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Destroy Dangerous Dogs

Posted by on January 22nd, 2012

It is about time we stopped pussyfooting around and advocated and implemented the destruction of any dog and breed of dog that is considered dangerous in New Zealand. No one is allowed to carry around a loaded gun and these dogs are just that. The defenseless children are the premanent victims of this outrageous situation. If you love dogs and have to own one get an intelligent but obedient retired working dog. And rid New Zealand of these dangerous weapons

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  1. Vernon Tava says:

    There’s a bit more to it than just banning and killing dangerous breeds. In fact, there’s a great deal of evidence to suggest that these measures are totally ineffective:

  2. Bobbi says:

    Um, your a ass!!Dont you have to have a gun license to own a gun??? Why isnt this applied to owning a dog?? ALL dog owners should attend training and be registered!!!
    So, for the best interest of the children your first breed to be banned will be Labradors, correct? Since they attack children the most!!!
    I personally think your a dangerous weapon!! Your planning genocide on breed that has been around longer than you, and that you know nothing about, obviously!!
    Pitbulls are the orginal “Nanny Dogs” used to protect children and if uneducated people like yourself and the media didnt hype them up then their STATUS probably would have died out, just like Rottys or Dobermans did.
    Do you think these so called “Dangerous Dogs” ask for this life…really??? How big do you think a full grown dogs brain is?
    Its sad that people think this breed is bad without ever being around or loved by one. Getting informed by people like yourself, its an uneducated opinion/decision! This breed probably suffers the worst treatment in the world!! Not only does this breed get abused, tortured and made to fight, its the breed less likely to recieve help because so much fear and hate has been installed!!! Instead of stepping up and controlling the Humans that are the root of the problem you pick on the weakest and smallest, killing the defenseless. Way to go!!! Hero

  3. rebecca says:

    Woah..this just changed my voting stance. You haven’t done enough research if this is what you are proposing. Bring in dog licenses. I feel people on a benefit shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog unless it is a disability dog. Someone needs to go and do some research on the people who own the dogs that attack then we’ll see a much clearer picture. Why has that not been undertaken yet to help us make better decisions on the future of these types of dogs?

    Labour just lost my vote.

  4. Ailsa King says:

    @ Rebecca above…. You have stated that in your opinion people on benefits should not be allowed to own dogs unless they are disability dogs….
    What makes you make such a statement?
    Beneficiaries are just as capable of owning, loving, and training their dogs as anybody else is.. I have two and am an invalid beneficiary nearing retirement age who lives alone… My dogs are well fed, well looked after and are more than just dogs to me… they are my companions and security system… both are young dogs but are under my control at all times and are never allowed off the property without leashes or in the car and their leashes are always carried in the car if we go anywhere… I have in the past held the status of Responsible Owner, plus I was also a founding member of a Canine Obedience Club back in the 1970’s in a small town that had a high number of straying dogs at the time… A lot of people joined our club just to learn how to train their dogs and we had a high success rate…
    Dogs are not naturally dangerous… it’s the people who own them who make them that way!
    I see you young lady as nothing less than a beneficiary basher!