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Unemployment: The National scourge

Posted by on November 9th, 2012

The National Party is a downright irresponsible manager of New Zealand’s economy.

John Key inherited from Labour one of the lowest unemployment rates in the developed world. This Prime Minister promised to create 170,000 new jobs, but instead we have 175,000 looking for work.

Overall unemployment  is up to an horrific 7.3%. That’s the worst rate in 13 years – and guess which party was in government the last time things were this bad.

What’s worse is when you drill down into the detail. It’s much worse.

Auckland’s unemployment rate is up to 8.6% at the exact same time as tax-driven property speculation pushes house prices hundreds of thousands of dollars beyond what ordinary families can afford.

In the Hawkes Bay unemployment is now 8.9%. Like the Bay of Plenty and Southland, the Hawkes Bay has thousands of conscientious Kiwis who want to work but who have been completely disappointed and let down by their government.

What really worries me, though, is the youth unemployment rate for 15 to 19 year olds. It’s now 25%! What sort of New Zealand can we expect if one in four of our kids have no hope of even getting a job? Our young people will give up and leave for Australia, like so many of their peers before them. The few who stay will never know an affordable education, or a sustainable public health system, or a livable pension. It’s so unfair to our children.

Earlier this week I wrote about just one element of Labour’s plans to turn this mess around, the importance of pro-growth tax reform. The global orthodoxy has changed and big discussions are happening in economics. Labour is fully engaged in the discussions and we’re energised too. Kiwis need us to be.

But National MPs are as “relaxed” as ever while our beautiful country collapses. They should feel nothing but shame for their government’s record.

There is one thing all Kiwis can do to fight back. In 2014 New Zealand will have a general election. The people can show 59 National MPs just what a scourge unemployment is.

Please join the Labour Party. Give hope to our young people. Help put New Zealand’s best days ahead of us again.


The National disappointment.

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  1. SJW says:

    Mr Cunliffe,

    I enjoyed your comments on mainstream news “This Government is failing” (or words to that effect). This can’t be repeated too much.

    This government is failing, yet not in their agenda, it appears to me that they want the population to be out of work and desperate; that way we will become more amenable to their most unpopular aims, things such as oil drilling and speeding up the RMA process so that businesses that can’t be bothered to find effective ways of addressing the negative environmental effects they create can be pushed through regardless all in the name of “jobs”. I’ve seen this approach “work” in my locale, and the consequences are sad, costly, unprogressive and bring no real benefit to anyone in the long run but plenty of problems.

    This is a manipulative and cynical government and it will be the next generation that suffers if their big money agenda is successful. Labour needs to have a strong voice to let us see there are positive ways forward without these unnecessary compromises. Turn the volume up, please.

  2. Jack Ramaka says:

    The tax cuts really worked a treat just goes to show the trickle down theory really does work???

  3. Walsingham says:

    The consequences of the current situation continuing are predictable, terrible and preventable. Specific activities aimed at unemployed youth that involve time, skills and infrastructure. Creation of local markets, neighbourhood entertainment and children’s weekend activities Subsidisation of food (no GST), housing, health, education and prison reform, specify targeting property crime.

    Simultaneously preparing our NZ police for a long hot 2012/13 summer. Pre-prepared temporary prisons, special courts and flying squads of trained film crews. More intelligence on gangs and extremists.

    Integration of AOS and military (remember 1981) with the object of maximising mobility in situations of multiple urban confrontations. Creation of parallel battalions of trained standing “Red Squad” formations equipped to deal with crises. For example access to fire and ambulance services.

    Encouragement of politicians of all varieties to get out and make contact with churches, especially Catholic Churches, schools, community groups in high risk areas areas. Enrol media celebrities, athletes and musicians.

    Plan, prepare and practice so when the inevitable happens the consequences are contained, controlled and minimal in social disruption.

    And somebody create an government agency that is looking at creating jobs for the long term. Amen

  4. The Al1en says:

    “failing” is so past tense 😉

  5. Cactus Kate says:

    “What sort of New Zealand can we expect if one in four of our kids have no hope of even getting a job?”

