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National Crisis

Posted by on November 8th, 2012

New Zealand’s unemployment rate has now risen to a 13-year high. It last reached these heights in June 1999, when National was last in power.

“This is a national crisis,” as Council of Trade Unions Secretary Peter Conway bluntly describes it. “There are now 175,000 people unemployed, 294,900 jobless and over 113,000 people looking for more hours at work.  This means that we have 400,000 people out of work or looking for more work.”

Despite the spin-doctoring, this is the real story of National’s economic management. After four years in power, John Key is proving to be a disappointment.

In typical black-humour fashion, National MP Todd McClay raised a question in the House this afternoon, asking “what steps is the Government taking to support jobs as part of its programme to build a more productive and competitive economy?”

What steps, indeed… But this National-Act Government does not care about ordinary Kiwis. What they care about is their PR management. And that reminds me of a similar approach by Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross (and my ‘defending the indefensible’ reply) last week in the Howick & Botany Times…

Instead of enjoying the “brighter future” the National-Act Government have promised, more Kiwis are struggling, and going backwards, than ever before.

Job statistics released today make grim reading. Unemployment has increased to 7.3 per cent. In Auckland, unemployment is up from 7.3% to 8.6% – to a total of 65,300 – an increase of 9,900. John Key promised he would create 170,000 new jobs. Instead we have 175,000 people looking for work.

As Peter Conway put it… “These are not just numbers; they are people, and families. They deserve support and the government needs to give urgent attention to the jobs plight

2 Responses to “National Crisis”

  1. rob says:

    John Key is an idiot-punch-bag to keep the media away from looking at the real power players in the national party.

    Quite a mind game indeed!

  2. Brian Oliver says:

    What I find so apalling is that we are importing forigen workers to work on our dairy farms in increasing numbers.

    Why are the oppisition parties not doing somthing about it. This practise has to stop. We have created jobs and are giving them away, while at the same time paying other New Zealanders unemploymnet benifits.