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What are you doing in this picture?

Posted by on December 8th, 2010

WRAP demo outside Parliament

MPs from Labour, the Greens and National gathered on the forecourt today to stand in solidarity with women in the Pacific who face violence. The action was organised by the NGO coalition Women’s Rights and Advocacy in the Pacific (WRAP).  It is an important issue, and very valuable to have some cross-party consensus behind it. But my question for National MPs who were there today, very keen to get in the press photos, is this:  What are you doing about Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully’s cuts to the funding of human rights organisations and centres in Tonga and Vanuatu that work on violence against women?

7 Responses to “What are you doing in this picture?”

  1. Spud says:

    Good point and good to see Sue and Carmel out there! 😀

  2. Matt says:

    Because its not a priority. Our country should come first.

  3. Paul 2.0 says:

    Tonga and Vanuatu? What about Papatoetoe and Otara???

    Good to see the Labour Party “others first for a brownie point” policy still runs true. How about thinking about the people you claim to represent? Last I heard, Tonga and Vanuatu had their own represented electives. Helen is gone and she’s not coming back.

  4. Spud says:

    I miss Helen too 😥

  5. Dorothy says:

    me too! the money is peanuts, the idea we are too poor to care about anyone outside NZ is pathetic

  6. chris says:

    @ Dorothy – you forget the days of labour throwing money at everything are long gone – and there is no money left.

    When we can solve some of the problems we have in NZ THEN we can afford to help overseas.

  7. tracey says:

    chris, but it didnt stop us throwing money at tax cuts which were not intended to stimulate the economy, or giving $20 million to foreign investors in SCF (not covered by guarantee) giving equivalent of 56m to Warner brothers with gross turnover exceeding $4b

    I have a number of friends who are invloved with charities, they all have said the first wallets that snap shut in hard financial times are the middle class and higher… it ‘s what we give in hard times that is the real measure of our generosity.

    IF times are so hard why the F did parliament just waste so much time and energy on a Bill taking away the vote from people who hardly exercise it? Sounds like the country must be in great shape to me chris.