    15-19 year olds should still be at school or in training. Entirely their choice now for making bad choices before and an excellent warning to young people to buck up their ideas in school.

  6. The Al1en says:

    Beat up on and punish children for still being children at 15, instead of the wise sages we all were as kids.
    Good stuff, Ms De Vil. 😆

  7. Spud says:

    👿 Where are the jobs?! 👿 👿 👿 !!!!!!!

  8. Cactus Kate says:

    ALien – If you cannot work out in this current labour force (as opposed to when Mr Cunliffe was born) that you have to apply yourself to leave school with a qualification and go into higher training just to even give yourself a shot, then natural selection is taking place.

    Spud – unskilled jobs are plentiful for NZers it is just all those jobs are situated in China and paying less than NZers receive in welfare. Problem?

  9. The Al1en says:

    From the country so enlightened to give the world votes for women, it’s sad to see natural selection form the cornerstone of your education philosophy.

    I left school in 84, slap bang in the middle of Countess Thatherler’s evil reign.
    Go on, advocate made up Youth training scheme jobs at benefit pay rates, as a way to punish those kids unable to find work on act’s slave wages, and all because the education system’s failed them.

  10. SJW says:

    Cactus Kate
    Please explain to me how a society can function healthily when only the interests of those in good situations are catered to?

    How do you ‘figure’ that a society can “work” when more and more people are in deteriorating circumstances and these circumstances are fairly well created by policies supported by those who are in good circumstances and/or by people completely misinformed/deluded as to what causes them and thus the causes and conditions continue to go by unaddressed?

    Do you not think that the trickle-down theory hasn’t been well and truly tried and proved to fail consistently?

    Do you think that when increasing numbers of people are marginalized and do not have their life needs met, that this won’t create lawless behaviour in increasing numbers?

    Do you really believe that when you close your eyes no problems exist anymore?

  11. bbfloyd says:

    @sjw…Ignore Little prickly pear… She’s just playing her usual, nasty, game of baiting the poor…..It amuses her, and that is all she really adds up to at that point…

    Self serving, small minded, pseudo intellectual…Which is about all you will ever get from tory apologists….

    If it helps, you can think of her as the captain mainwaring of the s&m set…Or that she’s drunk too much of her own juice, and it’s got the hallucenations going overboard again…

    Meanwhile, back here on Earth, Those with a social conscience are starting to become very nervous…. Is this the tipping point?

    Have we reached the point where, regardless of what qualifications a person has got themselves into debt to achieve, there is no real alternative to going overseas to actually get a chance to use them?

    No problem says kates hero Jerry the pie eater… Qualified miners will be thrilled to take up labouring jobs in Christchurch…

    What fools like prickly pear fail utterly to grasp, is that creating nothing more than road labouring jobs, on roads that are going to drain our finances to maintain, is NOT Doing the job that they were entrusted to do…

    That job is called GOVERNING, just to make it clear to some who havn’t figured out that it is also a prerequisite for ANY party that takes control of the treasury benches…nNot just thal labour perty…

    Yes, that’s right boys ‘n’ girls, and trolls… national was expected to actually govern for every New Zealander….not just the people who contribute to their campaign funds…And certainly not for those who don’t even live here, but are being encouraged to strip money out of our economy…

    That is NOT governing by a loyal, scrupulous government…that is what happens when people are stupid enough to beleive that an asset stripping raiding party could have been trusted AGAIN!!

    So we find ourselves back where we left off in 1999…What a surprise…

    MY personal preference would be for the election to occur much earlier than 2014… As by then, the damage may well be too great to be fixable without a huge, and sustained effort by all concerned…

    A daunting prospect considering that the fourth estate will be mobilised to undermine everything that is attempted by the government that tries to do the right thing…

  12. SJW says:

    +1 bbfloyd Well said!

