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Next stop: Copenhagen

Posted by on December 10th, 2009

A couple of weeks back I said that I would be going to Copenhagen for the COP15 summit.

I have decided to go to observe first hand what the world’s leaders finally agree to as well as to get a sense of how the current Government’s watered down ETS and lack of coherent climate change policy have affected New Zealand’s reputation overseas.

I will be blogging while over in Denmark, so stay tuned for more over the next week. I will also post my photos on Red Alert and at my own site.

In the meantime, you can show your support for a strong goal towards lowering GHG emissions.

Last Saturday I spoke to the Wellington march for Planet A, the video of the speech is below:

A copy of the speech is at my website here.

Please show your support by joining the Sign On campaign and encourage others to do the same.

13 Responses to “Next stop: Copenhagen”

  1. Richard Morgan says:

    Charles, as this is an important event in NZs participation on the subject of climate change, I hope your comments will be factual and realistic without political bias, as many people are interested in what evolves from Copenhagen. Remember too that our contribution to atmospheric pollution is only .2% so we don’t want unrealistic expectations, which have only the effect of punishing the NZ taxpayer. Our cost should be in proportion to our pollution.

  2. Spud says:

    I hope it’s a great trip, I don’t care about Copenhagen since climate gate, but I do hope you have a good time. 😀

  3. Spud says:

    Oooh eerie, ten minute intervals. 😀

  4. thomasf says:

    I have to say that the Labour hasn’t actually been a stellar performer in reduction of co2 stakes.
    eg you had to be dragged kicking and screaming by the Greens to get the insulation package in your flawed ETS.
    However it must be said that it was less flawed then the crappy one we have in place now
    Thats said its essential to move on.
    There is almost a consensus now for a carbon tax. Is that something that we should now be working to?
    Its is so much more simple to understand and administer I think one could even get a few Tories on board now as its seems there is much disquiet amongst their ranks over Smith’s debacle of a scheme.
    If only you would listen to the Greens occasionaly
    PS I hope you are ofsetting the carbon generated for the trip?

  5. Abbie's Ghost says:

    I hope that he is putting his money where his mouth is and paying for the carbon offsets. Actually, I’m quite impressed that he’s paying his own way, it demonstrates commitment IMHO.

  6. thomasf says:

    I have no objection to it being a Taxpayer funded trip
    he is an MP and that is his policy area. As long as he doesn’t take his partner to Paris Disneyland

  7. j abba says:

    what a waste of time .. he will be watching 15,000 official delegates arguing to defend their own countries ecomony while hangers on who have NO official status pretend to be rubbing shoulders with the shakers and movers.
    In the house today, Labour MPs accused the PRIME MINISTER of only wanting to have a photo op with Obama and maybe get his autgraph .. what will Charles learn that he couldn’t get from Fox, CNN or the BBC?
    goodness me

  8. BLiP says:

    I hope you’re planting some trees, Charles. I mean, your trip is hardly essential.

  9. Nicola Wood says:

    Have a safe trip Charles – I know you will do us New Zealanders proud. Here’s to hoping that people at the conference notice that many Kiwis would identify more with you and Jeanette Fitzsimons, and that we’re not at all represented by Nick Smith and co and their shonky policy.

    @Spud – you should care.

  10. Spud says:

    @Nicola – I did care, I cared a lot, and then climate gate proved to me how gullible I was. :-( I admire your morals though.

  11. thomasf says:

    Spud climate gate is a beat up
    Watch these videos when you get a chance
    should answer a lot of your questions

  12. j abba says:

    Nicola .. Charles and Jennette have no influence what so ever among the 15,000 OFFICIAL delgates .. maybe if they did a streak they could get noticed.
    Thomasf .. there are links all over the place that will convince you either way. I’m with spud. Human activity is causing problems but we in NZ can do sod all about it other than token participation on some scheme.
    Who gets the money WE ALL will pay, and what will they do with it. The conference is crashing and burning and I don’t know what will save it .. watch this space.

  13. thomasf, I am offsetting my travel as I have done for many years.