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Making stuff up #1

Posted by on May 20th, 2011

170,000 jobs by 2015.

That’s the Government’s core claim in this Budget. Where from?  No answer.

John Key was asked on Radio Dunedin this morning where the jobs would come from. He fudged it. He has no answers. He’s making stuff up.

Bill English says record prices for commodities, rebuilding Christchurch and the service jobs created through the Rugby World Cup for a few months. That won’t deliver 170,000 new jobs. Which industries are being targeted? How is the stimulus going to occur?

No answer. Making stuff up.

8 Responses to “Making stuff up #1”

  1. fizzleplug says:

    Making stuff up #2

    Labour has a fully costed plan to bring debt down over ten years (D Cunliffe)

  2. Robbo says:

    History Lesson for fizzleplug #1:

    Last time Labour were in Govt they did bring down Govt debt over 9 years

  3. CrusaderCol says:

    OK Clare, what’s your plan to create jobs?

  4. mickysavage says:

    Clare did you realise that in the 2010 Budget speech Blinglish said the following:

    These policies underpin the updated Treasury forecasts showing steady growth of around 3 per cent over each of the next four years.

    The forecasts also show that this growth will raise real incomes of the average household by about $7,000 over the next four years, and create 170,000 jobs.

    More for the making stuff up department I think. It really looks like a figure pulled out of Key’s proverbial.

    Another year, same figure …

  5. tracey says:

    No Crusader Col what is this government’s plan first and foremost?

    As mentioned above the MOF said last year 170,000 jobs would be created by 2014. before you blame the earthquake keep in mind job losses from the earthquake have NOT been factored into unemployment statistics, but I bet now the job creation from the rebuild will be used by this govt to show job creation.

  6. Monty says:

    I agree with you 100% Clare – I do think the better economic conditions that the National Government will deliver will help, and there are other moderate measures that can be taken such as re-introduce the youth wage, but Billy has to advise the places where these 170,000 jobs will come from. Where are the growth industries? And if skill sets are needed for the 170,000 jobs then what are the training programmes?

  7. POWER FREEK says:

    good point Tracey its all smoke and mirrors

  8. Alan says:

    Any country betting on an economic recovery from a sporting fixture is betting on speculation based on shonky economics. From the Olympics through to Football & Rugby World Cups the only thing left has been debt.