    I don’t think people such as C.Kate, Batsh*man and Jerry the pie eater types would have even heard of the word “governing” let alone know the meaning. If asked they would probably think it a type of drinking game or pie.

  13. bbfloyd says:

    @sjw..the nats understand governing fine…. as long as we are talking about governence in the nineteenth century…

    Which explains a lot about their job creation policies….

    We don’t need Dickens…. New Zealand has become a modern day orphanage…

    The real question is, who gets to play Oliver??

  14. jennifer says:

    You guys on the left just don’t get it, do you. Maybe it’s because Helen thought for you for 15 years? Who knows. Mark Twain said ‘a lie will get half way around the world before the truth can pull its boots on.’ How come Key knows this and you guys don’t?

  15. bbfloyd says:

    Knows what, jenny?? that yet another tory can’t do more than parrot meaningless memes to sound clever?? Well, we already knew that,…. but thanks for the reminder….

    Now, do you have anything to add regarding the national governments abrogation of their responsibility regarding the “duty of care” portion of what, under the “democratic” definition, is deemed an intrinsic part of good governence?

    Is there a tory in the house who is prepared to actually debate, and contribute real ideas as to how the looming crisis within our communities can be headed off?

    Or is labouring on pointless highways, and forcing tradesmen with decades of experience to choose between labouring in christchurch on minimum wage, or leaving to make a real living anywhere but here, the only “answer” they have??

    What “we on the left”, as it is so sneeringly put, don’t understand, is how there can still be so many people who so utterly fail to get what is really important for PEOPLE!!!

  16. SJW says:


    Last I checked, Mr Key doesn’t know a whole lot about anything much , he generally is not in a position to say whether he does or not, however he also seems to have issues with recall and often doesn’t have the info to hand. I am thus, unclear on what grounds you manage to establish that he knows anything at all,… however, seeing as you mention lying, well, yes perhaps he has some expertise in that subject….

  17. Spud says:

    @Cactus Kate – Dem jobs going to China, now there’s a problem! 😯

    @The Al1en – That sucks :-(

  18. Jack Ramaka says:

    Our PM John Key is the one who is as thick as BATSH*T the guy does not really have a clue on how to develop a business, let alone run a country or having a vision for the country where everyone prospers.

    He is merely a Currency Trader who has picked up margin either putting paper deals together or making a margin on buying or selling assets or currency.

    Read Bryan Gaynors article in this mornings Herald on the fallacy of selling the BNZ. Our Energy Asset Sales will be the same result.

    The guy has such a high opinion of his own ability that he is actually operating in a state of delusion.

    What a crew Hone Key, Gerry Pies Brownlee, Double Dipper Dipton English, Minister of Everything Simon Joyce, the Cabbage Boat Captain Johnnie Banks and the Southern Peacock leading NZ down an aimless path.

    National are looking to the Energy Asset Sales and striking oil as the Magic Bullets for the NZ Economy.

  19. Anne says:

    What a crew Hone Key, Gerry Pies Brownlee, Double Dipper Dipton English, Minister of Everything Simon Joyce, the Cabbage Boat Captain Johnnie Banks and the Southern Peacock leading NZ down an aimless path.

    You forgot to mention Crusher Collins, Basher Bennett and Pinochet Parata.

    Btw, who is the Southern Peacock?

  20. bbfloyd says:

    Pinochet Parata! lol:-)…though it’s a bit of an insult to Augusto…..

    One of my oldest freinds lost his job this week… He worked for nearly two decades for the same outfit….(no names).. he was let go without a cent of severence, or indeed, any notice…

    During that time my freind was one of his most reliable, and competent supervisors… while also being good to work with…

    the fact that he could have been discarde like that, speaks volumes about what the raiding parties priorities, have been for longer than i care to think back…

    This is what it’s coming to now…. We’re back where we were in the ninties…. except, this time, they have time to get the job finished…

  21. Spud says:

    Hi Anne! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 !!!!

