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The real John Key

Posted by on May 31st, 2012


Have a read of the piece Joanne Black wrote in The Listener in 2005 where she laid out Key’s back story and portrayed him as an egalitarian hero.

The reality has turned out somewhat differently. Perhaps the fact that he chose to send his kids to private schools should have rung warning bells then for our public education system.

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  1. Jules says:

    Misquoted once again. John never said this and thus shouldn’t be “quoted.”
    Disgraceful that someone who should know better doesn’t correct this potentially libellous slur.

  2. bbfloyd says:

    well done clare…. you’ve managed to get the usual pack of tory poodles frothing and snapping at their own tails….

    it has been one of the most amusing, and satisfying column of comments i’ve read in ages…..

    and you are absolutely right…and i will go further… johnny sparkles is not only a blatant hypocrite, he has no scruples when it comes to telling blatant lies when it suits….knowing well that the news agencies would print, and broadcast those falsehoods as gospel….

    if we had a truly independent fourth estate, he would never have got within a country mile of the national party leadership, let alone prime minister….

    as it is… he presides over demonstrably the most incompetent, dishonest government we’ve been saddled with for near on the last century…..

    that is as much a reflection on us as it is on key personally…. after all… it is our own ignorance, and bigotry, combined with lazy minded attitudes to how we deal with issues as our society develops, and attempts to mature…that have led us to support the snake oil salesmen who promised us the earth, and all it’s riches if we gave them power…who then simply facilitated the stripping of the resources that were needed to continue the development process in any meaningful way…

    plaudits to young cactus too…. though obviously suffering from the culture shock most reactionary pseudo intellectuals go through when their fantasies regarding what constitutes good governance are undermined by reality… she gas still managed to write a comment that, while exposing the confusion she must be feeling, is still grammatically correct…..

    that’s a pass mark for the education system pre national standards…

  3. Matt says:

    @jules I’d be interested to know how you can confirm that he never said this.

  4. Mel says:

    It all comes down to the fact that increased class size leads to increased workload for the remaining teachers, a demoralised teacher workforce and the loss of talented teachers from the profession.

    Far from increasing teacher quality – the end result of this flawed Government policy will be:

    1. Our best and brightest graduates spurning teaching as a profession as it is publicly degraded by politicians for point scoring.

    2. A loss of some of our best teachers as they leave the profession.

    3. An increased workload for teachers.

    4. Less individual time per student.

    5. More disruptive behaviour in classes as larger class sizes are noisier and teaching strategies tend to change to more chalk and talk when teachers have large class sizes.

    6. A narrowed curriculum, especially for years 7 and 8 students.

  5. bbfloyd says:

    @mel… you can add number 7. over worked, stressed teachers performing inconsistently purely as a result of the added pressures…

    i have memories of teachers reacting to issues in ways that, with hindsight, and experience, i now know to be stress reactions…

    this was in the days of class sizes always being over thirty…

    nice that our kids will be able to experience those negatives, just like in the old days before we started reducing class sizes..

  6. peterlepaysan says:

    A Wall street cowboy living in Hawaii would want to send his kids to a NZ state school?

    Never let it be said.

  7. Tim G. says:

    So I re-read the comment thread for this post. The tory defence comes down to:

    a) the graphic put Joanne Black’s paraphrasing in quotation marks – SO-OMG-HEZ-GONNA-SUE-YOU-HE-NEVA-SAID-THIS!111!. I think WhaleOil, and his sycophants who appeared on this thread post-his-post, need to bite the bullet on this one – you can bet if he had never said words to this effect the cease-and-desist letters would be flying out of the office of C.CollinsQC at a rate of knots; and

    b) a diversionary OMG-LABOR-H8Z-PRIVATE-SCHOOLS-BLOODY-ANARCHO-COMMIE-TERRORISTS-whydontyouwantppltosucceed?, which is rubbish.

    I really hope you guys have got something better to stem the bloodflow of TeflonJohn’s political capital…

  8. George says:

    Are rest home wages so low because Labour spent all the money featherbedding their teacher cronies?

  9. Tim G. says:

    Well that’s a new one – Labour loves their teacher cronies so much it is LABOUR who are now disadvantaging rest home carers.

    Wo-wo-wo… woah there George. Talk me through the logic of that one again. This is what you people cheerfully dismiss as “tin foil hat” territory. But let’s hear it.

    Don’t worry though… its the ends, not the means, right? Your Government is so busy dismantling collective bargaining and union-busting at the moment, those rest home carers won’t have a chance of negotiating a MECA above the minimum wage.

    Break out the party poppers – we are going to have a big party at SkyCity to celebrate! 😀

  10. al1ens says:

    “But hey if you want to base your arguments on a lie, then go right ahead.”

