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By the Numbers

Posted by on October 26th, 2012

256 million – dollars pulled in by Liz Taylor, who tops this year’s list of moneymaking ‘dead celebrities’

2,600 – Young beneficiaries have been issued payment cards where the last four digits printed on the cards are used as pin numbers. And Paula Bennett says she takes security seriously…

355 – km/h, the speed American John Hennessy cracked on a public road while testing a new speed camera. Don’t try this at home

220 – Workers from the Spring Creek Mine in Greymouth lost their jobs yesterday as the result of John Key’s asset sales obsession.

2.119 – dollars, the price of 91 octane at BP after the second fall in petrol prices this week.

6 Responses to “By the Numbers”

  1. Rex Morris says:

    YOu forgot the 63 miners who lost their jobs in Huntly

  2. Ianmac says:

    The new rail link from Madrid to Valencia has trains travelling nonstop at 300kph. When the reverse train passes their combined speed is 600kph. So that speed at ground level is frightening, but the Texas run at 350kph is not on rails but at the whim of a steering wheel. Madness.

  3. former Labour supporter says:

    Somewhere in New Zealand there is a fat lady singing; possibly while she hangs the washing out to dry (

  4. ghostwhowalksnz says:

    fLs, if the fat lady is singing , how come the number only came up with a smidgen over 50% at the last election. And all those 3 parties that pushed National over the line are dead or dying. Forget the aria , its time to have a laugh instead.

  5. Ehoa says:

    And you can add…one..Julian Wilcox (Maori TV) to seek Labour nomination for Te Tai Tokerau at the November annual conference.

  6. Allyson says:

    400 West Coast mining jobs (environment court dependant) at Denniston