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By The Numbers

Posted by on June 29th, 2012

400 – Signatures for the stop asset sales petition were collected by Labour MPs this week in just one hour at Cuba Mall.
27 – June 2012, marked the final episode of Backbenchers as the Government axes TVNZ7.
10 – New targets from the National Government this week, show 10 new examples of John Key mistaking promises for progress.
1.8 – Billion – the amount added to the Crown deficit after KiwiRail slashes 6.7bn from the value of its business.
1 – National member brings more heat and more light to question time.

7 Responses to “By The Numbers”

  1. Tim G. says:

    National member brings more heatsound and more lightfury to question timesignifying nothing.

    Fixed for you 😉

  2. Moz says:
    “The Labour Party wants a ban on electioneering on election day to be scrapped, saying it was “puritanical” and “from a bygone era.”

    Tell me this is just a brain fart by someone who will quickly be restrained. Please.

    I’ve seen Australian elections and they are not pretty. Organised teams of party promoters harassing voters right up to the line drawn by harassed election officials, and beyond when they can get away with it. It’s just ugly.

    One nasty side effect is that election propaganda stays up forever, because it’s too much hassle to enforce the law. Just like it is in NZ, the plod don’t want to bother. So you get election posters lingering until wind and weather remove them.

  3. Libertyscott says:

    “1.8 – Billion – the amount added to the Crown deficit after KiwiRail slashes 6.7bn from the value of its business”

    Writing off a fictional “replacement cost” valuation – was good practice. Even if sold, Kiwirail couldn’t recover a tenth of the absurd valuation. Imagine if any listed company had a valuation based on replacement cost.

    It’s tidying up an accounting fiction that Dr Cullen left after the purchase. There was no good reason why Kiwirail couldn’t have just been valued at what it had been paid for.

  4. Anne says:

    Got to say I think I agree with Moz. It’s nice to roll up to a polling booth to vote without fear of being harassed. At the moment the act of voting is a civilised activity in NZ, but introduce electioneering and you go down the rocky road of potential abuse of the system with it’s attendant verbal and even physical outcomes.

    No no Labour. A party rosette for scrutineers inside the booth is as far as it should be allowed to go.

  5. Pete George says:

    I think our election days work pretty well how they are. Why mess with that?

    It’s hard to imagine any popular support for extending the election campaign bombardment through election day.

  6. Spud says:

    @Anne – I never thought about the harrassment thing! 😯 Yeah, that would suck! :-( :-( :-( !!!!!

  7. ghostwhowalksnz says:

    Scott, KiwiRail was the amalgamation of Toll Rail which the government bought, (ie the locos, wagons, ferries and the ‘business’ )and the other part Ontrack which owned the tracks and crucially the land. The government had owned this from an earlier transaction, I dont think they paid anything for this but could be wrong.

    The land is probably the most valuable part , but its not in sellable sections but goods yards can be quite valuable ( as long as they are not in small towns like Woodville etc)