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They’re joking, right?

Posted by on November 15th, 2012

Please give me a moment while I drag my jaw off the floor. As the Novopay debacle continues to roll on week after week, as teachers and support staff continue to be overpaid, underpaid, or just not paid at all, some genius at the Ministry of Education has decided now would be a good time to restructure the Payroll Services Unit. Checked the calendar, it’s not April fools, they’re serious about this!

In their infinite wisdom the Ministry has decided to reduce personnel in the payroll team from 23 to 14. These staff need to be focused on fixing the Novopay mess, not wondering if they are still going to have a job in the New Year. They’ve been given two weeks to comment on whether or not they should still have jobs.

Maybe the top managers at the Ministry of Education should get their pay via Novopay. Perhaps if they went a couple of months without getting paid correctly they’d get serious about sorting this mess out.

It’s the job of whoever authorised this restructuring that should now be on the line, not the jobs of the people working to get things back on track. The senior leadership at the Ministry of Education need their heads examined.

11 Responses to “They’re joking, right?”

  1. SJW says:

    “…the Ministry has decided to reduce personnel …”

    Oh come on, Mr Hipkins, give National a break, they have to cut expenses somewhere due to the lack of revenue they’ve created for themselves by cutting the top tax bracket. Who cares that a few teachers don’t get paid? Nor that the majority of workers pay are not keeping up with inflation, nor that they are throwing more people into unemployment? What matters more is that they somehow get NZ’s accounts to balance despite applying completely unworkable tax breaks for their supporters. How else will they get voted in again?

  2. Mac1 says:

    I’m bloody surprised teachers etc aren’t out on strike. If it weren’t for senior exams, perhaps. My missus still has not been paid correctly (underpaid of course). She retires at the end of the year. I bet they haven’t got it sorted for her last pay.

  3. ghostwhowalksnz says:

    It seems that Novopay is a wonderful system, as long as it actually doesnt have to pay people.
    Its the Hurricane Sandy of IT projects, creating havoc as it slowly lumbers along.

    If you look back at news reports they were claiming that their problems will be fixed at the next pay cycle, and that was a good few cycles back. And that is its achilles heel , everybody is on the same pay cycle rather than having a range of payment dates and every having having 2 weeks between them.

    Whats the bet the call centres are in Australia, have we learned nothing from the mess EQC has when they used the same approach.

    And of course financial penalties are laughable as they will probably tie it up in litigation and end up with a slap on the wrist, as a ‘negotiated ‘ settlement.

    National has wisely kept hexious Hekia away from this as she has no public credibility and yet Foss would be ignorant in relation to sohisticated IT systems. Wheres Williamson when you need him ?

  4. former Labour supporter says:

    Why has the PPTA not filed proceedings yet? Clear breach of contract.

    Can’t fault your efforts in the House, Chris–you’ve easily run rings around the profoundly inept–but Question Time has been reduced to gormless Mr Man jokes by a government of corrupt hubris and a useless Speaker.

    Need to put this to the Courts.

    Also, if Mr Milking-It were to use Mr Man jokes: Mr Coup better roll Mr Woffle this weekend because Mr Citizen will become Mr Civil-Unrest if Mr Grumpy and Ms Bouncy get another term.

  5. Jack Ramaka says:

    Brings back memories of the Insyis Police Computer System.

    We don’t appear to be able to do anything properly in this country.

    We can not even build houses properly these days re Leaky Building Crisis, this country is going to the dogs.

  6. Ianmac says:

    And it is a bit weird that the Minister and the MOE answer to pay shortages is for schools to pay for MOE cockups out of school funds. Therefore it is the schools’ problem. Right?

  7. bbfloyd says:

    @jack…..Let’s be precise…. The NATIONAL party is incapable of doing anything that resembles governence without making a worse situation arise….

    It’s actually a pretty fundamental issue for the tories, as one of their founding principles is to ensure that anything they do must contain opportunities for their financial suppoerters, and their owners, to maximise profits…

    Nothing they do will ever actually work as it should have because of that impediment…

  8. Jack Ramaka says:

    Would be interested to know if the Novopay System is an NZ System and who the major shareholders of the company are?

  9. Alby says:

    Chris it’s so rude that you hardly ever post back on here to add to the thread. Your performance ( tanty) on 1news was a tad hysterical btw! 

  10. Tim G says:

    Sorry Alby, in the ABC club they don’t engage with the membership. All I’m waiting for now is for Curran and Mallard to shut down this blog with a tanty post about how they gave Labour members the opportunity to engage with their MPs, and the members spoiled it. (c.f. Curran’s response when she got roundly criticized for lashing out at the Greens a couple of months before the election last year)


  11. David Shepherd says:

    Can I remind the Labour Party that they were in charge when the Ministry selected the Novapay system.

    Also the MOE passed over many NZ payroll providers without considering their alternatives in depth.