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John Key is wrong

Posted by on November 16th, 2010

John Key has been totally wrong in his handling of the Pansy Wong issue. When questions were first raised in Parliament, he decided to personally attack Pete Hodgson rather than front up and deal with the issues. Now we learn that he has advised Pansy Wong not to front up and answer questions. That’s just not good enough.

Pansy Wong is answerable for her personal use of taxpayer funded international travel. She needs to explain herself. Refusing to answer questions makes it look like she is working with Key to prepare a cover-up.

Yesterday Pete Hodgson asked a fresh series of questions about the use of taxpayer funded out-of-parliament offices for private business interests. These are legitimate questions and she needs to answer them. If her taxpayer funded office has been used as the registered office for private businesses that is another clear breach of the rules.

John Key needs to show more leadership on this issue. It’s simply not good enough for him to advise her to duck for cover and avoid fronting. It’s also not good enough for him to claim it’s not his problem. He’s the Leader of his party. I know he prefers to smile and wave and have fun, but now it’s time for him to do some of the tough stuff.

24 Responses to “John Key is wrong”

  1. smhead says:

    At least he’s not defending her actions and saying she is guilty of nothing more than trying to help her constituents Chris. How long did that go? Oh that’s right a year.

    Helen set up an inquiry with limited terms of reference and then sat back idly while the person in question made a mockery of the inquiry. That person is now in jail. Labour has no credibility in asking for more accountability from the PM.

    What did John Key do? He immediately sacked her. No delay, no defence of her, no inquiry, no obfuscation.

  2. jennifer says:

    I found it incredible that he got away with brushing off her taxpayer funded office being used for private business by saying lots of people have mailing addresses, and then saying he gets letters addressed to ‘the 9th floor of the beehive’. How stupid does he think we are? How stupid is the tame MSM to swallow this garbage?

  3. Craig Glen Eden says:

    Key has indeed handled this badly.The Nature of the wrong doing is potential criminal just like in the Field allegations.The difference with Wong is Key has the evidence with her signature on the paper,Field however claimed he was innocent which as we know now he was not.

    While I am all for natural justice it would appear Key already has enough evidence to ask her to leave which would be the cleanest way to go politically, but no it seems he is going to allow Wong to be a fish in a paddling pool/pole.

  4. Al1ens says:

    And he says it in the well rehearsed matter of fact tone, which is only slightly less obnoxious than the voice he uses at question time when he gets all exited when trying to score a point.
    A pathetic prime minister showing his credentials are awol as he is truly inadequate for the top job.

  5. jennifer says:

    And now he’s saying thay he’s okay with MPs getting no extra pay for losing the travel perk. Fine coming from a guy whose personal wealth, according to the NBR, went up by $5m last year. That’s $96,000 a week, net.

  6. sammy says:

    Here’s a photograph of Pansy Wong and her husband, overseas on “Parliamentary” business:

  7. ghostwhowalksnz says:

    The reason why Key brushed off questions about the ‘mailing address’ is because he pulled the same stunt when he was running for the national nomination for Helensville.

    He used a block of land at Peak Rd in the electorate as his residential address , while he was really living in Orakei Rd in the city.
    The voter registration forms get you to make a statuary declaration that you have lived at that address for the ‘last month’. Key of course has never lived at Peak Rd, he was signing documents saying he was living at Orakei Rd at the same time.

    How can he now have high standards of his Ministers when he has set the bar so low by his personal behaviour.

  8. ianmac says:

    Amazingly John Key fronted up for an interview on Morning Report. About the 2nd this year. However I bet he wished that he hadn’t giving a rambling repetitive excuse for not having spoken to Pansy since Friday yet telling her to not front up to any questioning. Will he be available for interviews next year or will he just appear for set piece pre-written statements?
    Why wouldn’t a Leader speak to his “staff”? Perhaps he has through a staff minion. (“I did not inhale!”)

  9. Ben says:

    Yes I think agree, personal rascist attacks are really bad, down here in Dunedin, we think its so bad we have organised an event! lol

  10. Tigger says:

    We all know why she’s not fronting, so National can plan for how to deal with her leaving Parliament. Two problems with Key’s delay here. One, based on what she’s already done she should have left Parliament. Two, not dealing with it makes this a festering sore, makes Key and his party look shonky and weak.

