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Not good enough Mr Hide

Posted by on September 3rd, 2010

(This post is in part by way of explanation to passengers on board Flight NZ410 from Wellington to Auckland this morning, some of whom might have witnessed a somewhat odd exchange between me and Rodney Hide.)

Since Heather Roy was dumped as Minister responsible for special education I have been trying to find out what is happening with the review of Special Education.  Heather had said publicly that it was due out in July or August, and my understanding was that it was before Cabinet the very week she was dumped.  I have put in written questions asking for information about the review which were due for reply on the 26th of August but I have not had a response.

So this morning when I was on a plane to Auckland to visit, among other things, a couple of special schools, it was timely to see Rodney Hide get on the plane.  As we stood up to disembark I asked if Rodney was indeed taking on the special education portfolio (he confirmed he was) and when the review was to be released.  He responded by saying “when the government is ready.”  Before I could go any further he said we could not expect cooperation from him on the review due to his issues about Labour’s approach on the super city. I said I was not asking about the Super City and that the review was important to a large number of parents, schools and students.

What followed was a tirade from Rodney as we walked up the air bridge about the Super City and related issues. I kept saying that I was interested in the review as many others are, and that Rodney really needed to be able to seperate out his portfolio issues.   As he stopped and I walked on his tirade continued.

I would not normally report on an exchange like this,  but his approach is not good enough.  The whole special education community is waiting for the review to be released. As I was told today on my visits, it is holding up planning and development in schools.  Parents and students involved in special education deal with enough stress and pressure as it is. They deserve far better than a Minister who can not deal with his anger about a completely unrelated issue.

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  1. Spud says:

    😯 OMG 😮 That is a bleepin worry :-(

  2. BLiP says:

    This post is in part by way of explanation to passengers on board Flight NZ410 from Wellington to Auckland this morning, some of whom might have witnessed a somewhat odd exchange between me and Mr Hide.

    Are you sure it wasn’t Dr Jekyll?

  3. Nick C says:

    You know what would put lots of money into special education? Introducing school choice, let the money follow the child and let parents send their kids to schools that will actually deal with their needs

  4. jennifer says:

    Rortney has clearly lost the plot. I always figured that power would go to his head. But I’m really interested to know more about what Labour has got on him and his super city jack up. He must be seriously worried that the real story will come out soon.

  5. Gary Jones says:

    Obviously not able to Hide symptoms of losing control, being under stress.

    Nah worries, the PM will pop up for the second time and apologise again for yet another strong sense of humour backfiring.

  6. Cactus Kate says:

    “I kept saying that I was interested in the review as many others are, and that Rodney really needed to be able to seperate out his portfolio issues”

    In other words you baited and harrassed him then as a junior MP gave him snotty nose advice about separating his portfolios.

    You are the opposition Grant not a member of the public asking questions of their MP. The last time an opposition MP gave unsolicited comment to a Labour MP didn’t he get asked to go outside the debating chamber and then found himself on the receiving end of being smacked up? Probably quite deservedly so.

  7. Seti says:

    Cactus is right Grant. Antagonistic much?

  8. Whaleoil says:

    Aren’t you being just a wee bit precious Grant….I just bet that your “questioning” of Rodney was at such a decibel level that it could only have been construed as baiting in the small and cramped confines of a plane aisle…

    I find people who talk to me at all on planes annoying and irritating and especially find people conducting a conversation and dawdling down the aisle, then the finger, then the concourse to be especially irritating.

  9. Cactus Kate says:

    Ask Charles Chauvel about irritations on planes. He doesn’t like crying babies either.

  10. Chris73 says:

    Hmm I think this is called…Epic Fail

  11. Trevor Mallard says:

    I thought Rodney was all cried out after a couple of weeks with Heather.

    Pretty unfair for the prickly one to put Grant in Tau’s class. And blowhole Grant is generally pretty quiet and always polite. In fact sometimes too polite.

    My experience both as a Minister and in opposition is that reasonable Ministers are willing to give informal updates when asked. I certainly did on a regular basis, sometimes swapping seats to do so, or sitting with Nats in cafe. And any Minister on top of game can differentiate between portfolios.

  12. Phil Lyth says:

    We could wait to hear Rodney’s side of the story on his blog. Oh, wait, he hasn’t blogged anything for 13 months.

    Fantastic to see Faux-Libertarian of HK inventing her own reality totally unconnected to fact. And chums joining in. Ho ho ho.

  13. Anne says:

    Have witnessed that type of incident concerning Rodney Hide first hand. The woman never even knew what she was supposed to have said or done wrong. He had got it wrong of course, but that didn’t stop him getting nasty. He never apologised. It happened some time ago now, but clearly his spots havn’t changed.

  14. Whaleoil says:

    Yes Grant has always been polite to me, and me to him….actually I think he is one of Labour’s best but don’t tell him, he might get a swelled head.

