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Employment law changes – 6A just part of it

Posted by on October 31st, 2012

Some people seem to think the government has cleverly covered up its employment law changes with its announcement on Part 6A yesterday.

I guess I was assuming people would remember the rest of the changes on employment law were revealed way back in May this year, when a cabinet paper dropped off the back of a truck and the Minister of Labour was forced to confirm the government’s plans – that’s after saying I was making it all up first!  The changes will impact on the pay and conditions of hundreds of thousands of workers whose wages and conditions are set by union agreements – whether or not they join the union. They will contribute to the growing income inequality gap and add to our abysmal child poverty record.

They are the actions of a government that thinks that picking on the workers and unions and driving wages down is the answer to our economic woes.

Here’s a summary of the changes I did back in May.

We have yet to see legislation – but there will be strong opposition from me and Labour.

And for the record – Labour will repeal these changes – I didn’t think I needed to say it, but apparently I do.


15 Responses to “Employment law changes – 6A just part of it”

  1. Dorothy says:

    the guy from the EMA was ridiculous on Morning Report today – he said employers would “go elsewhere” otherwise. How can you provide catering and cleaning services from abroad??

  2. The Al1en says:

    I read that Cam Slater has just got a job as editor for the truth newspaper.
    Obvious oxymoron aside (80% ox etc..), I do hope he makes it past his 90 day probation period.

  3. Mac1 says:

    Yes, Darien you do need to say what you are going to repeal. Often. That is a message which a lot of voters with interests all over the spectrum would like to know.

    Back in 1969, as a first time voter, Norm Kirk assured me that he would withdraw NZ troops from Vietnam asap. He got my vote. He did it in 1972, when he could, too. There are many issues that will require a response like that to Part 6A.

    Saying what you will repeal or strike down can be a positive move. Say what you are in favour of as an alternative, that you will have the legislation ready, and that you will move quickly and decisively.

    There will be a lot more of this agenda from the Nats as they see the waters running out on them. Give notice to the electorate that the tide has turned by saying what you will do in government. Repealing bad legislation is a good start.

  4. Rob S says:

    Explain how it will make it worse.

    I will have borax thrown at me for being a ‘concern troll’ however, that usually happens because there is a crack so wide in the argument that you could drive a Guangzhou taxi through it.

  5. The Al1en says:

    “Explain how it will make it worse.”

    “The changes will impact on the pay and conditions of hundreds of thousands of workers whose wages and conditions are set by union agreements – whether or not they join the union. They will contribute to the growing income inequality gap and add to our abysmal child poverty record.”

    You needn’t worry about borax – It’s cruel to mock the afflicted.

  6. Ehoa says:

    “Dare I say it, Bomber has resigned from The Truth = Slater has improved the MSM already”

    That was Jane Clifton’s tweet yesterday. For all those years on top of Murray McCully, I would have expected something funnier. — Bomber Bradbury on Cameron Slater’s new fulltime employed position.

    The Herald now has its own attack dog right-wing ally, wonder if the TAB’s taking bets on how long Slater will last?

  7. bbfloyd says:

    Not sure what Whale blubber has to do with A cabinet of merry pranksters gleefully removing the last of the rights we used to take for granted as a fair balance between obligation to our employer to work to the best standard, and their obligation to us to provide, at least some certainty regarding our job security….

    Actually, I’m not confused at all about whale blubber having relevance to this….. It doesn’t… And a pox on the person stupid enough to give tory trolls an opportunity to derail an important discussion, that we should be having up, and down the country….

    The merry pranksters are NOT using their time at the helm to actually govern for new zealand, or the totality of society…

    THAT has become so painfully obvious that I despair of people (even the nominally left leaning) who would rather wander down the path of meaningless, childish, small minded gossip, rather than attempt to engage on issues that will affect our WHOLE society in an utterly negative fashion, for generations to come, if we don’t draw a line in the sand, and say “enough is enough”…

    Having dignity in work, as in life, is not a “privilege” that only applies to those who have plundered our nations wealth, and left us scratching around, hoping to feel that warm “trickle down”, and the accompanying crumbs that we then will have to compete for with countless thousands in the same position…..