    We’re talking about jk’s hypocrisy, not your ‘career’ 😆

  11. al1ens says:

    “Break out the party poppers – we are going to have a big party at SkyCity to celebrate! ”

    I think you misspelt poopers, and when they have parties, it’s parliamentary swipe card holders only 😉

  12. TomS says:

    Well Jules, (Obviously a “Tory Puppet” who doesn’t even bother to read the article concerned.

    PLEASE read this as it’s the actual quote “Stephanie, 12, and Max, 10 – go to private schools. Mostly, he says, that decision was for educational reasons. Their schools have smaller classes and are better resourced than most state schools”.

    Isn’t this the reason those who can afford it take the PRIVATE option. I believe that this is DISGRACEFUL.

    Children spend a huge portion of their “Formative” years in the education system, so, I believe this is where governments should invest the greatest proportion of OUR tax money as it’s investing in the lives of “Our Most Precious Commodity”

  13. OneTrack says:

    Unbelievable. Labour, making shit up again. He didn’t say what you are attributing to him.

    Secondly, the interview was seven years ago. Conceivably he has changed his mind. Or is that not allowed in your world?

    This just appears as if you are grasping at straws. Again.

    How about you stop screwing around with this nasty stuff, and come up with some real (ie costed) policies that might convince voters you are capable of being the government.

    At the moment, all you are doing is pushing lefty people to the Greens. Maybe you should ask Russell for some advice (no don’t ask Metiria – she would say keep doing what you are doing).

  14. al1ens says:

    “Unbelievable. Labour, making shit up again. He didn’t say what you are attributing to him.”

    Er, post above yours

    “PLEASE read this as it’s the actual quote “Stephanie, 12, and Max, 10 – go to private schools. Mostly, he says, that decision was for educational reasons. Their schools have smaller classes and are better resourced than most state schools”.”

    “How about you stop screwing around with this nasty stuff”

    Nasty, as in pointing out that’s that what’s good enough for over priviliged kids of merchant bankers, is apparently too good for the children of everyone else?

    “the interview was seven years ago. Conceivably he has changed his mind.”

    No doubting key’s public opinion changes to suit the latest set of polls and focus group reports, but if he’s like you say, converted to bigger teacher pupil ratios, he’ll send his brood to a state school with your younglings.

    “At the moment, all you are doing is pushing lefty people to the Greens”

    As opposed to the nats, pushing record numbers of kiwis overseas.

    “This just appears as if you are grasping at straws. Again”

    Irony alert 😆

  15. North says:

    What’s in Keys real heart is “LET THEM EAT CAKE….”

    The Key Klan can piss on and rage all they want that he never said what’s in the Listener article of May 2005 but that’s just a mark of their acute embarrassment about the carefully cultivated “nice man” image being found out as staggering bullshit, increasingly regularly it seems.

    He’s let them down badly and they’re pissed so they take it out on everyone else. Well poor little lovies !

    Tell me Key DID NOT use the words “SMALLER CLASSES” and “BETTER RESOURCED” when giving Joanne Black his “….EDUCATIONAL REASONS” for his kids going private.

    You can’t, so enough of your spoilt child tantrums and hissy fits all of you.

    Grow up and eat your embarrassingly bad investment in the liar hypocrite “LET THEM EAT CAKE” Key !

  16. robin thorpe says:

    The main problem that we have here is that the average New Zealander has been crushed into a “why bother, it won’t make any difference” attitude. They have been promised the moon and been given mouldy cheese instead. They just don’t care anymore and that is supported by the lowest turnout for voting in 100 years.
    National touted ‘the trickle down effect’..and when every body wised up to that one they changed it to some other pie in they sky phrase. They now call it ‘economic stimulus’
    If it looks like dog poo and smells like dog poo it’s probably going to taste like dog poo

  17. Tracey says:

    Is anyone else worried that our PM has so little comprehension of English that he thinks a Greek born Englishman can be one of NZ’s “greatest living NZers”?

    Is he so worried Labour will change the honours sytem again and deprive him of his knighthood that he is trying to get one directly from the Queen???

    This from the man who tells kiwis (or used to) to be aspirational?

  18. al1ens says:

    Peter Jackson s.o.b. For services to kiwi workers and the national party.

  19. John W says:

    Some still have not got it, and it is not difficult.

    John Key tells lies.

    Giving the investment market greater depth is his mandate.

    Privatise everything and stuff NZ.

  20. Rachel says:

    In the long run, if everyone had to use the public system, more money would be poured into it and it would be even better.

  21. tresa says:

    lets not kid ourselves, its about money, money money he doesnt give a toss about you!!!