    @bbfloyed – Sorry about yer mate :-(


  22. Jack Ramaka says:

    The Sothern Peacock the Rt Hon Peter Dunne.

  23. Anne says:

    Of course. I was racking my brains to think of someone in the southern half of the South Island.

  24. sica says:

    “The National Scourge” seems a far more semantically accurate title for the National ‘Party’, about which there is nothing remotely ‘party’ like ( in the sense of fun, celebration, togetherness etc) for the rest of New Zealand. In fact Chris Trotter (who I don’t usually read) puts it remarkably well in his article entitled “Political Bullies Inflict Harm on New Zealand”

    Bbfloyd writes:

    “Yes, that’s right boys ‘n’ girls, and trolls… national was expected to actually govern for every New Zealander….not just the people who contribute to their campaign funds……..

    ” people are stupid enough to beleive that an asset stripping raiding party could have been trusted AGAIN!!

    So we find ourselves back where we left off in 1999…What a surprise…”

    I will be so happy next election if people stop and really think; take their blinkers off and decide to never again vote this national scourge into power thereby scourging New Zealand of “The National Scourge” by sending IT into eternal oblivion rather than the vulnerable and innocent it bullies, derides and destroys.

  25. sica says:

    As an addendum to my above comment I would like to say that surely we, as thinking,intelligent beings, have matured enough by now to perceive the harmful and damaging outcomes we inflict on ourselves and others, by voting in such “politically selfish bullies” as National. I believe they should be consigned to the politically archaic, past sell by date, rubbish bin along with other would be divine right, elitist delusionists like Charles 1 and nouveau riche 19th century slavers and factory owners.

    Suffering has to stop.

  26. Jack Ramaka says:

    The Tories are going to bury us all once and for all.

    The National Government is dancing to the tune of the likes of Merrill Lynch & Fay Richwhite who must be salivating at the opportunity to get their hands on New Zealand’s energy assets, gold plated cash cows ready for milking.

    The problem we have in New Zealand alot of people do not vote unfortunately the people who do not vote are the one’s most adversely affected by Tory policies, ie beneficaries.

    Unfortunately we all have to suffer at the hands of this ideological madness which further concentrates the wealth in the hands of a favoured few.

    NZ Asset Sales have been an unmitigated disaster for NZ as a whole, yet the architects and beneficaries of State Assets have been knighted and prospered from these sales. Financial Journalists in NZ idolise the likes of Roger Douglas and Michael Fay, without understanding how much better off we would have been if these assets had been maintained rather than being flogged off at bargain basement prices.

  27. Quoth the Raven says:

    The problem we have in New Zealand alot of people do not vote unfortunately the people who do not vote are the one’s most adversely affected by Tory policies, ie beneficaries.

    Why is it a problem that a lot of people do not vote? The chance that your individual vote in any sizable election has a chance of influencing the outcome of an election is so incredibly low as to be virtually negligible.

    What if more people voted? It would make the probability of your individual vote influencing the outcome of the election even lower.

    Over at one of my favourite blogs there is an interesting quote from a book on game theory.

    Real people seldom think rational thoughts about whether to vote or not. Even if they did, they might feel that going to the polling booth is a pleasure rather than a pain. But…the pundits who denounce the large minority of people who fail to vote in presidential elections as irrational are talking through their hats. If we want more people to vote, we need to move to a more decentralized system in which every vote really does count enough to outweigh the lack of enthusiasm for voting which so many people obviously feel. If we can’t persuade such folk that they like to vote and we don’t want to change our political system, we will just have to put up with their staying at home on election night. Simply repeating the slogan that ‘every vote counts’ isn’t ever going to work, because it isn’t true.

    Philosopher Jason Brennan who is a supporter of democracy lays out succinctly what voting is really about.

    In politics, democracy is a method for deciding when and how to coerce people into doing things they do not wish to do. Political democracy is a method for deciding (directly or indirectly) when, how, and in what ways a government will threaten people with violence. The symbol of democracy is not just the ballot – it is the ballot connected to a gun.

