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By the Numbers – Jobs Special

Posted by on October 19th, 2012

This Government has failed to ensure the Christchurch rebuild is creating opportunities for New Zealanders. See David Shearer’s full speech on this issue here

By the Numbers

105,000  – New Zealanders were out of work when National came into office. Today 162,000 New Zealanders are out of work – That’s not much of a progress report.

30,000  – Workers are estimated to be needed for the Christchurch rebuild, but with skill shortages, almost half of those are likely to come from overseas.

17,000  – Kiwi technicians, tradespeople and labourers have left for Australia since the first earthquake.

80  – Per cent of the $42 million the Government announced for extra skills training following the Christchurch quakes is sitting untouched.

1  – ‘Vacancy’ in the job at the top.

10 Responses to “By the Numbers – Jobs Special”

  1. KezCareywood says:

    1 umm…. Err….. Ah…. Ummmmm.

  2. Anne says:

    ‘Vacancy’ in the job at the top

    Very good David. :)

  3. Spud says:

    @Anne – 😀 We need red bees in the hive! 😀

  4. former Labour supporter says:

    Too harsh, David, after the resounding success of the magnificent Cycleway Plan.

    And then there’s all this memory lapse business. You cynical opposition politicians–inferring deceit, corruption, abuse of process, shonky dealings, contempt of Parliament, grovelling to world powers, and sheer political incompetence. You don’t appreciate the strategic genius of nice Mr Key, who’s just putting it on as an excuse to establish a dementia and early onset alzheimers ward in the Beehive. Think of all the jobs! All those youths that could be so gratefully earning ten bucks an hour wheeling brain-dead drooling tories around. But don’t worry there’s plenty of time to get on board with this grand new Plan, as National are subjecting it to a painstaking and robust regime of consultation.

  5. Jack Ramaka says:

    Unfortunately this current Government is just a charade, and NZ is John Key’s toy he is just playing with until he moves onto the next big job.

  6. bbfloyd says:

    I think you have it the wrong way around Jack… Johnny sparkles is the “toy”… as in hand puppet….

    The rest of the Fairfax owned cabinet are just there so that they don’t have to forfeit the game on account of not being able to field a proper team…

    Btw.. Fairfax is yet another “middle man” operating on the orders of the real owners of the national party, or the “merry pranksters” if we have to be accurate…

    We will probably need Nicky Hagar to re-issue his book, with updates, to learn who it is that actually governs us…

  7. Anne says:

    We will probably need Nicky Hagar to re-issue his book, with updates, to learn who it is that actually governs us…

    Warner Bros.?

  8. Jack Ramaka says:

    Who are the major shareholders in the National Party?

    And whose best interests are they really looking after?

    It is interesting observating who the primary beneficaries have been of the country’s State Asset Sales and Special Arrangements since Roger Douglas introduced his Cock Eyed policies in the 1980’s.

  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    Do worry it is a simple solution just keep borrowing money from the Federal Reserve which is printing money hand over fist, and write some more reports about unemployment and the causes of child poverty.

  10. bbfloyd says:

    @anne…. Mr sparkles totes for warners…Who Warners tote for? I wonder…