  15. jennifer says:

    Deletion Please get facts right before being offensive Trevor

    However, I understand the perk-meister was especially perplexed by certain shifty goings on amongst his hand picked cronies. Must be seriously embarrassing stuff to get him so riled up, so easy.

  16. Cactus Kate says:

    Phil Lyth, what on earth has this got to do with libertarianism? If I was a true Libertarian I would join their party. Are you a member? There’s only three of them and I think I know all of them so I doubt it.

    Who cares if an MP gets cranky at another in the opposition party? National and Labour may do all this “we are friends after 6pm” nonsense but I don’t see it as compulsory to be nice to each other when you are in opposition.

    I supported Chauvel in “Chucky vs Baby”. He had every right to be cranky.

    Anne – I am sure you have been cranky as hell at least once a month.

    I look forward to a blow by blow of the next time Grant is on a plane, not smiling, talks with an off tone of voice or steps in front of a little old lady by accident.

    Grant’s post here is just the sort of low grade tiddle tale that we have come to expect from Kiwiblog when DPF blogs about lunches.

  17. Cactus Kate says:


    If you are still questioning Whaleoil’s ability to be safe for work I dare you to hire him in your workplace…yeah, didn’t think so…

  18. Chris says:

    @ jennifer Funny if you are a “leftie” you can make rude personal comments like that. If you lean even a little to the right you are moderated to heck just incase you point out the stupidity of others.

    Just is red alert. Sad this blog had promise but is rapidly heading towards “the standard” territory.

    Amazing that you are commenting on rudeness Chris – given the proportion of the time you spend in moderation. As you will see jennifer was sorted when we got to her comment. As you know some inappropriate stuff slips through. The only alternative system would involve approving all comments which I think would undermine the abilty to have a quality discussion. Trevor

  19. BLiP says:

    Ask Charles Chauvel about irritations on planes. He doesn’t like crying babies either.

    Just as well Charles wasn’t on the same plane as Rortney, then.

  20. jennifer says:

    I see the Tories are throwing the Crosby Textor diversion book at this one. There must be something really damaging to hide, no pun intended.

  21. Spud says:

    He he he 😀 Loving the in fighting 😀

  22. Chris says:

    @mallard. As for me being in moderation. I don’t know why – I have not ever been rude or caused issues. I believe the only warning was from grant That I apologized for. My comments are nowhere as bad ad a lot on here. Thus my belief that you guys are easier on left posters. But well done for deleting her comments when you saw them

    Have spent two minutes reviewing your comments. Clare, Grant and I have all warned you at least twice each – for lying, trolling and being offensive – and I only looked at the latest 30% of your comments. So I will be watching. Trevor

  23. bbfloyd says:

    whale…. I’m a bit surprised that an experienced blogger like yourself would contradict himself so readily. but then, i suppose yourself and your underfed sidekick katie peyote are incapable of doing more than spitting bile. i assume this based on, what i would describe as an attempt to excuse hides behavior by maligning grants character… i have heard that katie peyote was reasonably smart. i wonder about that after reading that obnoxious drivel. what will it take before you face the fact of hides shortcomings? he beats someone up for asking him directions in an airport?

  24. Dorothy says:

    never expected better from Hide – he is a pompous jerk and for him to be in charge of just one portfolio would be a worry – as it is, it’s a disgrace. And how ridiculous to infer he is answerable to the public but not to an Opposition MP! The public rarely get a chance to hold Ministers to account, which is one of the reasons we have an Opposition.

  25. bbfloyd says:

    chris….you believe? are you still practicing your (don)key impersonations? i thought you’d given that up as a lost cause..

  26. Hilary says:

    Thank you Grant for trying to find out about the Special Education Review. I’m sure you were exceedingly polite about it. There are thousands of us out here who are wondering and waiting for that review to emerge from cabinet. Lots of people put a lot of work into it. I would have asked Rodney too. I’ve stopped MPs in supermarkets to get answers to questions that haven’t been forthcoming in other ways.

    His reaction was possibly because he hasn’t a clue about special education.

  27. The extreme Right is distressed by the implosion of ACT and the widespread public recognition, endorsed by Ms Roy, that Mr Hide is a bully and a failure. I don’t doubt that he’s furious about the Supercity. His chosen one is losing the battle for the mayoralty. Beware small, grumpy men in a corner!

  28. bbfloyd says:

    the reality is that there are one and a half million people living here in auckland who who are quite justified in holding grave fears regarding the future of auckland if hide is allowed to finish the job he’s doing right now on us..

    when i arrived back in auckland after being overseas for a decade, i was shocked at what christine fletcher and john banks had allowed to happen. the city had lost it’s soul and any vibrancy it had. a decade of mismanagement and neglect had reduced the city to a grubby, scruffy little town. as amusician, the first thing i noticed were the number of venues that used to give auckland flavor, and provide bands of all ilks opportunities to play that had disappeared.

    by all means, let’s keep going down the path we are. what do we need a culture that encourages much greater diversity and motivation for artist of all types and styles to flourish for? where’s the bottom line there? much better to turn auckland into a money making entity complete with captive consumers guaranteeing profit margins for whoever owns the infrastructure.

    so guys, just keep on sniping away. the longer you keep it up, the more irrelevant you become.(wo,kk)

  29. Red under the Bed says:

    I just find it a little ironic that Rodney A.C.Ted like this when he the “self-declared” perk buster, the man who keep government in check. One who was always ranting for a more “open” and “transparent” government. Also he ranted about how the government should be “responsible” and “held accountable” for it decisions and spending. Plus the government should interfere less, with the economy, districts, regulations etc…

    He done a complete 180 U turn and now the people are not allowed to know or have a say in whats going. Also everything has to be approved by the government has the “Right” choice.