    Not even considering game theory this is the main reason I am not disposed to the argument that more people should vote and why I don’t embrace, something which is all too common here, what Brennan terms “democratic fetishism”.

  28. Alby says:

    As a worker about to be clobbered by the National Governments big stick ( forced redundancy ) I found John Key’s bat sh*t comment that he was ‘shocked’ by the latest unemployment figure of 7.3 % as insulting. Hearing his side kick slugger Bill English say his ‘fingers are crossed’ things will improve adds salt to the wound. Now waiting on a three-peat with an announcement from juggling Joyce that he has developed a magic snake oil that will create 170,000 jobs. The thought of Bertha Bennett as my new boss is incentive enough to do the runner, especially since she intends a more hands approach ‘like what sitting on newly unemployed squeezing the life out ya.’  

    So like many of my already redundant, skilled work mates, I too will be forced to exit to Australia to work, which is the true reality of the harm this out of touch Government is causing.                       

  29. Jack Ramaka says:

    Alby NZ will always be home unforunately this Government sees the working class sector as an unnecessary evil.

    Easier to sell State Assets and get Multi National Oil Companies to come in and drill for Oil which will hopefully save the country.

    National is an ideologically driven party, we have a Currency Trader, a Treasury Boffin, a Primary School Woodwork Teacher and a Media Marketing Officer driving the country at present. I don’t know where we are going and I do not think they do either.

    Easy to blame the Global Financial Crisis, Tax Cuts for the wealthy yet screw the lifeblood out of the Working Class by raising GST by 2.5%.

  30. SJW says:


    It seems that you are promoting the increasing trend that people appear to have, of viewing that voting is futile because “it makes no difference anyway”. If I am correct in understanding the message you are conveying, you appear to be lacking a sound understanding of the effect of mass opinion, (one vote may not seem to count, yet if many people of similar views get out and vote, this does have effect), your point of view appears to miss the benefits of the MMP system we have here and you appear to be drawing your conclusions based on the effects of a corruption* we have in our democratic system without addressing that corruption*.

    * The corruption being that sound democracy requires informed voters, I believe this is the spirit behind Clare Curran’s thread expressing concerns over the state of our media and the type of political interference that is effecting it.

    Sadly, it appears that you would prefer more people didn’t vote, so that your own (probably) unpopular political views have more chance of getting representation. Sounds all rather self-interested of you, if you asked me.

  31. Quoth the Raven says:

    The brute unavoidable fact of reality is that one’s individual vote has an incredibly low probability of being decisive in any reasonably sized electorate. The bigger the electorate or the more people that vote the worse it is. I understand well the effect of mass opinion, but it is the mechanics of democracy and the myths that surround that concern me here. Let me quote again from Ken Binmore’s introduction to game theory:

    Naive folk imagine that to accept this argument is to precipitate the downfall of democracy. We are therefore told that you are wrong to count only the effect of your vote alone – you should instead count the total number of votes cast by all those people who think and feel as you think and feel, and hence will vote as you vote. If you have 10,000 such soul mates or twins, your vote wouldn’t then be wasted, because the probability that an election will be decided by a margin of 10,000 votes or less is often very high. This argument is faulty for the same reason that the twins fallacy fails in the Prisoner’s Dilemma. There may be large numbers of people who think and feel like you, but their decisions on whether to go out and vote won’t change if you stay home and watch the television.

    Critics sometimes accuse game theorists of a lack of public
    spirit in exposing this fallacy, but they are wrong to think that democracy would fall apart if people were encouraged to think about the realities of the election process. Cheering at a football game is a useful analogy. Few cheers would be raised if what people were trying to do by cheering was to increase the general noise level in the stadium. No single voice can make an appreciable difference to how much noise is being made when a crowd of people is cheering. But nobody cheers at a football game because they want to increase the general noise level. They shout words of wisdom and advice at their team even when they are at home in front of a television set.

