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Credit where it is due

Posted by on February 10th, 2010

Yesterday I blogged about John Key not answering a bunch of written parliamentary questions that I had put to him before Christmas. Well, that obviously rang a few bells over in Key’s office because the answers were hand-delivered to my office yesterday afternoon. Credit where it is due, Key has fronted up, and from a quick scan, it looks like he has given pretty comprehensive answers to most of my questions. I’ll read through them over the next few days and blog further, but in the meantime, kudos to Key for fronting up.

15 Responses to “Credit where it is due”

  1. Anton Craig says:

    A bit sad when we have to give kudos to a politician for complying with Standing Orders.

  2. Anton Craig says:

    …and kudos for breaching Standing Orders – I understand he was late replying!!!

  3. John Spavin says:

    Oh rubbish. Get over it. It’s just a game. The opposition asks an unreasonable number of questions (which can be answered by checking a departmental web site), the minister is late responding or offers inadequate replies and the opposition bleats. It’s a game played by both main parties – always has been, always will. It should mean nothing to anyone outside the building. The cost of answering doesn’t count because the public servants were turning up for work that day anyway.

  4. Dobbie says:

    Can’t wait to see whether you come up with anything worth the effort.

  5. Phil Lyth says:

    John Spavin, do you have an interest to declare? Or something to get over yourself? Plenty of news of public interest has been unearthed by Questions for Written Answer, and also by use of the Official Information Act.

    Sure there is lots of gameplaying, and sure parts of the process are akin to watching the manufacture of sausages. But QWA & OIA help us live in one of the least corrupt nations.

  6. George says:

    But Phil, if you use QWA & OIA for ‘lots of gameplaying’ then you risk discrediting these important processes in the eyes of the people.

    If the masses look on their representatives like schoolchildren playing some game then any residual respect gets eroded and parliament itself becomes vulnerable.

    Just look at some of the states that have fallen to periods of dictatorship over the years. Often parliament had become to be seen as an irrelevance in the eyes of the many beforehand. Once the slide begins it’s frightening how quickly it can happen.

    Don’t play games with things that are this important. Despite what you may think from within the Beltway it goes down very badly everywhere else, even when it’s your own side doing it.

  7. Phil Lyth says:

    @George, quickly in reply. I said there was gameplaying. I didn’t say I liked its existence. I don’t regard myself as being within the Beltway (not since 2005) – although I talk to many who are. And don’t presume that Labour is ‘my side’ – I comment here (and on other blogs as well) because of the quality of discussion.

    I think I am saying, play the ball not the man

  8. millsy says:

    I wish that Mr Key would pull finger and answer his emails as well. Im still waiting him to reply to an email I sent him back in 1997.

    The only poltical party whose MP’s promptly reply to their emails has been ACT. They have always taken the time out the reply to the emails I have sent them.

  9. millsy says:

    2007 I mean.

  10. George says:

    Phil – I didn’t mean to infer anything about your side. Sorry if it came over that way.

    What I meant was that I find it deeply embarrassing when my own side plays silly games. You invest hours in trying to persuade people about the rights and wrongs of important issues then a few MPs spoil it for you by acting like children.

    In fact I’d say I find it more offensive when it’s done by people I support than the other way round. When the other side does it it’s such a help in winning people over!

  11. Phil Lyth says:

    George, thanks for your response. I regret I do not remember your comments (over time) well enough to know which is ‘your side’. I will contemplate on some thoughts overnight about QWA/OIA.

  12. Anton Craig says:

    I was just about to say that that response to Peachey was so good it made him leave politics, but have just rememered he’s still there. It must have just made him stop opening his mouth. What’s he been doing? Haven’t heard a peep from him for ages. Maybe Paula Bennet should work-test him.

  13. A Mother says:

    Yes it is one of the best I’ve heard. That made me laugh.

  14. Nathan Mills says:

    Chris, I just checked out your questions, in December last year you didn’t just ask 67 questions of Key, you asked 493(!) questions, most of which were cut and pasted to each department minister. Are you seriously trying to justify those as necessary?!