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Posted by on September 27th, 2012

National is trying to get Dotcom and large job losses off the headlines.

Amy Adams, with her Minister for the Environment hat on, was called to an emergency meeting yesterday evening with Steven Joyce and others to discuss pushing through the proposed Bathhurst mine on the west coast, and making other changes to the RMA.

Bereft of policies to deal with our overvalued exchange rates and aware of rising discontent on export job losses and record numbers going to Australia, they are desperate to get out of the headlights.

Having lost ingloriously on their earlier plans to mine National Parks, they turned to selling SOEs as the major part of their economic plan for this term. Now the wheels have fallen off that, its back to mining.

Mining has a proper place outside  National Parks and other schedule 4 areas. It of course raises environmental issues under the RMA and mineral legislation that can only be dealt with on a case by case basis. This has long been Labour’s policy, and despite Steven Joyce’s attempts to misrepresent it, still is. 

Because of  their woes, National is trying to blame others.

Rumour has it they discussed  empowering legislation to either override normal rules or speed up the process for the Bathhurst mine.  

I don’t know where they ended with that, but it has led to the proposal to limit resource consent process times to six months for major projects. Given that mining has gone off the boil (in part because of an inflated NZ dollar), this change will do little to improve the economy.

Once again, National’s economic plan can be seen to be inadequate. They have put off limits pro-growth tax reform, universal workplace savings and changes to monetary policy under the Reserve Bank, all steps that exporters say would help them export and create jobs.

As they lurch from scandle to bungle – tea tapes, ACC, John Key’s electorate chairman on NZ on Air/the Broadcasting Commission interfering politically, pokie machines for convention centres, the budget centre piece (larger class sizes to improve student outcomes!), Banks’ campaign donations, Dotcom, SOE sales derailed – they are losing the confidence of the country.


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  1. Ehoa says:

    Jamie Lee Ross on TVNZ with Chippy…”people want to talk about the economy”…really? more like a from the pan to the fire statement with job losses being announced daily and the soaring dollar crippling exports.
    That’s the problem with being on planet Key without toilets…there’s no where to go!

  2. Allyson says:

    Hi David. Your challenge for today is to offer support for development of the Escarpment Mine. Your green mates say no, Nats say yes. What say you?

  3. Peter says:

    Nuplex, which is scheduled to shut operations in Auckland is or was a decent sized exporter. This National Gov’t needs to get their Sh*t together before we wind up in a truly parlous position.

  4. insider says:

    I’m more interested in the gossip about Trevor and McCully’s ex…

    @ Peter

    Nuplex has a chequered history. It is not closing all manufacturing in Auckland note.

  5. SJW says:

    So now the tactic behind the series of destructive policies of our Government is being revealed.

    It goes: If you screw the citizens down by making unemployment and prices high, you create a more pliant population.

    This allows for unpopular propositions that would have been responded to with a resounding NO from the people; (like mining in National Parks, oil wells, selling assets etc) to become more possible by dividing the population into those who are desperate for work opportunities and those who continue to see the lack of merit of the entire proposition.

    The population, thus pitted against one another, one side will scream angrily to those objecting to the proposals and others who see the disadvantages of such sell outs can then be marketed as not caring about those without work and “just object to anything,” un-pragmatic “Greenies” who “just don’t live in the ‘real world'” and such like and Bob’s your uncle; the unpopular approach gets pushed through.

    It has all been done before; this is a standard way to get a population to go in a direction that they didn’t want to, not “for their own good” as we will be told; simply for moneyed interests.

    This approach does nothing for the harmony and well being of NZ as a whole.

    Mr D Parker, it would be great if yourself or one of your colleagues could do a post on just how standard this tactic is. It has a name, I’m sure, yet I do not know what it is.

  6. jennifer says:

    @ SJW
    It’s simpler than that. Mitt told it plain. They get 40. The other lot get 40. So get the other 10 or so on side, and sorted. Hence the dog whistle. Collins’ clamp down on parole yesterday would not have gone ‘unheard’.

  7. Rob S says:

    Didn’t Labour allow mining in national parks? A schedule 4 no less in 2006 (Hart Creek?)

    Can’t have always been a Labour policy then?

  8. Mike Smith says:

    The thing I do NOT understand is why the loan to MediaWorks was NOT front page news in NZ. It is a SCANDAL that a committed free market, so they say, government can a market interfering loan like that.
    I know that my local chip shop is struggling. What chance the owner can go to the local council for a loan to help her cash flow??

  9. OneTrack says:

    Mr D Parker, it would be great if yourself or one of your colleagues could do a post on what Labour, remembering you will be in a coalition with NZF, UF, Mana and the Greens, would actually do instead. You have West Coast miners who are out of a job because an existing mine is too costly to run so is not profitable. Do you try and open a less costly operation (being held up by people who really dont care about other peoples jobs – the snails are more important), or do you inject public money into a loss-making operation to keep the men in “jobs” (even if they just have to sit around doing nothing (as per the old nz railways)), or is there a third option you are keeping to yourself until 2014.