    Tory trolls will always be with us… stupidity is passed down through the generations…. So why go out of your way to give them ideas, and opportunities to waste everyones time with their ignorant drivel?

    This is real boys and girls… not just some sideshow that we can laugh at, or ignore, as seems to be our wont…

    The people of this country need to go to their local dairy, and buy themselves a can of “wake the f*** up”.. drink it deeply, and then act on the insight it gives you….’cause if you don’t, then your grandchildren will hate you for letting their birthright get sold off to the lowest bidder…

  8. Darien Fenton says:

    @bbfloyd : I hear you!

  9. The Al1en says:

    “And a pox on the person stupid enough to give tory trolls an opportunity to derail an important discussion”

    Don’t be soft. Good on him finally getting a job, even if he now faces a 90 day sack at will period and diminishing employee rights.
    Bet his case manager’s happy, though.

  10. Ehoa says:

    Whale Blubber is important as an example here for the very reason that he is the highest profile, John Key government apoologist and champion and will now be the poster boy for the rightwing on Part 6A.
    The Truth tabloid is a small enterprise and therefore subject to Kate Wilkinson’s tinkering of Part 6A.
    Anyone who observed what happened to the staff at the Truth when it was hocked off by Fairfax, therefore subject to Part 6A at the time, will recognise now that Fat Boy Slater who masequerades as a beneficiary will now be subject to the dumbed-down Part 6A which his dearly-beloved big-brother party is foisting on those at the bottom end of the employment rung.
    He is important to this argunent because he stands to be hoist by his rich prick daddykin’s party’s petard and it is something many, who have been subjected to his bile, will watch unfold (and it will) with great delight.
    And what is more, as far as Part 6A goes, I recall Key making a statement back in 2008 in Kerikeri that he wanted to see wages go down. Michael Cullen held up a newspaper headline in Parliament showing that headline and now this is coming to pass — I suggest someone dredges that headline out and wave it in house next week during question time.
    It cost a real reporter and a member of the EPMU eventually his job, an editor receiving midnight phone calls from Key’s henchmen demanding a retraction and forcing the relevant publications and editors, under protest, to publish a retraction without attribution — these in newspapers with less than 20 staff.
    So, is Whale Blubber relevant to this discussion? Yes, because if he fails to deliver on his rhetoric of increasing the sales of his organ, you can bet your bottom dollar his employers will want to sell or be rid of him, they’ll do it by exploiting Wilkinson’s ammendments to make it happen.
    He’s the example on Part 6A I’ll be watching and fingers crossed, he gets what he bloody well deserves.

  11. Darien Fenton says:

    @ehoa had a good laugh at the stuff piece. Crest come across as nutty. This is a law change no one likes. They will probably put Cam Slater on a 90 day trial period. If they’re smart, that is.

  12. Draco T Bastard says:

    And for the record – Labour will repeal these changes – I didn’t think I needed to say it, but apparently I do.

    Being clear about where you stand and the principals you hold is fairly important but Labour hasn’t been very clear about these things for nearly thirty years.

  13. Richard says:

    Ehoa’s post is a prime example of the name-calling smut which passes as argument on this site. I see Spud no longer posts. Just shows how intelligent the comment has become. (Then, show us your intelligence by commenting on the issue – Darien)

  14. Ehoa says:

    Dear Richard,

    Please explain which part of my post is smut and without fact — and that includes an actual and fair description of “Whale oil’s” (which is blubber) status and physical appearance.
    And, apart from that, please explain how you see the changes to Part 6A and what example you would use so that I can understand its impact even better than the way I relate to it.
    I’m sure you’re highly intelligent…and as Lockwood Smith (to paraphrase) puts it…quite capable of putting forward a reasoned and rational argument either for or against the changes to 6A.

  15. bbfloyd says:

    @ehoa… The blubbery connection to this still strikes me as contrived, but That’s a good catch, nonetheless ….

    I have a strong feeling you’ll get your wish though…. the possibility of the truth becoming the merry pranksters (cabinet) attack weapon, and the potential damage that could be done to any opposition… Has been successfully mitigated by the choice of editor…

    As pretty much everything the slator boy does ends up looking, and smelling, like a pile of road apples, the odds are good on him not breaking the shackles of his limitations just yet…