    The same goes for voting. You are kidding yourself if you vote because your vote has a significant chance of being pivotal.

    I don’t vote. More people voting won’t effect the probability of my vote influencing the outcome because I won’t be voting. I don’t want more people to vote not because I believe that they are fooling themselves if they believe their vote has a significant chance of being decisive or because I think it is a waste of their time (I don’t care if people decide to waste their time in that manner. They might well enjoy it.) because of what political democracy is as philosopher Jason Brennan said “Political democracy is a method for deciding (directly or indirectly) when, how, and in what ways a government will threaten people with violence”. I don’t want to impose my views with the threat of violence upon others and I don’t want others’ view to be imposed upon me with the threat of violence.

    The problem is you fundamentally misunderstand my viewpoint and the liberal viewpoint in general. That’s why you have to make that old boring charge of “self-interest” (An interesting point is that the self-interested voter hypothesis – that people generally vote in their self-interest has little empirical support). I am a liberal I hold the values of liberalism higher than those of democracy. My commitment is to liberty and a free society of tolerance and pluralism where people are free to pursue their own way. I want the domains over which politics and democracy affect peoples lives to be progressively diminished. I believe there should be a very high bar set to justify limiting the freedom of others’ through the use of coercion. That is there should be a presumption in favor of liberty.

  32. Tim G says:

    If you continue to extensively quote your Game Theory/Randian idols, nobody is going to bother arguing with you anymore.

    The fact is individual votes influence the outcome of elections. Ask Al Gore. Or to come closer to home, and ask Carmel Sepuloni (sp?)/Brendan Burns. But don’t bother asking Paul Ryan, he doesn’t get it.

    Edit: By the way, has it crossed your mind that your American idols on this subject don’t have a true proportional voting system/have a much, much larger electorate, and that democracy in NZ is really quite a different beast?

  33. Jack Ramaka says:

    QTR really thinks through to the bottom end of the mind trying to rationalise things, obviously a very deep thinker.

  34. Quoth the Raven says:

    Tim G – Neither Ken Binmore or Jason Brennan are Randians nor are they my idols (and for the record I am most certainly not a Randian). Ken Binmore is British and from what I can gather from Binmore’s book he would have voted for Nader in the Bush Gore election if not for the following:

    Ralph Nader was the green candidate in the presidential election when Bush just beat Gore. I am hot on green issues, but I wouldn’t have voted for Nader, because if there had been a tie, it would almost certainly have been between Bush and Gore. In Europe, such strategic voting will sometimes result in your voting for a minor party. The same pundits who tell you that every vote counts will also tell you that such a strategic vote is a wasted vote. But they can’t be allowed to have it both ways!

    New Zealand being a small nation with a small electorate sizes does increase the probability that your vote would matter which can be seen as an advantage over America. However, incredibly rarely does an election hinge on a single vote. Do you really think that such rare event justifies the belief that every vote counts? Do you believe that if their were more elections that hinged on a handful of votes that democracy would be seen as more or less legitimate? In none of the examples you gave was one single vote decisive. Not in Christchurch Central, not in Waitakere, and for Florida in 2000 it is still true to say, as that we are reminded in the paper Now More Than Ever, Your Vote Doesn’t Matter, no single vote was decisive.

    First, only Florida’s twenty-five electoral votes and its six million voters might be said to have been decisive to the outcome of the U.S. presidential election of 2000. The votes of the other ninety-nine million voters were not decisive. Moreover, no rendering of the Florida count, either real or speculative, has ever indicated that the election turned on a single vote. Thus, notwithstanding the pundits’ refrain, election 2000 provides no evidence that the League of Women Voters’ admonition that “your vote matters” is any more accurate now than it ever was.

  35. Tim G says:

    I did respond to you QtR (quite respectfully and in some detail) but it would appear that’s been completely removed by one of the moderators in their wisdom (guess I shouldn’t have mentioned disappointment with the parliamentary wing of the Labour Party 😉

    Note to mods – next time you want to remove one of my posts, please delete the content and cite your reason for deletion.

