year, it’s pretty clear who should be labour’s spokesperson…”

  23. jennifer says:

    What did Jackboot Joyce call KiwiBuild? A fantasy? A new word for his lexicon, to add to ‘snake oil’ and ‘voodoo’.

  24. former Labour supporter says:

    After all this carry on, how do you think the public will respond when Robertson rolls Shearer after he’s elected?

    Two terms rests entirely National’s options, Joyce or Collins, not being fit for public consumption.

  25. Ehoa says:

    Let me say from the outset how disappointed I am that the Party leaders did not see fit to live stream on the internet and social media all key notes speeches from the conference and that includes Shearer. Pox of the technologically challenged ancient management hierarchy and a big fat 0/10 for event management because a number of MPs had to take to social media to feed the masses.
    The same goes for this site, no updates, no fresh opinions, no platform to discuss what is happening at the conference for those who couldn’t get there. Pox on MPs for not giving a toss about their wider community 0/10.
    That the leadership of party and caucus did not hold a brief meeting and discuss that regardless of the voting structure outcome they would present a united front, no surprises and show unity is a clear example of poor strategical thinking and political management. This could have nipped the entire leadership debate in the bud and put an end to face-for-radio Paddy Gower’s interference in Labour party matters. Pox on the caucus leaders and pox on the party leaders 0/10
    As an observer from the outside, this has been a disastrous conference because it has forced those like us to make up our opinions and views via mainstream media.
    The Labour Party’s communications to its wider community and interested stakeholders has been an abject failure – 0/10.
    Those responsible should do the right thing and walk.

  26. Batman says:

    The Labour Party currently couldn’t run a booze up in a brewery! How are they credible enough to be elected to run a country!

    It seems this party only care about power and pushing their personal agendas!

  27. Ehoa says:

    …I can hear it….ths sound of popping champagne corks in Chipmunk’s office…meanwhile Key wears and pink shirt and minces free.

  28. former Labour supporter says:

    Two thumbs up and a lick of the lips, David Shearer.

    Now that you’ve demoted your best orator, you should knock off handcream Jones and all the voiceless brainless babyboomers.

    Hope you bring your own vaseline to the election year debates.

    Bets on for which impotent nobody takes Cunliffe’s place?

  29. former Labour supporter says:

    On second thoughts, David–you would probably win the full support of the party and the public by dealing to that malignant mallardy which the party has suffered from for too long.

  30. Karen says:

    Well congratulations on the spectacular own goal. On the news tonight the shattered zombie like delivery by Shearer and G Robertson grinning like a cheshire cat in the background told the real story. The smart thing to do would have been to give Cunliffe the finance portfolio – you know the saying keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. To squander Cunliffe’s obvious talent is just crazy. Oh dear, back to the drawing board…

  31. Jack Ramaka says:

    I don’t understand what Cunliffe is up to, it was a no-brainer challenging Shearer. It was a divisive move by Cunliffe and divisive for the Labour Party.

  32. Trey says:

    I’m no longer a Labour Party supporter nor voter. Disappointed in the management of the recent crises, the direction of the party and the lack of genuine un-selfserving representatives. Shame on you all, you have a long way to go to get my vote again.

  33. Alby says:

    The phones is well & truly off the hook. Did you listen? I would say NOT. Now your faced with a contender on the backbencher able to have a crack at you with an alliance of MP’s who are facing the chop & nothing too lose. How utterly unnecessary, what did this achieve exactly? Prove of what we already knew ‘no realistic challenge.’ What has now happened is DS faces a challenge from 2 fronts! one open & the other the silent assassin. Do a deal with the Greens now & carve up future Cabernet positions. Why’s that you may ask? Because the NZ Labour Party maybe the minor party after this ridicules fiasco play out.

  34. Jack Ramaka says:

    Shearer needs to tell Cunliffe to back the same horse or get off the pony.

    I sure Shearer will step aside for Cunliffe or whoever if Labour does not get home in the next election. Just give the guy some breathing space he has only been in the job 9 months. Too many self appointed political commentators around.

    Labour needs to prove to the NZ public they are a credible opposition party, it can’t be that difficult if all the horses are running around the track in the same direction.

    National/ACT and United Future are doing everything possible to piss the NZ public off apart from their core right wing voters.

  35. SPC says:

    Some thought that when they appointed Hipkins a whip he would use it as a skipping rope.

  36. Palmy Politico says:

    As a former Labourite, I’m going to be a good sport and wish Labour all the best for the next election.

    I won’t be voting Labour in 2014 but I like the local MP, Iain Lees-Galloway. Labour should use more of him.

  37. The Al1en says:

    I was so close to joining the party the other day, just so I could have a chance to vote for a leader with a chance of winning the next election. Guess I’ll spend the donation elsewhere and wait until 2014 to fully register my discontent and the incompetence at the post Clark top table.

    You never know, I may yet stand as an independent in Hamilton West and ask Sue Moroney (Met her a couple of times – Lovely lady and a great list mp for us) over for a cup of tea at Fresca’s.
    If you want something done properly, and all that. 😉

  38. Ehoa says:

    Not an iceblock’s chance in hell of me giving up my membership, as they say in sport, the game is bigger than any one individual, same applies, the party is more important than David, any David. Instead, I’ll continue to use it to criticise becuase the sheer farcical stupidity of this entire episode deserved to have scorn heaped on it, no-one spared. Caucus have behaved disgracefully from the Senior Whip across to all other protagonists.
    It’s time to show if any is really worthy of their privileged position in Parliament, that’s the challenge stupid.

