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By The Numbers

Posted by on July 6th, 2012

$1700 – The median Kiwi household’s savings. Hardly enough to put ‘Kiwi mums and dads’ at the front of the Government’s asset sales queue.

$410 – Million — the estimated cost of the disease psa-V for the Kiwifruit industry.

25 – Per cent – the burglary clearance rate in New Zealand. Despite National’s tough talk on crime most robbers have grown accustomed to never being caught.

$1.75 – Million — the golden handshake paid to outgoing Telecom Chief Executive Paul Reynolds

1 – Beached whale that needs no harpooning

10 Responses to “By The Numbers”

  1. Spud says:

    👿 Ma and Pa Taxpayer already own dem assets! 👿 👿 👿 !!!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Surprised that those oppossing asset sales haven’t pointed out the figure of $1700 is likely to be much lower today considering the survey was done in 2006 – before the recession.

  3. bbfloyd says:

    Savings?… What savings?

  4. Simon says:

    I look at one of those figures slightly differently:

    “$410 million – the size of the lawsuit against the Government for negligently and illegally allowing a consignment of Psa-contaminated pollen into the country”

    Those Psa findings just get me absolutely furious

  5. Paul B says:

    Has anyone costed the true dollar ‘number’ to replace Mighty River`s assets today.
    Of course the cunning stock market traders know that the big profits will never occur until more than 50% is sold (ie when WE have truely lost control). SO… John Key… please – When have you secretly planned to sell more than 50%?? AND
    What will the windfall profit for the ‘cunning in waiting’ be THEN? – when the real value is approached and the smart greedies can really feed on us ordinary NZers.
    ~ JOHN you KNOW that we will never receive full and fair asset value while the stock exchange does not see the assets as in a fully free market situation .
    Surely ,surely, the ‘smart money’ is just waiting to show- probably legally even- that stock market principles are impossibly compromised by state control(51%) and so, for the very reason that you claim market influence is good for efficiency(and profit!) , it must be incompatible with state control for the good of ALL NZers. The shareholders, and the state stakeholder MUST have different purpose ?
    Providing ‘safe’ assets for retirement schemes or Kiwisaver is just NOT the business of government. Those plans are in the market and should foster existing or new market opportunity NOT try to make profit from state ‘benevolence’ at the expense of ALL of us.
    The Key plan will likely become a legal/political nightmare, AND we must suspect where a Rogue Trader really resides AND how he will move when the chips are down
    EXIT the whole fiasco now, even if only for your own sake, or you may be reduced to imfamy as were previousl leaders of your party who pretended they were financial gurus.
    History has already revealed that Merill Lynch is a very compromised route to financial competance and honesty

  6. Dan says:

    How are these power companies not making ‘big profits’ now? Are we just ignoring the fact that power prices have skyrocketed even with the current levels of Government holdings?

    There are many good reasons to oppose power sales, but complaining that someone else gets to milk taxpayers instead of the government isn’t one of them.

  7. Matt says:

    127 million for MRP alone, 443 million EBITDA, controls around 14% of market… So, you get an idea of the amount of money taken out of the private sector’s pocket overall…

    As an aside, the government doesn’t need to “milk” anyone to spend…

  8. RedFred says:

    On an international comparison with incomplete data our electricity prices sit middle of the field.

    The mum and Dad investor has been a PR smoke screen from the beginning. It has become a media meme for our brain dead mainstream media.

    The majority of these shares will end up with institutional investors, a place to stash cash in uncertain times. These guys will demand higher dividend and then the electricity prices will rise, increasing poverty in New Zealand. Aaaaaah Capitalism owning the means of production, or was that means of oppression.

  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    These Energy Companies are key strategic assets, Contact Energy is now owned by Origin Energy in Australia it was previously floated to the public here in New Zealand.

    I still do not understand why NZ Inc is selling good income generating assets which return more than the cost of capital to fund spending on consumption, ie Government Spending.

    We as a country need to hold onto good income producing assets, look what BNZ and Telecom have produced in the way of revenue streams over the years, the National Bank of Australia must have been laughing over their BNZ purchase.

  10. SPC says:

    What about the capacity to resume saving into the Cullen Fund?

    If there is no easy way to establish budget surpluses 2014-2020 – what will Labour do?

    The only answer is dedicated contributions from employees and employers – say 2% from each. This could occur from 2015 to 2030 and raise a known amount over that period. This would assist planning for affording tax paid super. But how does this work with proposals to bump up (and make compulsory) contributions into Kiwi Saver?

    I prefer compulsory contributions into the Cullen Fund and compulsory contributions into Kiwi Saver at the same amount (no tax credits only the $1000 start-up), with voluntary contributions above these rates being supported by the current tax credits up to the median wage.