  36. The Al1en says:

    “guess I shouldn’t have mentioned disappointment with the parliamentary wing of the Labour Party”

    From The Herald:
    “Mr Shearer said the spate of calls consisted of “a small circle of bloggers feeding off each other and I’m surprised the media is taking it seriously. It’s nonsense.””

    That’ll satisfy the doubters, then.
    Wrong man, wrong time. Simple as that.

    “He said Labour had halved the gap in the polls between Labour and National since the last election.”

    Despite all the crap on key’s loafers, Labour still can’t form a government on recent polling.
    Fantastic effort, team.

  37. andre says:

    MEDIA BIAS……Beat that beat Key

  38. Message to Labour party for this weekend . For all MP’s and others.

    Firstly , I hope no-one is really trying to ditch David Shearer ( would be madness ) because he’s doing well and obviously is the natural choice for the next election. And he’s constructive and works through his team of MP’s .

    Labour’s image , positivity and constructiveness all came up when Shearer took over . MP’s are presenting better , getting facts straight and are on their toes and constructive .
    This has greatly helped Labour in the polls.

    The real issue /problems has been around policy , and then there’s always the negative impact of the Marxist Unionists , who just criticise everything.

    Comrade Garry Parsloe and his dockers are only harming the economy and costing you votes , as Labour politicians feel duty bound to back labour strikes , etc .
    Note that comrade Parsloe and co earn an average of 150 grand a year at 32 hours work a week……..while the ships lose valuable time . And he still wants another strike (!!??)

    Only the placement of Marxist/socialist personnel in the Employment court /ERA system has allowed this farce to continue.
    That , and interference in Labour law by unionist lawyers in Parliament – that lead to the strike against the HObbit and ensuing fiasco ( that guarranteed a Labour loss at the last election ) . They nearly wrecked the NZ film industry, and just allowed the Nats to look good while saving the situation.

    Unions need to be far more constructive – as they are in Scandinavia and Germany ( Shearer has made that point ) , and while natural in mining and seafaring , they are often now out dated and out of place – especially in small business . The Gov should regulate more to both protect workers while allowing business to hire with more confidence.

    Currently there is a huge loss of confidence among employers , who often don’t hire due to compliance issues and fear of grievance claims….which Employment lawyers feed off. I can tell you that from personal knowledge. There is a shortage of Labour folk who have actually run a business…….then you’d see it all differently.

    Despite trying to sell off the country asap , the Nats are at least aware of the difficulties facing business – eg Small – and have tried to make hiring easier . Eg 90 day law , which is a positive move . Mote that New Labour brought that in for England as a 12 month trial… an economy that had been wrecked by rampant unions.

    The Youth rates should never have been abolished ( thanks to marxist Sue Bradford and ideas of ‘social equality’ ) and inevitably youth unemployment went up.
    A youth living at home , supported , does not need to earn $13-15 an hour and would happily work at 8-9 $ an hour . Especially when the alternative is no job at all. Youths rarely work as well as 21 year olds , too .

    The financial Davids are competent and responsible but need to go much further outside the square . The Greens are doing so and picking up ‘votes’ . Currently , Labour is still being too conservative and it won’t be enough , as Europe and world contracts . And when David Parker talks about following the IMF , that’s a Real worry . The IMF are the cause of much of our problems . In 1984 , Douglas and co were running an IMF program – called Shock Therapy . designed to wreck an economy and turn it into an indebted satellite . Carried on in 90’s and now by Nats . English is good friends with IMF……which also wants Greece to sell ts ports , etc .

    There needs to be a new and independent direction , eg financially , which will allow the creation of much more jobs . Work schemes – eg forestry and fishery – will be necessary too , eg to absorb Maori .
    Nz has to stop being a satellite. David Cunliffe is right in his hatred of Neo-Liberalism ( promoted by IMF , BIS , World Bank etc ) but you will need to go much further outside the square when you become government. Otherwise , it will just be more debt and asset selling , regardless.

