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Hide has no delegations

Posted by on October 3rd, 2010

As I have posted about a few times before I am pursuing the whereabouts of the review of special education. This is an important document for parents, students and schools. A lot of decisions are on hold in special education awaiting the review. It was by all accounts finished when Rodney Hide dumped Heather Roy as Minister more than a month ago.

Anne Tolley excitedly told us that Rodney was the Minister responsible for the area, and I have lodged written questions to him about the review. It is a bit of surprise then to find that those questions have been transferred by the Office of the Clerk to the Minister of Education on the grounds that Mr Hide still does not have any delegations. Delegations are the formal transfer of responsibility for issues from a lead Minister, in this case Anne Tolley, to an Associate Minister.

There are two possible scenarios here- either incompetence is reigning and the work has not been done to allow Rodney Hide to answer questions or he is trying to hide from answering questions on the review. Whichever it is, this is not an indication of a Minister or a government committed to special education. Its a pity- Heather Roy had actually done a very good job of the process of the review. That good work is being completely undone. Its bad enough Rodney Hide is still a Minister, but worse still that he is mucking around on such an important area.

UPDATE: At 8.15 this morning the questions were transferred back to Rodney Hide. Ah, the power of the blog… Now lets hope we get some answers, because technically they are overdue!

20 Responses to “Hide has no delegations”

  1. Spud says:

    Woe is special ed, keep on him Grant! 😯

  2. A Mother says:

    I don’t think special education is important to them.
    The students that fall under this are 1. Either unlikely to reach National standards
    or 2. Gifted and already meeting and exceeding in National standards already.

    I sadly feel that this is their attitude.

  3. Jeremy M Harris says:

    Leave Rodney alone, can’t you see he’s busy – so many cover ups, so little time…

  4. Anne says:

    …and it’s a full time job stopping those rattling skeletons escaping from the cupboard.

  5. A Mother says:

    that made me laugh Jeremy. Thanks for that

  6. Radman says:

    Hide didn’t “dump” Heather Roy. The caucus voted against her as deputy. You can’t even get that basic fact right.

    Heather Roy is an incompetent disgrace. Maybe Hide is too, but he never “dumped” her.

  7. Anne says:

    Radman you’ve got a lot to learn.

  8. Colonial Viper says:

    If that’s the best ACT supporters can do, Rodney’s Ministerial responsibilities in this area may not be sweet, but they will be short.

  9. The Frontrower says:

    Radman – Yeah, right.

    Hide having no delegation for special ed is a good thing. Knowing rodders, he’d just want to shut it down.

  10. Radman says:

    So none of you bothered to understand the difference between being dumped and losing a vote.

    Ask your leader about losing a vote – the party he is leading is losing them every week in the House, and will continue to lose them for the next seven years at least.

  11. thomas says:

    nah not 7, 4 at least but not 7

  12. paul says:

    Its not important debating if roy was dumped, lost a vote, was pushed or decided to do something else – what is impt is that many are waiting on the release of that report – one which is now months overdue, but from what I understand, has been with caucus for at least 2 mths. So, whats in it? I suspect the real issue it has yet to be published is because it will recommend massive cuts and funding removed from areas such as RTLB. It will be another bad smell, and given the stink around pay and stds, it may be too stinky to release just yet.

    But, cuts will come, good programs/initiatives ripped apart – so they may as well publish it and give us the right to disagree and make noises – because that will be about all we can do – its not like they will listen let alone change it. A real fear is that there will be a massive hit to this area – already it is understaffed and under resourced.

  13. Hilary says:

    There have been cuts to special education staff (apparently they are not ‘frontline’) which is stressing an already stretched and complex area of education. Perhaps the government is hoping the whole issue will just go away. Trouble is that many of those parents were National voters.

  14. Spud says:

    @jeremy and Anne LOL 😀
    @Hilary – :-(
    Hi Paul 😀 !

  15. paul says:

    I can tell you now there HAS been cuts to spec ed and they are in the frontline – but rather than saying we are firing people, they are just not employing new ones to replace – hence, far fewer ed psychologists and other specialists (don’t even try to get your hands on a speech therapist) – its across the country – worst for places that are not highly populated.
    So, what does this mean? Unless your child is severe – and has ORRS – which is as hard to get as a tooth brush for hens teeth – it is unlikely you will get help. AND, despite the behaviour summit – if you have a students whose behaviour is off the wall – its like winning the lotto (and as random as that) if you can get that child, family and teacher some support.

    FYI – next time someone moans about the pay teachers get – my advice would be to stop moaning and go get trained – and put your money where your mouth is complaining. You go and put up with the lack of resources and support – esp with the kids that demand the most support but rarely get it.

  16. Spud says:

    Hi again :-( Agreed :-(

  17. Peter says:

    Under this government, is there such a thing as “special needs” these days.

    Surely the whole area is under re-definition .. these are just kids who have not been exposed to the National Standards and the benefits that arise from them?!

  18. Emma Goodall says:

    good response paul!
    My bet is it will be realeased on the 18th December….

  19. Peter says:

    Perhaps a thread on the Education Review Office’s targetting of Maori achievement would be worth a thread. Its today’s lead news story.

    Putting aside the nature of the ERO for a moment, with its constantly revolving criteria, and its penchant for running with the hares and chasing with the hounds – and their track record of failing to identify true risks ..

    Putting aside the increasing stresses being imposed on teachers and making the profession unattractive for talented school leavers ..

    Putting aside the strong peer group pressures that make it uncool for “Gs” to pursue serious learning ..

    Putting aside the need to put more resources into serious and gifted students to ensure they achieve leadership roles in our nation of the future – and that everyone deserves a fair go ..

    It seems that this MAY BE a crisis that has been manufactured by Pita Sharples – and again, all the responsibility for racism, poverty and Euro-centric educational curricula (including National Standards) have been dumped onto .. TEACHERS – you guessed it!

    This is the news of today. I hope the Labour Opposition will not pass up the opportunity to assert itself on yet another occasion.

    Remember that the Maori Party are competing for your votes Phil, Trevor, etc!!

  20. Peter says:

    Interesting headline here:

    “Schools get F over Maori skills”

    I wondered if it was the same “F” that Paul Henry gave the New Zealand Herald reporters!