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Democracy …what’s it got going for it?

Posted by on November 15th, 2012

sat through half a day of hearings on the bill that takes away our (Cantabrians) right to vote for our regional council for another three years, today. A few submitters thought it was a good idea. Federated farmers and irrigators. That’s fine…they can express their views. What I am gobsmacked about though is how the term and the idea of democracy has lost currency.these submitters, and the National MPs on the committee response today was amazing. They said that the former Councillors, elected, weren’t doing a great job, and even though the Commissioners who were put in their place say the job is finished, it’s ok to remove our right to vote for a longer period.
Hello is anyone in National awake?? This is about the right to vote. Isn’t that important anymore? did I miss something….like a military coup or dictatorship appointed?
Their attitude to the submitters was derisory, and Nicky Wagner as chair, Jacqui Dean (prime mover of original bill to stop our vote), Nicky Kaye, Mike Sabine and Paul Goldsmith sneered as submitter after submitter expressed their anger about having their rights removed
This is an unprecedented move. Wake up National, you are smothering our region!

12 Responses to “Democracy …what’s it got going for it?”

  1. Jack Ramaka says:

    I am not sure John Key and National know the meaning of the word democracy.

  2. ghostwhowalksnz says:

    Its called a dollar bill democracy!

  3. Dorothy says:

    good job we have a free press that’s onto this – oh wait…

  4. Ianmac says:

    Local Canterbury experts tell me that nearly all the donkey work was done by the sacked ECan staff and the Usurpers just claimed credit for their work. And added free range water rights to the irrigators.

  5. former Labour supporter says:

    It’s obviously a concern that the elimination of democracy gets no media time, and little attention from parliamentary politicians of any stripe.

    On unrelated matters, that douchebag Tamihere better stick to talkback if Labour wants to be at all electable.

  6. jennifer says:

    Why does it not surprise you, Ruth, that those born to rule have issues with democracy? Tories had the universal franchise forced on them, and they have never gotten over it. They still yearn for the days when only rich people with lots of land got the vote, and elected each other. Imagine letting the simple-minded fools of the lower classes have an equal vote? It would be chaos.

  7. Jack Ramaka says:

    Tamihere would be a good addition to the Labour Party he is particularly well liked by both Europeans and Maoris, he is straight up and talks how he sees it.

    The sooner these Tories hop back on their Cabbage Boats and go back to where they came from the better. I’m sick of the lies and underhanded games these guys are playing.

    170,000 New Jobs in the Commercial World you would be had up for false advertising. Is Tamahere really the douchebag.

  8. The Al1en says:

    “Tamihere would be a good addition to the Labour Party he is particularly well liked by both Europeans and Maoris, he is straight up and talks how he sees it.”

    He’s a self serving, self important, failed politician seeking a bit more of a turn in the spotlight.

    Even as a die-hard red, It’s only 30/70 whether I’ll vote Labour again.
    If Tamihere isn’t told to gtfo, and quick, then it’s the kiss of death for my vote, and probably the party as a whole.
    Six becomes nine and the top table to blame.

  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    Al1en obviously your perception of John Tamahere are at polar opposites, having met the guy a few times I thought he was quite rational and spoke sensibly, obviously you know things I don’t.

    I think everyone who is in the media spotlight has their own traits, take Johnnie Sparkles for instance.

  10. bbfloyd says:

    The raiding party know all about democracy… They understand rather well the “knowing your enemy” aspect of warfare….

    They are, in fact, the sworn enemies of democracy…..

    The sad thing is just how many of us have either forgotten just how many men, and women sacrificed themselves so that we could have the chance to take the next steps in our proper evolution towards true maturity of the species… Or have been bought off with beads and blankets

  11. Jack Ramaka says:

    We need to start taking care of fellow human beings in society, this idolising the wealthy actually makes me puke,we need to lift people up from the bottom as the trickle down theory has never actually worked.

    Trickle down is right wing ideology.

  12. Jim says:

    Yes, well if DC is banished for being unclear about how he will vote in a secret ballot in Feb next year, then we’ll see we have yet another organisation that has no respect for democratic process…