    Meanwhile , leader David Shearer is trying to channel Michael Joseph Savage more – great idea ( had thought that way myself ) . Why not , this weekend , try th analyse wht he and team were really about , and how their values would translate to modern New Zealand .
    A feature is that Savage wanted a fair deal for workers – rightly – but expected that workers would work and provide value , with a social safety net to reward and care for the efforts of working people . This was really the foundation of modern NZ , and there should be some deep thinking on this.

    There was actually a rift in that Walter Nash took Labour away from that grass roots care and financial independence and into the orbit of the Merchant Bankers – at Bretton Woods, 1944 . Inevitably , that had bad consequences…however seductive it may have been at the time.
    That is an error Labour should correct after 2014 .

    Here’s something to think about – the reaction of stalwart Eddie Ward in Australia ( quoted in Wikipedia ) –

    “””After World War II, Ward remained in the spotlight. He vigorously opposed the Bretton Woods system and Australia joining the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction (later one of five institutions in the World Bank Group), because he believed international financiers were responsible for the Depression in Australia during the 1930s. Ward argued that signing Bretton Woods would “enthrone a World Dictatorship of private finance, more complete and terrible than any Hitlerite dream”; destroy Australian democracy; pervert and paganise Christian ideals; and endanger world peace. It was outbursts like these that would continue to stymie his leadership ambitions within the Labor Party.”””

    Well , he was right . Ward was a staunch Catholic , like Michael Joseph Savage .
    Back in the 30’s it was widely discussed how the merchant bankers had engineered the Great Depression – true – and cashed in. That’s since written out of history .

    It’s why Savage and co were also influenced by things like Social Credit – popular then – and were veering towards another Economic-Financial direction…….when Walter Nash took them to the bankers’ table , with Breton Woods , etc . It is time Labour followed Micky J in looking at another , more radical monetary /fiscal direction , because it is in fact now the only hope . Stay with the mega bankers and their systems , and NZ will be toast.

    Bob Beresford ( )

  39. Gary says:

    Just a personal anecdote. I’m attending two separate farewells this evening for two people moving to Melbourne in the next 48 hours. Another friend told me last night they intend moving to Melbourne in the next couple of months. My partner and i will be leaving next year for somewhere, probably the Middle-east or the US.

    My reasons for moving? Largely political. But also, as a public servant in my particular role, i can’t in all consciousness serve this government as it actively thwarts the section of the population i supposedly work for.

  40. SPC says:

    100,000 new homes over 10 years. By building and on-selling.

    Jobs – reduced unemployment/lower welfare cost/higher tax revenues.
    Lower cost of rent for workers and home cost for buyers, reduced Accomodation Supplement cost – more discretionary income for economic stimulous spending (more job growth)
    Increased government revenue to put into Housing Corporation.

    All this without any increased in public debt and only good things for the budget accounts. It’s sound economics.

    Nice policy.

    Action where there was none from the current government.

    Labour on the side of the many – National on the side of high rents and rising property values for the good of those who reap the untaxed CG.

    Good base for selling a CGT.

    The right wingers will be desperate to misrepresent this – it’s important that the left does not bicker internally and instead unite behind the policy and take the fight to the government. The
    party, having established a reasonably balanced selection process, should leave that aside for the new year.

  41. Jack Ramaka says:

    Sounds like a very good idea.

    Stay away from the CGT Labour will lose votes going down that path as the public do not trust Government with additional taxes.

    We already have tax on property, if you are actively buying and selling property you should be paying tax on the gains, however it is a grey area.

    If we build enough houses the prices should stabilise however it has been seen as a money making exercise.

    If Labour go down the CGT Route they will lose alot fo votes as property is the only way people can get ahead in this country. Labour need agreement with all other parties on the CGT issue otherwise they are barking up the wrong tree.

    Labour were one of the main parties that caused the investment in properties with the LACQ Companies tax advantages.