    Plus given his ideological views which most New Zealanders disagree with. I expect him trying to “hide” his report and also make sure it approved “private sector” interests first.

    Of course ACT is dying a slow slow death, due to there economic/social views and Roger Douglas being back in parliament! Douglas is probably the MOST hated political figure in New Zealand history, even Muldoon is not hated much as Douglas is, he had Robs Mob.

    As time have bearded the fruits of the economic “liberalization” and “revolution”, it doesn’t seem really worth the effort. After all that we only have peanuts to prove our efforts.

    Stagnant wages,productivity and economic growth,
    Widening gap between the rich and poor.
    Rise of a economic underclass.
    A economy that is falling behind the rest of the OCED.
    A loss of jobs but a huge rise in profit.
    Bloat, over valued assets.
    An ever growing presence of foreign ownership/influence.
    An over dependence on foreign capital and markets.
    Spiraling out of control debt problems, both local and foreign.
    Slow but steady social breakdown and the problems that go with it.
    And a bad one, growing influence of a few but wealth businessman who own interest (greed) override the country best interests.

    Well, at least Muldoon got to have the last laugh…

  30. Emma Goodall says:

    I’m one of those waiting for the review – for myself as a special needs teacher, for the kids I work with and parent, for the schools and for the implications which could be massive. No doubt it will be released on Dec 15th….

  31. John W says:

    Douglas was an obvious plant in the Labour party. His dad was Labour so he was able to slide in without a lot of opposition.

    Various reports of reward for doing the biggest con ever destroying the Lange Labour Govt from within. Jim Anderton remained steadfast to principle and left.

    Helen suffered for years when faced with the damage Labour was party to with Dougles led demolition of economic and social aspects of NZ culture.

    Multinational corporation gained a stronger foothold that we suffer under today.

    But who else can give rewards. What does Rodney expect

  32. Peter Martin says:

    You know what would put lots of money into special education? Introducing school choice, let the money follow the child and let parents send their kids to schools that will actually deal with their needs

    To a certain extent, namely those children lucky enough to have secure ORRS funding, portability of the money does follow the child.Which is where the problems continue. Plenty of schools simply don’t admit special needs children…or admit those whose needs are problematic, compared to the rest.But even the ORRS funding isn’t sufficient to guarantee entry. As well the wages paid to teacher aides isn’t nearly sufficient to attract enough people to the job.

    Just how the introduction of ‘school choice’ increases money into special education eludes me. Prolly because Tolley has decreased the amount education receives in the budget.Any more that special education receives now…will be at the expense of another part of someones education.

  33. TopCat says:

    Shame on you Grant, having the temority to ask the Special Education Minister where the review was.

    BTW- what has Labour done to his Supercity to deserve his bile?

  34. John W says:

    C’mon Rodney – what’s your secret.

    Just how can you open special education to the private sector – for profit of course.

  35. DeepRed says:

    “BTW- what has Labour done to his Supercity to deserve his bile?”
    Exposing what Rodney doesn’t want us to know, of course.

  36. BLiP says:

    BTW- what has Labour done to his Supercity to deserve his bile?

    Its not what Labour has done – its what Rortney hasn’t done. Specifically, he’s left the door open for the public to send a message back to Parliament via the local authority elections. Once he and his National Ltd™ realised that mistake, they made sure there was no such option for Christchurch with ECAN.

  37. Martin says:

    John Key should’ve got rid of Rodney Hide after threatening to resign over the Maori seats. He should’ve just resigned. Threatening to resign has a different motive.

  38. Sean says:

    I’m guessing you just saw a little of what made Heather Roy’s working relationship with Rodney Hide, as reported in the papers released to the media a couple of weeks ago so unpleasant.

    Be glad you don’t have to sit in the same caucus Grant.

  39. Jeremy M Harris says:

    Hide clearly has issues with power, controlling others, controlling his temper and manipulation…

    Dear Lord I hope the good people of Epsom wake up and vote for the National Epsom candidate – no matter what scrubber they put up…

  40. Spud says:

    I’d like to see them put up a scrubber 😛

  41. Jeremy M Harris says:

    I’m sure it will be a craptastical candidate that will make Rodney Hide look like Einstein Q. Pitt…

  42. Spud says:

    LOL 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!