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Getting behind Palestine

Posted by on September 22nd, 2011

I was pleasantly surprised by the NZ Herald’s editorial today backing the Palestinian bid for statehood. That’s in line with popular support across the world. A recent poll conducted in conjunction with the BBC showed the a majority of people surveyed across a range of countries, including the US, support the Palestinians bid. I would imagine the same would be the case here.

The Palestinians have been trying to secure a state for years based on the internationally recognised 1967 borders with Israel. The longer the talks go on, the more that Jewish settlers build their homes inside a future Palestinian state – around half a million at last count with numbers growing by more than 5% a year.

The issues are not that complicated. Palestinians want to determine their own future. They want freedom, just like other Arab states who we back wanting the same thing. They already conduct democratic elections. What makes it complicated is the Palestinians are occupied by Israel. And Israel’s tail wags the US dog. Already Obama is coming under pressure from the Republicans for not being staunch enough backing Israel.

Obama doesn’t want to give Palestinians the chance of a vote, because the US will need to veto it. And that will look bad in the eyes of not only Arab states, but most of the rest of the world’s states which will support the Palestians.

That’s a US problem. New Zealand should support the Palestinians simply because it’s right. It won’t solve the problem, it won’t stop more settlers building on land that’s not theirs, but it’s an important principle.

Meanwhile, there’s powerful paddling to avert a showdown.

13 Responses to “Getting behind Palestine”

  1. Curious says:

    Obama is doomed if he does, doomed if he doesn’t.

    Probably the most important issue for the world right now but I don’t imagine that it will stop RWC from leading the in the nightly news.

    Israel will stop any attempt to remove settlers with force.

    As the USA declines in power both fiscally and militarily Israel will have to find someone else to sign off on MOU’s (memorandum of understanding) of US $30,000,000,000+.

  2. Tracey says:

    Can someone help me with a short explanation around why Palestine has to reach a peaceful agreement with Israel before the former can be admitted tot he UN but Israel doesn’t have its membership revoked until it reaches a peaceful agreement with Palestine?

  3. Tim says:

    Zionist terrorist governments are the pits… but what will Labour do about it in government?

  4. Gregor W says:

    Can someone help me with a short explanation around why Palestine has to reach a peaceful agreement with Israel before the former can be admitted to the UN but Israel doesn’t have its membership revoked until it reaches a peaceful agreement with Palestine?

    Rhetorical I know, but basically because;

    (a) Money talks and the the Palestinians have none
    (b) The Nakba doesn’t count vis-à-vis the Holocaust because levantine arabs aren’t white enough
    (c) The Palestinians have not captured the US political system (plus to a degree the French and German ones), and finally
    (d) Because Isreal doesn’t want to reach an agreement as it would entail returning land, relinquishing control of water supply, abandoning the Zionist programme and complying with international law / prior UN resolutions etc.

  5. Tracey says:

    GregorW, it wasn’t entirely rhetorical, I am genuinely interested in how the apparent hypocrisy is explained/justified

  6. Gregor W says:

    @ Tracey

    I hope I have gone some little way to explaining it.

    For a better anaysis I would recommend you read Uri Avnery, Edward Said and probably Robert Fisk.

    A lot of good writing can be found in the archives of Counterpunch magazine

  7. Curious says:

    @ Gregor W

    I agree with your list.

    @ Tracey

    Just the way it is I suppose. Just remember when you hear Israel call Hamas terrorists that Israel used to fund and support Hamas.

    Who defended Jerusalem against Christian crusaders in 1099? Arab Muslims.

    When the christian army captured Jerusalem they killed Jews and Muslims alike. Things change.

  8. Tracey says:

    My mother died in 1989. JUst after the fallof the berlin wall. She has said the 3 things she believed would never change in her lifetime were

    The fall of the Berlin wall
    The end to the scale of violence in Northern Ireland
    The end to violence between Israel and Palestine

    I am reading counter punch now, thanks

  9. David Shearer says:

    Abas was greeted with a pretty ecstatic welcome at the UN. Interesting that shows citizen support for a Palestinian state – regardless of the country position running at about 2:1.

  10. Walsingham says:

    The New Anti-semitism originates in the systematic delegitimization of Israel. This includes the international media’s false portrayal of events. By challenging the public’s perception of the Jewish state: seven million against one billion, surrounded by enemies who have declared their sole aim as the destrucion of Israel and the backing of Iran. The Muslim, US, French and German media, have become a powerful, strategic tool. Something not understood by our government, Labour and the Greens in their chase for voter approval. Fortunately some journalists in New Zealand take an independent stance. Anti-semitism in New Zealand seems to be limited to hooligans, the right-wing of the RCC and National Front.

    Much of the intolerance directed at Israel stems from ignorance of the facts. This takes many forms: misleading headlines, the omission of information, selective sources and word choice. The international mass media perpetuates this ignorance with biased, one-sided reporting. Such tactics distort the New Zealand public’s understanding of the conflict. As a small nation dominated by powerful neighbours our current foreign policy is bizarre. This media battleground is paramount, its influence cannot be underestimated. Why this occurs is the correct question? And one too infrequently asked!

  11. the Al1en says:

    Most people don’t care about the history anymore.
    Most people just don’t want to see dead Palestinian babies on the news every time the hebrew government has another agenda to push.
    Most people see barricades, watch towers and restricted freedom as a prison.
    Most people see those forced to remain inside as prisoners, and those on the outside as jailor.
    Most people realise that despite all peace attempts, israel always finds a way to get out of it.
    Most people think israel delegitimize themselves as they act on their ultra orthedox, self preservation mindset.
    Most people think you’re all mental as each other with your constant warring, and probably wouldn’t miss any of you when you all go completely mad and drop H bombs on each other.

  12. the Al1en says:

    And go on, I dare you. Call me anti semitic and I’ll get all Judith Collins on you’re apologist arse.

  13. the Al1en says:

    Your :blush: