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Tough going on the West Coast

Posted by on November 8th, 2012

Today’s news that we now have the highest jobless rate in 13 years will surprise no one on the West Coast.

Things are getting tough on the West Coast. Unfortunately through Government failures at a number of levels our communities are reeling from the loss of family in Pike River mine and jobs at Solid Energy’s mines. National hasn’t a clue what to do in the regions to stop the exodus of great people who have to leave for new work.

David Shearer has been down on the coast talking to some of the people who have lost their jobs. Here is a video of part of his chat with Darryl, who has just lost his job at the Spring Creek mine. I hope Darryl and family can find a way to stay.


3 Responses to “Tough going on the West Coast”

  1. Gruntie says:

    Key is ‘surprised’ by the latest unemployment figures – but luckily ‘pretty relaxed’


  2. Jack Ramaka says:

    John Key works on the feel good factor, if he acts positive enough the masses will follow him.

    Life is work in progress he never looks backwards, after all he does not have to worry about putting food on the table as he has made his coin trading currency and shares.

    The Pike River Miners who perished are collateral damage from changes made to the Mines Safety Standards and self regulation. It is just like the Finance Industry some lose some win. It is a game of unders and overs. Do you actually think John Key really cares, he is just playing the game.

  3. Amerikiwi77 says:

    I think Shane Jones highlighted the real problem for miners – and it’s not John Key.