    Despite smhead’s spin, Key hasn’t been decisive, he’s looked and sounded shifty. Quite frankly I’m all for Wong hanging around a little longer…

  11. Ian says:

    @Sammy – how cynical are you mate – she was out there sorting out Aucklands public transport; did you miss the announcement for the hovercraft system linking North Shore to Botany?

    Where’s Richard Worth these days (after he used official money to sell his aviation companies services to India!!)

  12. Anne says:

    Further to Tigger @ 2:40pm, Key has just answered some questions from Trevor Mallard on the subject of Pansy Wong and his press officer, Kevin Taylor. I hope Trevor posts the exchange here in full. If I say what I want to say about Key’s performance, this will go into moderation.

    Just watch it everybody – especially Key’s last reply.

  13. Sean says:

    Ian, John Key never officially told the public of New Zealand precisely why Richard Worth lost his ministerial position.

    It could have been the trips to India, it could have been something else. John Key explaining why he lost confidence in Worth was not in the public interest. No Transparency there. Trevor picked him up on it at the time.

  14. Gary Jones says:

    Watz Key waitin’ for?
    Wot are they staging?
    Is the script being writen?
    Has the actor learnt the lines?
    Has the knife been sharpened?

    Lights! Camera! Action!
    It’s sHowTImE !!!

  15. Carol says:

    Pete Hodgson just said on Checkpoint, that he made the details public of the website in China in which Pansy Wong is associated with promoting hovercraft. It sounds like he made the website URL public. But I can’t see it anywhere online. If he has the URL, can he please post it online?

  16. Gary Jones says:

    @ Carol
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Found this (the url is in the pdf document, with translation)

  17. Carol says:

    Thanks a lot, Gary.

  18. Gary Jones says:

    you’re welcome
    anything to help clear up this hankey pansy pankey

  19. Alan says:

    Let’s get it clear. Key DID NOT sack Wong. She ran before he was forced into acting.
    On this issue Key has been a passive observer waiting for the tide to recede before crosby-textor gnomes say that he not only attempts to walk on water but actually did so on this issue.

  20. mark m says:

    A prediction here people.
    All this left wing hand wringing because Wong correctly used her title as Minister of NZ Government when signing documents , will have zero effect on John Keys popularity.
    Personally i think that if spouses are going to travel with their partners I would rather they be generating business for this country than spending taxpayers money having massages , going sight seeing or and/or watching videos.

  21. logie97 says:

    @Mark 7.22pm

    I guess, in that case, that you would be quite relaxed for the Minister of Education’s spouse (if the spouse was a school principal for example) to travel with the minister to observe best practice in another country’s system and accordingly share that information with the department on returning to New Zealand.

  22. Hayden Peake says:

    “her personal use of taxpayer funded international travel”

    That would be fine. That is the perk. Personal travel at discount rates for life. It’s valid not to agree with the policy, but it’s just part of the package. What Patsy Wong did wrong was use the travel for personal business. It’s a really important distinction.

    Of course, the perk is unfair because it’s used by a minority of MPs, but paid for by all MPs, but that’s another matter…

  23. Jane Dear says:

    But really is it a hanging offence? I know it seems to be a nice juicy scandal but most of us just think so what. You should all stay home!

    Work, holidays, job interviews in New York, junkets with partners -NONE of it should be paid for by the taxpayer.

    And why did Trevor keep repeating f-wit in the House? Is that what he himself secretly thinks of Pete? It has certainly made it stick in my mind and every time I see Hodgson on TV I think of it. And smile.

  24. tracey says:

    I just dont get why a small number of MPs find, apparently straight forward rules hard to understand unless they are trying to find ways around them.

    Personal Travel, to me, means, well,personal, as opposed to business.

    Credit cards for MP expenses, seems sttraight forward to me, they are for, well, expenses incurred in the course of working as an MP.

    I recently accompanied my partner on a business trip.

    We were able to make distinctions quite easily between what we could charge on our room to business and what we needed to pay ourselves. In fact, we only charged the room back tot he business, and paid food, beverages etc ourselves, even internet, which could be a legitimate business expense for Nick, but we recognised both of us used the room, and both used internet etc.

    It seems to me it comes down to personal standards etc, where you put your own line in the sand, what you think you’re entitled to, or not even thinking that any luxury you experience on the business, or taxpayer is deserved, or isnt “hurting” anyone.

    I just shake my head, and many MPs, who do have standards and reading comprehension skills must shake their heads too.

    Hayden – I get what you are saying about paid for by all, but in the end it’s we who are paying.