  10. The Al1en says:

    “I do NOT understand is why the loan to MediaWorks was NOT front page news in NZ.”

    Wasn’t going to be a headline on 3news, that’s for sure.
    $40m buys loads of good will and positive spin.

    “It is a SCANDAL”

    No more than Campbell live pretending to be interested in kids in poverty, six months after the fact. Still got the emails I sent, JC? I have. 😉

  11. SJW says:


    Perhaps you haven’t been watching Parliament channel where Labour indicated by their line of questioning that the only reason the mine that has recently closed has done so is in response to National’s requirements to get themselves ready for partial privatization.

  12. SJW says:

    @ Jennifer

    What you relay is well and good, yet it does not explain the lack of energy our current Government is showing toward ensuring the job losses we are experiencing (perhaps due to the GFC) are kept to a minimum, far from it, there appears to be no action toward stemming the hemorrhaging we are experiencing in this regard, nor does it explain why tax cuts were given to the wealthier NZers and GST was raised in the middle of a serious world-wide financial crisis; both approaches are guaranteed to cause more pressure on those whom can not afford anymore and whom are most likely to experience the negative effects of a financial downturn.

    I suggest to you that what I relayed is the mechanism for which they get that extra percentage support (which you relayed) needed in order to get their short-sighted proposals supported. I estimate 15%, 20% or even 25% is what is needed with most of the unpopular propositions I mentioned; pretty hefty amounts of opinion required to be changed

    Fact: Opinion manipulation is the scourge of a true expression of democracy.

  13. Jack Ramaka says:

    I am not sure there is a Strategic Growth Strategy for NZ Inc.
    apart from State Asset Sales.

  14. Tim G says:

    Insider @ 10:56am said:

    I’m more interested in the gossip about Trevor and McCully’s ex…

    That is because you’re a tory shill, obviously enthralled by the quality of Whaleoil’s posts this week.

    Now, what was it that DP was saying about the Nats rolling out every distraction they can find as a fig leaf for their disgraced and discredited government of the country?

    @Jack – I think the term is “NZ Inc. (in liquidation)” these days.

  15. lovinthatchangefeeling says:

    [deleted – grow up – chris]

  16. The Al1en says:

    Is sicknote still going?

    I would have thought after Duncan Garner called him a liar in his TV3 blog, and with no defamation case pending, cam would have crept off to continue his life of nothingness away from the media spotlight.

    I guess it’s another truth that some people really don’t have any shame.

    If I were called a liar, and it wasn’t true, I’d get hold of daddies lawyer and get it on the record. It would be easy money, right?

    Go on cam, do it! Do it for your integrity. 😆

  17. Jack Ramaka says:

    I would be interested to read some in depth analysis of where NZ would be financially is we did not sell the State Assets from the 1980’s onwards.

    I think the Asset Sales have been a dismal failure as the money has not been reinvested in productive sectors of the economy.

    It appears the money has been sucked up in social welfare, bureacracy and corporate welfare.

    Disinvestment is what NZ has specialised in since the 1980’s and wealth transfer to families associated with the Merchant Banking Sector.

  18. insider says:

    @ Mike Smith

    Companies come to arrangements with councils, IRD and other agencies all the time over things like tax bills and rates relief. How is it different from Labour’s interest free student loans or free carbon credit allocations?

    @ Tim G

    You might think I’m a tory shill but I now know you are a humourless git.

  19. Ehoa says:

    so…what about the head duck and which Missus McCully is it this time?…the journo, the hairdresser, the harem…oh…i give up..he’s probably added a few more while larking about offshore.

  20. OneTrack says:

    SJW – no, listening to parliament makes me ill and that is on a good day. Especially the stupid “questions” from both sides of the house. It is similar to what I would expect in kindergarten or a pantomime.

    So closing the Spring Creek mine is all to do with asset sales and nothing to do with the worldwide collapse in coal prices meaning that costs have to be reduced drastically ( ie open cast ) in order to remain profitable. I dont see how closing a mine down can be considered a good plan for getting it ready for sale.

    Are you saying that Labour would not close that mine and instead would just inject taxpayers money into the company in order to keep the jobs going?

  21. SJW says:


    I couldn’t possibly become some sort of spokesperson for what Labour would or would not do! However can leave you this link to read for yourself. (The bit about this matter is not long)

    You have to scroll down to question 6 and where Damien O’Connor starts questioning

  22. Ralph Boardman says:

    National bungles were listed but excluded the McCully schemozzle on DFAT, let alone ACE funding!

  23. Ralph Boardman says:

    Perhaps Bathhurst Resources should be offered the opportunity to run the consented operation at Spring Creek!

  24. pedrovsky says:

    Everyone’s asking.. DP.. new mine on the West Coast? .. Labour -deal or no deal?
    Once were workers’ party.