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Joyce caught red handed

Posted by on August 2nd, 2011

Steven Joyce has been caught red handed and is now attempting to worm his way out of reference to privileges committee.

I hope Speaker of the House, Lockwood Smith, who is a straight shooter, can see though Joyce’s ploy.

Yesterday I laid a complaint with Lockwood over whether Steven Joyce deliberately misled Parliament by not revealing the existence of a crucial letter from Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds on the ultrafast broadband project. The letter made reference to the possible structural separation of Telecom. He denied seeing any correspondence on the issue.

This morning, two years after that letter was sent and 21 months after he responded in the negative to a written question by me, he issued a corrected reply.

What a coincidence that his corrected response comes just a day after I laid the complaint with the Speaker.

I find it breath-taking that Steven Joyce can show such cynical disregard for accountability and transparency for Parliamentary procedure. He is treating the entire process with contempt. Whether it’s the Labour Opposition’s right to receive a truthful answer to a question, or the parliamentary process to take its course once a complaint has been laid.

For these reasons I am releasing both my letter to the Speaker and Steven Joyce’s corrected answer (see below).

I hope the Speaker holds Steven Joyce to account for his deliberate obfuscation.

Subject: 15840 (2009) Published – Communications and Information Technology – Corrected Reply

Question: What correspondence, if any, has he received or sent, listed by correspondent and date, about possible structural separation of Telecom?

Portfolio: Communications and Information Technology
Minister: Hon Steven Joyce
Date Lodged:23/10/2009

Answer Text: I have not sent any correspondence about the possible structural separation of Telecom. I have received one letter from Telecom dated 6 August 2009 where Telecom indicated they understood the Government had a preference for Telecom to structurally separate. Officials advised Telecom at the time that this was not the case.

Date Received:02/08/2011

Here’s his original response to the same question:

15840 (2009). Clare Curran to the Minister for Communications and Information Technology (23 Oct 2009): What correspondence, if any, has he recieved or sent, listed by correspondent and date, about possible structural separation of Telecom

Hon Steven Joyce (Minister for Communications and Information Technology) replied: I have not received or sent any correspondence about possible structural separation of Telecom

5 Responses to “Joyce caught red handed”

  1. Draco T Bastard says:

    I hope the Speaker holds Steven Joyce to account for his deliberate obfuscation.

    IMO, unlikely. As you said it’s too much of a coincidence that he posted the update the next day.

  2. ghostwhowalksnz says:

    Considering he has covered up the existence of the letter for 18 months, he could have made a ‘correction’ at the time.

    If he wriggles out of this, and the Speaker may well ask why he took so long, you have exposed him as underhand and duplicitous.

    Something that will in future haunt him. – Like the Murdochs !!

  3. ehoa says:

    If Lockwood doesn’t refer him to the privileges committee then he’s just as crooked and complicit in having the house misled. There’s something fishy to all of this and its starting to reek of nod-and-wink. That would make this Tory regime as corrupt as Bainimarama’s Fijian regime.

  4. Bob says:

    I understand he also drives carelessly

  5. Sean says:

    Joyce is obviously trying to avoid the consequences of misleading the House. I’m hoping that the Speaker does something stronger than a smack on the hand over this one, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I have got to ask, where is the media on this? This misleading of the House raises real questions about his fitness as a Minister. Joyce tried to hide his relationship with the main beneficiary of the $1.5B Broadband intiative, an intiative Joyce alone decided how to allocate.

    This action, inrelation to the other actions of this Minister around this deal, should be sending up bright red warning signs. Joyce is acting inappropriately with tax payer money, a great deal of tax payer money, and he is getting away with it. Where is the media?