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National’s spin on public services busted

Posted by on May 21st, 2009

Today’s issue of Trans-Tasman includes an interesting snippet from a BERL report comparing our government consumption spending with other OECD nations.

According to the report we are in the mainstream of expenditure at 18.8%, more than Australia (17.7%), but less than Canada (19.3%) or the UK (21.2%). But the really interesting fact is that the average for the 30 years to 2007 was 18.5%. As Trans-Tasman itself notes, so much for a huge disproportionate growth in bureaucracy under Labour.

The truth is that in Labour’s time in office we  re-built services that were undermined by National in the 90s. The percentage of people working in the public sector as a part of the total workforce has actually declined since the 1990s. National’s claims are nothing but spin to justify the widespread cuts to the public service. In the end we all suffer with these policies as it takes years to re-build the services New Zealanders need and deserve.

6 Responses to “National’s spin on public services busted”

  1. r0b says:

    Thanks Grant, an interesting and important contribution. I hope we’re going to see more made of these facts than just a blog post!

  2. Grant says:

    for sure. We have been making the point about the percentage of the workforce for a while now, but the BERL report is the new thing. I am still waiting to get a copy of the full report before we take it any further.

  3. Simon says:


    Labour fell about itself hiring as many bureaucrats as it could to overtax the overburdened and hand out welfare to the undeserving.

  4. Simon says:

    I withdraw my misleading comment, please remove it from above as I realised I’m a dick for using the same name as someone else called Simon! (whom was commening well before I started shit stirring) I shall use Simon1 in future.

  5. BERLWATCH says:

    BERL are Labour through and through.

  6. Chez says:

    Yay! Thank you Grant – you shake those stats! True, its not exactly the ‘sexy’ soundbite the Nats tend to favour in terms of media coverage – hence the earrings and the cougar coats – but they never did do reality very well.
    I’m interested (on the 28th) to hear from both the Simons just what his lot intend to do about freeing up some of that tax now that they’ve slashed their way through the bureaucrats and then he (they?) can get on with explaining just which of the ‘undeserving’ will no longer receive welfare. The unemployed? The sick and invalid? Or the children living with one parent who can’t earn enough on which to survive, can’t get a doctor, haven’t had a fresh vege since 2008 and for whom milk is but a fond memory.
    I want to see the stats on that spin in 6 months.