  39. Alby says:

    Now now A1 there has been quite enough sneakiness from some factions & throwing a tanty is just spoil sport behavior. Your better option would be to stand against her as the candidate for west. If you win against her (& SC) she can be your ‘campaign manager’ it’s probably just a role swap but it is worth considering. At this point I am not prepared to disclosure who I will support :)       

  40. anne says:

    I am 60 and have never been so embarrased and disapointed in the leadership of the labour party.
    In throwing out the best person to lead labour for many years
    you have lost my vote,Cunliffe has been treated shabily and
    shamefuly,i am furious.
    The good work that was done at the conference was overshadowed by politicians who attacked a man for wanting
    to have a democracy in the leadership issue,shame on all
    the mouthpeices on the news who rubbished Cunliffe.
    The membership wants change,a new way for the labour
    party and they deserve to have it,Shearer is NOT leadership material and he is a poor manager of this situation,it is more a dictatorship than a democracy.
    I can assure the current administration that people i speak to are not happy at what the mallard charged assault has done
    they will not vote for labour as long as shearer is there,that goes for me as well.
    Shameful,disgusting,pathetic,what is shearer afraid of ?
    that bbq must have been a good one ,yes i know about that as well.
    One thing more you lot DO NOT OWN the labour party,the people and members do.

  41. Ehoa says:

    @Anne…what bbq? tell us more?

  42. Tim G. says:

    Ehoa – the BBQ Anne refers to is one posted about by Matthe Hooten and Cactus Kate over at the Standard. Personally, I always assumed it was their sick joke, but a lot of readers at the Standard seem to have taken it at face value. I would love to hear from someone who was allegedly there other than those two. (Bomber and Chris Trotter were allegedly there too)

    Basically MH said he had a post-election BBQ where he invited all his friends and enemies to quaff Veuve Cliquot, and that it was there that David formed his intention to contest the leadership of the Labour Party, for which he was endorsed by MH and CK, and Grant and DS sent a bottle of veuve as a congrats present thereafter.

    If it isn’t MH’s attempt at sick humour, then it is pretty sickening. Probably best to ask bomber directly… Let me know if you cant find Hootens comment on the Standard – it was around mid-October I think.

  43. Tim G. says:

    Sorry Ehoa, have just done a search over at the standard and seen Pagani etc. post about the BBQ. Clearly it was no joke:

    God help the NZLP.

    And by the way, I tried watching DS’s speech above. The delivery was so toe-curlingly, tooth-grindingly awkward that I had to stop. I do think Kiwibuild is a good policy, however.

  44. The Al1en says:

    “Now now A1 there has been quite enough sneakiness from some factions & throwing a tanty is just spoil sport behavior.”

    Seriously, over the past four years, show me a direct hit on key, that has dented or damaged his and his parties poll ratings.
    Like I say, how about some predictions of where Labour will be in six months and a years time. Two years out and it’s deader than a Norwegian blue. Stick the reputations on the line and tell us how you see it, then we’ll all have our eyes on the prize.
    I read that had UK Labour dumped Brown pre election, their losses would have been significantly less than they eventually were.
    Worth a hunt for that report, you silenced minority majority?

    “Your better option would be to stand against her as the candidate for west.”

    If the divs in Epsom can understand 2 for 1, I know for certain the good people from our community do too.
    Play them at their own game and Viva revolution. 😆

    “At this point I am not prepared to disclosure who I will support”

    When you make up your mind, I’ll be over here, digging for victory 😉

  45. Ehoa says:

    Some truth over this alleged BBQ from those allegedly at it would be good to clear this up. I’m not a David accolyte (for any David), but if this is true, this is a really bad look for caucus as a whole. Which MP is prepared to front up here and tell us yay or nay?

  46. Rosy says:

    David Cunliffe is a huge asset to Labour.. a big mistake in pushing him back! Strength was needed and unity – it appears much less unity and strength now even if the goals were to achieve both…

  47. Alby says:

    Ok A1 you may not be who I thought you were for that I  apologize. What is needed to be done is we stay in the fold or come back into the fold. Show respect to the Greens & divvy up posts accordingly. Depending how their traveling in election year consider handing Fanta pants Russ,  Deputy Leader or Finance. ‘Pin’ Peters down with some peach position well in advance, if he shows any inkling of running with Key destroy him like has happen in the past. As I told Shearer at the Leader race. The next election is Labour’s too lose! The opposition parties job summit was a great start. Keep the momentum going. Lastly roll our sleeves up & make it happen. Sitting on our hands in protest is not an option next time around. Another term of National ‘can not’ be allowed.            

  48. Jack Ramaka says:

    Labour have to present a case to the NZ Public that they are fit to lead the country any petty internal politics makes Labour look like children at Play School having a fight in the Sandspit.

    John Key and John Banks act like petulant children, Labour have to get above the childlike behaviour of the National Party and at least appear to know what they are talking about and actually have a plan to take the country forward.

    Key must be pissed off Cunliffe didn’t roll Shearer, as it would have been big news for National and the Press. Labour need to stear their own ship and be a united force going forward as I think the majority of the population are sick of the Key/Banks/Dunne Show.

  49. Tim G. says:

    @Al1ens – I’d encourage you to join the Party. In February, if things continue as they are with Mr McGoo at the helm, I am fairly sure that 13/14 MPs will have the objectivity and sense to put the leadership vote to the membership – it was abundantly clear that’s what the membership wants, after all. And at that time you can vote for a leader who wasn’t anointed by the Vast BBQ Conspiracy and the ABCs 😉

    It won’t exactly break the bank, after all!

  50. Jack Ramaka says:

    Shearer needs to stay if Labour wants to be elected at the next election.

    Cunliffe may have a truckload of ability but why commit harekare and bury the Labour Party b4 the next election.

    So what if Shearer isn’t an eloquent little smarty like John Key who shoots from the hip.